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Primary view of Characterization of UGT716A1 as a Multi-substrate UDP:Flavonoid Glucosyltransferase Gene in Ginkgo biloba
Su, Xiaojia; Shen, Guoan; Di, Shaokang; Dixon, R. A. & Pang, Yongzhen
September 29, 2017
Primary view of Community Newspaper Preservation: One page at a time
Krahmer, Ana
November 30, 2017
Primary view of Dynamic changes in transcriptome and cell wall composition underlying brassinosteroid‑mediated lignification of switchgrass suspension cells
Rao, Xiaolan; Shen, Hui; Pattathil, Sivakumar; Hahn, Michael G.; Gelineo-Albersheim, Ivana; Mohnen, Debra et al.
August 8, 2017
Primary view of Every Day is Digital Preservation Day @ the UNT Libraries
Alemneh, Daniel Gelaw
November 30, 2017
Primary view of Local, State, National, and International Collaborations
Phillips, Mark Edward
November 30, 2017
Primary view of Metadata in UNT Libraries Digital Collections
Tarver, Hannah
November 30, 2017
Primary view of PEGI Project: Raising Awareness for the Preservation of Electronic Government Information
Caldwell, Deborah
November 30, 2017
Primary view of The Retrospective Thesis Digitization Project in Cataloging and Metadata Services
Berg, Jeremy
November 30, 2017
Primary view of UNT Libraries Digital Projects Lab
McIntosh, Marcia
November 30, 2017
Primary view of Enhanced strength and ductility in a friction stir processing engineered dual phase high entropy alloy
Nene, Saurabh S.; Liu, Kaimiao; Frank, Michael; Mishra, Rajiv; Brennan, R. E.; Cho, K. C. et al.
October 19, 2017
Primary view of Picture Interpretation Test (PIT) 360°: An Innovative Measure of Executive Functions
Serino, Silvia; Baglio, Francesca; Rossetto, Federica; Realdon, Olivia; Cipresso, Pietro; Parsons, Thomas D. et al.
March 22, 2017
Primary view of Effect of Ni-Content on the Transformation Temperatures in NiTi-20 at. % Zr High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys
Carl, Matthew; Smith, Jesse D.; Van Doren, Brian & Young, Marcus L.
October 18, 2017
Primary view of Breaking Health Insurance Knowledge Barriers Through Games: Pilot Test of Health Care America
Champlin, Sara & James, Juli
April 3, 2017
Primary view of Just Catalog It! Providing Access to 3-D Materials
Robson, Diane; Sassen, Catherine & Yanowski, Kevin
November 15, 2017
Primary view of Editing of Library Metadata Records and its Effect on Subject Access: An Empirical Investigation
Zavalina, Oksana; Shakeri, Shadi & Kizhakkethil, Priya
November 14, 2017
Primary view of Rapid Synthesis of Nanoporous Conformal Coatings via Plasma-Enhanced Sequential Infiltration of a Polymer Template
She, Yunlong; Lee, Jihyung; Diroll, Benjamin T.; Lee, Byeongdu; Aouadi, Samir; Shevchenko, Elena V. et al.
September 5, 2017
Primary view of Interfacial Properties of Bamboo Fiber-Reinforced High-Density Polyethylene Composites by Different Methods for Adding Nano Calcium Carbonate
Wang, Cuicui; Xian, Yu; Smith, Lee M.; Wang, Ge; Cheng, Haitao & Zhang, Shuangbao
October 11, 2017
Primary view of Quality Assurance and Evaluation of Change for Patent Metadata
Zavalina, Oksana; Phillips, Mark Edward & Tarver, Hannah
October 30, 2017
Primary view of Big Data, Ethics, and Public Engagement
Roeschley, Ana
October 26, 2017
Primary view of Complex Adaptive Team Systems (CATS)
Turner, John; Baker, Rose M. & Romine, Kerry
October 26, 2017
Primary view of Complex Adaptive Team Systems (CATS)
Turner, John; Romine, Kerry & Baker, Rose M.
October 26, 2017
Primary view of Connecting the Silos: Systematic Data Collection for Library and Collections Assessment
Harker, Karen
October 26, 2017
Primary view of Cross-Sectional Studies of the Impacts of Background Sounds on Math and Language Performance
Cockerham, Debbie; Lin, Lin; Chang, Zhengsi & Schellen, Mike
October 26, 2017
Primary view of Documenting Institutional Knowledge Through TRAC Self Audit: Case Study
Krahmer, Ana
October 26, 2017