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Primary view of X-Ray and Multiwavelength Insights into the Nature of Weak Emission-Line Quasars at Low Redshift
Wu, Jianfeng; Brandt, William Nielsen; Anderson, Scott F.; Diamond-Stanic, Aleksandar M.; Hall, Patrick B.; Plotkin, Richard M. et al.
December 9, 2011
Primary view of Black Hole Mass and Growth Rate at z ≃4.8: A Short Episode of Fast Growth Followed by Short Duty Cycle Activity
Trakhtenbrot, Benny; Netzer, Hagai; Lira, Paulina & Shemmer, Ohad
December 10, 2010
Primary view of The Lack of Torus Emission from BL Lacertae Objects: An Infrared View of Unification with WISE
Plotkin, Richard M.; Anderson, Scott F.; Brandt, William Nielsen; Markoff, Sera; Shemmer, Ohad & Wu, Jianfeng
December 21, 2011
Primary view of Observational Evidence of Quasar Feedback Quenching Star Formation at High Redshift
Cano-Díaz, Mariana; Maiolino, Roberto; Marconi, Alessandro; Netzer, Hagai; Shemmer, Ohad & Cresci, Giovanni
December 16, 2011
Primary view of Light detection and ranging and hyperspectral data for estimation of forest biomass: a review
Man, Qixia; Dong, Pinliang; Guo, Huadong; Liu, Guang & Shi, Runhe
December 18, 2014
Primary view of Interplay between Bladder Microbiota and Urinary Antimicrobial Peptides: Mechanisms for Human Urinary Tract Infection Risk and Symptom Severity
Nienhouse, Vanessa; Gao, Xiang; Dong, Qunfeng; Nelson, David E.; Toh, Evelyn; McKinley, Kathleen et al.
December 8, 2014
Primary view of Virtual Reality for Enhanced Ecological Validity and Experimental Control in the Clinical, Affective and Social Neurosciences
Parsons, Thomas D.
December 11, 2015
Primary view of Understanding Water-Stress Responses in Soybean Using Hydroponics System - A Systems Biology Perspective
Tripathi, Prateek; Rabara, Roel C.; Shulaev, Vladimir; Shen, Qingxi J. & Rushton, Paul J.
December 21, 2015
Primary view of Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill as a Case Study for Interdisciplinary Cooperation within Developmental Biology, Environmental Sciences and Physiology
Burggren, Warren W.; Dubansky, Benjamin; Roberts, Aaron & Alloy, Matthew
December 17, 2015
Primary view of Comparative cell-specific transcriptomics reveals differentiation of C₄ photosynthesis pathways in switchgrass and other C₄ lineages
Rao, Xiaolan; Lu, Nan; Li, Guifen; Nakashima, Jin; Tang, Yuhong & Dixon, R. A.
December 10, 2015
Primary view of Ion exchanger in the brain: Quantitative analysis of perineuronally fixed anionic binding sites suggests diffusion barriers with ion sorting properties
Morawski, Markus; Reinert, Tilo; Meyer-Klaucke, Wolfram; Wagner, Friedrich E.; Tröger, Wolfgang; Reinert, Anja et al.
December 1, 2015
Primary view of Plasma Treated Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTs) for Epoxy Nanocomposites
Ritts, Andrew C.; Yu, Qingsong; Li, Hao; Lombardo, Stephen J.; Han, Xu; Xia, Zhenhai et al.
December 19, 2011
Primary view of Loss of function of folylpolyglutamate synthetase 1 reduces lignin content and improves cell wall digestibility in Arabidopsis
Srivastava, Avinash C.; Chen, Fang; Ray, Tui; Pattahil, Sivakumar; Peña, Maria J.; Avci, Utku et al.
December 21, 2015
Primary view of Assessment of Cataloging Services in an Academic Library
Sassen, Catherine; Loafman, Kathryn & Welch, Rebecca
December 30, 2015
Primary view of Carbon-Hydrogen Bond Activation, C-N Bond Coupling, and Cycloaddition Reactivity of a Three-Coordinate Nickel Complex Featuring a Terminal Imido Ligand
Mindiola, Daniel J.; Waterman, Rory; Iluc, Vlad M.; Cundari, Thomas R. & Hillhouse, Gregory L.
December 1, 2014
Primary view of Flocculation-Related Gene Identification by Whole-Genome Sequencing of Thauera aminoaromatica MZ1T Floc-Defective Mutants
Prombutara, P. & Allen, Michael S.
December 28, 2015
Primary view of Identification and Network-Enabled Characterization of Auxin Response Factor Genes in Medicago truncatula
Burks, David J. & Azad, Rajeev K.
December 9, 2016
Primary view of A secure data routing schema for WSN using Elliptic Curve Cryptography and homomorphic encryption
Elhoseny, Mohamed; Elminir, Hamdy; Riad, Alaa & Yuan, Xiaohui
December 7, 2015
Primary view of Enthalpies of solution and enthalpies of solvation of organic solutes in ethylene glycol at 298.15 K: prediction and analysis of intermolecular interaction contributions
Stolov, Mikhail; Zaitseva, Ksenia V.; Varfolomeev, Mikhail A. & Acree, William E. (William Eugene)
December 24, 2016
Primary view of After the Harvest: Preservation, Access, and Researcher Services for the 2016 End of Term Archive
Bailey, Jefferson; Grotke, Abigail & Phillips, Mark Edward
December 13, 2016
Primary view of Trends in Digital Newspaper Delivery: Leveraging existing resources, collaborations, and interoperability in the libraries community
Rabun, Sheila; Estlund, Karen & Phillips, Mark Edward
December 12, 2016
Primary view of Enhancing Bibliographic Access to Dissertations
Sassen, Catherine
December 12, 2016
Primary view of Indexing quality and effectiveness: An exploratory analysis of electronic theses and dissertations representation
Alemneh, Daniel Gelaw & Phillips, Mark Edward
December 27, 2016
Primary view of Salt sensitivity of the morphometry of Artemia franciscana during development: a demonstration of 3D critical windows
Mueller, Casey A.; Willis, Eric & Burggren, Warren W.
December 1, 2015