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Primary view of Applying User-Centered Design Principles to Redesign the Interface to the Portal to Texas History: The IOGENE Project
Murray, Kathleen R. & Belden, Dreanna
May 2010
Primary view of Current Quality Assurance Practices in Web Archiving [Poster]
Reyes Ayala, Brenda
May 7, 2013
Primary view of Templated Growth of Hexagonal Nickel Carbide Nanocrystals on Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes
Hwang, Jun Y.; Singh, Antariksh; Chaudhari, Mrunalkumar; Tiley, Jaimie S.; Zhu, Y. T. (Yuntian T.), 1963-; Du, Jincheng et al.
May 18, 2010
Primary view of Solubility of Phenanthrene in Ternary Mixtures of C1-C4 Alcohols at 298.2 K
Fakhree, Mohammad Amin Abolghassemi; Acree, William E. (William Eugene) & Jouyban, Abolghasem
May 21, 2010
Primary view of Ptᴵᴵ-Catalyzed Ethylene Hydrophenylation: Influence of Dipyridyl Chelate RIng Size on Catalyst Activity and Longevity
McKeown, Bradley A.; Gonzalez, Hector Emanuel; Gunnoe, T. Brent; Cundari, Thomas R., 1964- & Sabat, Michal
May 3, 2013
Primary view of Draft Genome Sequence of Cupriavidus sp. Strain SK-4, a di-ortho-Substituted Biphenyl-Utilizing Bacterium Isolated from Polychlorinated Biphenyl-Contaminated Sludge
Vilo, Claudia A.; Benedik, Michael J.; Ilori, Matthew Olusoji & Dong, Qunfeng
May 1, 2014
Primary view of Infinite Dilution Activity Coefficients of Solutes Dissolved in Two Trihexyl(tetradecyl)phosphonium ionic liquids
Mutelet, Fabrice; Alonso, Dominique; Stephens, Timothy W.; Acree, William E. (William Eugene) & Baker, Gary A.
May 7, 2014
Primary view of The road to biocultural ethics
Rozzi, Ricardo, 1960- & Massardo, Francisca
May 2011
Primary view of Digital Collections: Scope and Selection Criteria
Phillips, Mark Edward
May 1, 2014
Primary view of C-H Functionalization Reactivity of a Nickel-Imide
Wiese, Stefan; McAfee, Jason L.; Pahls, Dale R.; McMullin, Claire L.; Cundari, Thomas R., 1964- & Warren, Timothy H.
May 22, 2012
Primary view of One Bookmark to Rule Them All: How the use of a bookmark linked to the Librarian's LibGuides profile can empower research and serve the instructional materials needs of the Librarian
Barham, Rebecca
May 3, 2014
Primary view of Metadata Quality Enhancement for Large Digital Collections: Web Browser Automation with Selenium IDE
Weidner, Andrew & Alemneh, Daniel Gelaw
May 24, 2012
Primary view of Digital Curation Micro-Applications: Digital Lifecycle Management with AutoHotkey
Weidner, Andrew; Wilson, Robert John & Alemneh, Daniel Gelaw
May 7, 2013
Primary view of Crossing State Lines For Collaborative Newspaper Digitization: The Gateway to Oklahoma History
Day, Jennifer; Newell, Mallory; Williams, Chad & Fisher, Sarah Lynn
May 24, 2012
Primary view of The Portal to Texas History Usability Test
Crane, Kate; Gilmore, Linda; Khammassi, Khouloud & Krahmer, Ana
May 2, 2011
Primary view of White Paper: Redefining Collection Development at University of North Texas Libraries
Crawford, Laurel; Avery, Elizabeth Fuseler; Harker, Karen; Enoch, Todd & Condrey, Coby
May 2014
Primary view of Understanding large digital collections and learning new tools: The Texas Digital Newspaper Program Visualizations
Phillips, Mark Edward & Hicks, William
May 7, 2013
Primary view of Bryophyte-Cyanobacteria Associations during Primary Succession in Recently Deglaciated Areas of Tierra del Fuego (Chile)
Arróniz-Crespo, María; Pérez-Ortega, Sergio; De Los Ríos, Asunción; Green, T. G. Allan; Ochoa-Hueso, Raúl; Casermeiro, Miguel Ángel et al.
May 12, 2014
Primary view of Keel petal incision: a simple and efficient method for genetic crossing in Medicago truncatula
Veerappan, Vijaykumar; Kadel, Khem; Alexis, Naudin; Scott, Ashley; Kryvoruchko, Igor; Sinharoy, Senjuti et al.
January 9, 2014
Primary view of Current Quality Assurance Practices in Web Archiving [Presentation]
Reyes Ayala, Brenda; Phillips, Mark Edward & Ko, Lauren
May 22, 2014
Primary view of Enthalpy of Solvation Correlations for Organic Solutes and Gases Dissolved in 1-Propanol and Tetrahydrofuran
Stephens, Timothy W.; Chou, Vicky; Quay, Amanda N.; Acree, William E. (William Eugene) & Abraham, M. H. (Michael H.)
May 20, 2011
Primary view of On the Solubility of Quercetin
Abraham, M. H. (Michael H.) & Acree, William E. (William Eugene)
May 15, 2014
Primary view of Status of the UNT Libraries 2015: Library Town Hall Meeting on Library Budget and Other Issues
Halbert, Martin
May 20, 2015
Primary view of Recommended Library Contributions to Retention of Premedical Students
O'Toole, Erin
May 19, 2015