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Primary view of Carbon-based electrocatalysts for advanced energy conversion and storage
Zhang, Jintao; Xia, Zhenhai & Dai, Liming
August 28, 2015
Primary view of Redefining Agricultural Residues as Bioenergy Feedstocks
Caicedo, Marlon; Barros, Jaime & Ordás, Bernardo
July 28, 2016
Primary view of Garcinol sensitizes human head and neck carcinoma to cisplatin in a xenoraft mouse model despite downregulation of proliferative biomarkers
Li, Feng; Shanmugam, Muthu K.; Siveen, Kodappully Sivaraman; Wang, Fan; Ong, Tina H.; Loo, Ser Yue et al.
February 28, 2015
Primary view of LiDAR Data for Characterizing Linear and Planar Geomorphic Markers in Tectonic Geomorphology
Dong, Pinliang
November 28, 2014
Primary view of First You Get the Money, Then You Get the Reviews, Then You Get the Internet Comments: A Quantitative Examination of the Relationship Between Critics, Viewers, and Box Office Success
Berg, Jeremy & Raddick, M. Jordan
April 28, 2016
Primary view of Weak Emission-Line Quasars in the Context of a Modified Baldwin Effect
Shemmer, Ohad
May 28, 2015
Primary view of Flocculation-Related Gene Identification by Whole-Genome Sequencing of Thauera aminoaromatica MZ1T Floc-Defective Mutants
Prombutara, P. & Allen, Michael S.
December 28, 2015
Primary view of Reformulation of DFT + U as a Pseudohybrid Hubbard Density Funcitonal for Accelerated Materials Discovery
Agapito, Luis A.; Curtarolo, Stefano & Buongiorno Nardelli, Marco
January 28, 2015
Primary view of Is Exposure to Macondo Oil Reflected in the Otolith Chemistry of Marsh-Resident Fish?
López-Duarte, Paola C.; Fodrle, F. Joel; Jensen, Olaf P.; Whitehead, Andrew; Galvez, Fernando; Dubansky, Benjamin et al.
September 28, 2016
Primary view of A comparison of least squares regression and geographically weighted regression modeling of West Nile virus risk based on environmental parameters
Kala, Abhishek K.; Tiwari, Chetan; Mikler, Armin R. & Atkinson, Samuel F.
March 28, 2017
Primary view of Waste Materials from Tetra Pak Packages as Reinforcement of Polymer Concrete
Martínez-López, Miguel; Martínez-Barrera, Gonzalo; Barrera-Díaz, Carlos; Ureña-Núñez, Fernando & Brostow, Witold, 1934-
September 28, 2015
Primary view of The Impact of Ignoring a Level of Nesting Structure in Multilevel Mixture Model: A Monte Carlo Study
Chen, Qi
March 28, 2012
Primary view of The Reference Interview and Referrals
Leuzinger, Julie
March 28, 2012
Primary view of Web Archiving Bibliography 2013
Reyes Ayala, Brenda
June 28, 2013
Primary view of Extended Date/Time Format (EDTF) Dates Research Datasets
Phillips, Mark Edward
February 28, 2013
Primary view of Wildlife Monitoring
Jones, Raechelle; Meyer, Chelsea; Wolf, Lori; Williams, Jennifer & Acevedo, Miguel F.
July 28, 2013
Primary view of Indoor Air Quality: CO₂ Sensors and Demand Controlled Ventilation
Parsons, David; Jordan, Georgette; Cheggwidden, Dawn; Li, Xinrong; Thompson, Ruthanne & Abraham, Sherin
July 28, 2013
Primary view of Critical Digital Pedagogy Faculty Mentoring Network: Midterm Report
Keralis, Spencer D. C.
February 28, 2017
Primary view of A Study of Independent Patron Usage of Interactive Whiteboards at a Science Library
O'Toole, Erin & Elizondo, Yvette
October 28, 2013
Primary view of Forest above Ground Biomass Inversion by Fusing GLAS with Optical Remote Sensing Data
Xi, Xiaohuan; Han, Tingting; Wang, Cheng; Luo, Shezhou; Xia, Shaobo & Pan, Feifei
November 6, 2015
Primary view of Using Corpus-based Instruction to Explore Writing Variation Across the Disciplines: A Case History in a Graduate-level Technical Editing Course
Boettger, Ryan K.
February 28, 2016
Primary view of Think Globally, Act Locally: How Working with DPLA has Improved Our Collections
McIntosh, Marcia
October 28, 2015
Primary view of Hearing It Through the Grapevine: Positive and Negative Workplace Gossip
Grosser, Travis & Lopez-Kidwell, Virginie
June 28, 2011
Primary view of Modelling HIV Intervention among Most-at-Risk/Key Population: Case Study of FWSS in Nigeria
Akwafuo, Sampson; Shattock, Andrew & Mikler, Armin R.
September 10, 2017