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Primary view of Metadata Enhancement Through Name Authority in the UNT Digital Library
Tarver, Hannah & Phillips, Mark Edward
March 2016
Primary view of HAM: A Hybrid Aquisitions Model for Public Libraries
Brannon, Sian
Primary view of Skins and Bones: The Horror of the Real
Martin, John
March 25, 2013
Primary view of Electrodeposition of Cu-Ni Composite Coatings
Thurber, Casey; Mohamed, Adel M. A. & Golden, Teresa
March 23, 2016
Primary view of “¿Son Modos? Tonos y salmodia en Andrés Lorente
Illari, Bernardo
Primary view of Effectiveness of Nature Conservation - A Case of Natura 2000 Sites in Poland
Grodzińska-Jurczak, Małgorzata; Strzelecka, Marianna; Kamal, Sristi & Gutowska, Justyna
August 8, 2012
Primary view of Electrochemical Synthesis of Rare Earth Ceramic Oxide Coatings
Golden, Teresa; Shang, Yajuan; Wang, Qi & Zhou, Ting
November 11, 2015
Primary view of Ferromagnetic ZnO Nanowires for Spintronic Applications
Philipose, Usha & Sapkota, Gopal
December 19, 2012
Primary view of A snare in every human path: "Tamerlane" and the Paternal Scapegoat
Martin, John
September 5, 2013
Primary view of Neural Dynamics: Criticality, Cooperation, Avalanches and Entrainment between Complex Networks
Grigolini, Paolo; Zare, Marzieh; Svenkeson, Adam & West, Bruce J.
May 22, 2012
Primary view of Reengineering The Portal to Texas History
Murray, Kathleen R.; Phillips, Mark Edward; Hicks, William; Weng, Neena & Belden, Dreanna
Primary view of Behavioral Economic Tools for Promotion of Physical Activity
Leonard, Tammy & Shuval, Kerem
May 10, 2017
Primary view of Theses and Dissertations from Print to ETD: The Nuances of Preserving and Accessing Those in Music
Alemneh, Daniel Gelaw & Hartsock, Ralph
Primary view of Teaching Functional Communication to Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Lang, Russell; Sigafoos, Jeff; van der Meer, Larah; Carnett, Amarie; Green, Vanessa A.; Lancioni, Giulio E. et al.
Primary view of Network Theory
Borgatti, Stephen P. & Lopez-Kidwell, Virginie
Primary view of IamWe: Digital Storytelling, Personal Journeys, and Praxis
Nuñez-Janes, Mariela & Franco, David Oliveira, Jr.
Primary view of Tower Cakes for Ranking Subscription Resources
Harker, Karen; Enoch, Todd & Crawford, Laurel
Primary view of Rubrics and Rutabagas: Only One is Useful for Assessing Staff During Evaluations
Brannon, Sian & Leuzinger, Julie
Primary view of Professional Development Assessment Paella
Sassen, Catherine; Harker, Karen & O'Toole, Erin
Primary view of Stop Folding the Dough: Intervening to Decide Whether or Not to Assess Again
Brannon, Sian
Primary view of Rendering Repositories: Taking out the Fat and Getting to the Impact
Brannon, Sian & Waugh, Laura
Primary view of How to Hook a Hottie: Teenage Boys, Hegemonic Masculinity, and Cosmo Girl! Magazine
Enck-Wanzer, Suzanne M. & Murray, Scott A.
Primary view of Prediction of Partition Coeffecients  and Permeability of Drug Molecules in Biological Systems with Abraham Model Solute Descriptors Derived from Measured Solubilities and Water-to-Organic Solvent Partition Coefficients
Acree, William E. (William Eugene); Grubbs, Laura M. & Abraham, M. H. (Michael H.)
February 10, 2012
Primary view of Prediction of Toxicity, Sensory Responses and Biological Responses with the Abraham Model
Acree, William E. (William Eugene); Grubbs, Laura M. & Abraham, M. H. (Michael H.)
February 10, 2012