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Binder Enhanced Refuse Derived Fuel

Description: Patent relating to refuse derived fuels and more particularly to binder enhanced refuse derived fuel pellets and utilization of such pellets in solid-fuel fired furnaces.
Date: April 12, 1995
Creator: Daugherty, Kenneth E.; Venables, Barney J. & Ohlsson, Oscar O.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences
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Illinois Library Resources and Automation in the Networked Environment: An Analysis and Recommended Strategies Final Report

Description: This study identifies strategies for enhancing access to Illinois libraries' holdings, where the strategies ensure the best stewardship possible for state and federal grant dollars for library automation and resources.
Date: October 2002
Creator: Moen, William E.; Enoch, Larry & Greenway-Hayes, Debra
Partner: UNT College of Information
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Leveraging Geographical Disparities of Socio-Economic Factors to Predict Vulnerable Teenagers to Teen Birth: Chicago as A Case Study

Description: Teen birth (TB) imposes serious health and economic burdens to both individuals and government. Various attempts have been made to overcome TB such as teen pregnancy prevention evidence-based programs. However, these programs might have declined teen birth rate (TBR), most of which do not address the influencing socio-economic factors linked to areas where teenagers live. This study is aimed at investigating socio-economic factors contributing to TB and identify their geographical disparities. The methodology was developed using the vulnerability theory to examine the complex relationship between TB and socio-economic factors. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR) were employed to analyze census data. Findings suggest that socio-economically disadvantaged minorities, including unemployed black and uneducated Hispanic, are more vulnerable to TB. Additionally, geographic locations of communities where such teenager live are recognized. The outcomes verified the utility of the vulnerability theory to predict the geographical locations of vulnerable teens that can be leveraged by policymakers to allocate more health resources and perform place-specific interventions to effectively reduce TBR.
Date: December 2020
Creator: Sadeghinaeenifard, Fariba & Hawamdeh, Suliman M.
Partner: UNT College of Information
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Near-Death Verdicality Research in the Hospital Setting: Problems and Promise

Description: Study of near-death verdicality in the hospital setting. The paper describes problems, both anticipated and unanticipated, that were encountered. Based on the successes and failures of this undertaking, recommendations for future research of this type are presented.
Date: Autumn 1990
Creator: Holden, Janice Miner & Joesten, Leroy
Partner: UNT Libraries
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