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Primary view of Abstraction Augmented Markov Models
Caragea, Cornelia; Silvescu, Adrian; Caragea, Doina & Honavar, Vasant
December 2010
Primary view of An Algorithm for Open Text Semantic Parsing
Shi, Lei & Mihalcea, Rada, 1974-
August 2004
Primary view of Amazon Mechanical Turk for Subjectivity Word Sense Disambiguation
Akkaya, Cem; Conrad, Alexander; Wiebe, Janyce M. & Mihalcea, Rada, 1974-
June 2010
Primary view of Anchor Nodes Placement for Effective Passive Localization
Akl, Robert G.; Pasupathy, Karthikeyan & Haidar, Mohamad
Primary view of Answering complex, list and context questions with LCC's Question-Answering Server
Harabagiu, Sanda M.; Moldovan, Dan I.; Paşca, Marius. 1974-; Surdeanu, Mihai; Mihalcea, Rada, 1974-; Gîrju, Corina R. et al.
November 2001
Primary view of Approximating User Distributions in WCDMA Networks Using 2-D Gaussian
Nguyen, Son & Akl, Robert G.
July 2005
Primary view of Attracting and Retaining Women in Computer Science and Engineering: Evaluating the Results
Keathly, David & Akl, Robert G.
June 2007
Primary view of Automated measurement of quality of mucosa inspection for colonscopy
Liu, Xuemin; Tavanapong, Wallapak; Wong, Johnny; Oh, JungHwan & de Groen, Piet C.
May 31, 2010
Primary view of Automatic Extraction of Implicit Interpretations from Modal Constructions
Sanders, Jordan & Blanco, Eduardo
November 2016
Primary view of Automatic Generation and Classification of Minimal Meaningful Propositions in Educational Systems
Godea, Andreea; Bulgarov, Florin & Nielsen, Rodney D.
December 2016
Primary view of Automatic Generation and Scoring of Positive Interpretations from Negated Statements
Blanco, Eduardo & Sarabi, Zahra
June 2016
Primary view of Automatic generation of a coarse grained WordNet
Mihalcea, Rada, 1974- & Moldovan, Dan I.
June 2001
Primary view of Automatic Keyword Extraction for Learning Object Repositories
Coursey, Kino High; Mihalcea, Rada, 1974- & Moen, William E.
October 2008
Primary view of An Automatic Method for Generating Sense Tagged Corpora
Mihalcea, Rada, 1974- & Moldovan, Dan I.
Primary view of Autonomous Robot Localization Using WiFi Fingerprinting
Bunkley, Terrence; Wright, Alex & Namuduri, Kamesh
April 14, 2011
Primary view of BABYLON Parallel Text Builder: Gathering Parallel Texts for Low-Density Languages
Mohler, Michael & Mihalcea, Rada, 1974-
May 2008
Primary view of Beyond Plain Spatial Knowledge: Determining Where Entities Are and Are Not Located, and For How Long
Vempala, Alakananda & Blanco, Eduardo
August 2016
Primary view of A Bootstrapping Method for Building Subjectivity Lexicons for Languages with Scarce Resources
Banea, Carmen; Wiebe, Janyce M. & Mihalcea, Rada, 1974-
May 2008
Primary view of Building a Sense Tagged Corpus with Open Mind Word Expert
Chklovski, Timothy A. (Timothy Anatolievich), 1977- & Mihalcea, Rada, 1974-
July 2002
Primary view of Building Multilingual Semantic Networks with Non-Expert Contributions over the Web
Ayewah, Nathanial; Mihalcea, Rada, 1974- & Nastase, Vivi
November 2003
Primary view of Capacity Allocations in Multi-cell UMTS Networks for Different Spreading Factors with Perfect and Imperfect Power Control
Akl, Robert G. & Nguyen, Son
January 2006
Primary view of Channel Assignment and Load Distribution in a Power-Managed WLAN
Haidar, Mohamad; Akl, Robert G.; Al-Rizzo, Hussain Mudhaffar Younis, 1957- & Chan, Yupo
Primary view of Channel Assignment in an IEEE 802.11 WLAN Based on Signal-to-Interference Ratio
Haidar, Mohamad; Ghimire, Rabindra; Al-Rizzo, Hussain Mudhaffar Younis, 1957-; Akl, Robert G. & Chan, Yupo
May 2008
Primary view of Characterizing Humour: An Exploration of Features in Humorous Texts
Mihalcea, Rada, 1974- & Pulman, Stephen
February 2007