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Primary view of The 2011 Beta Eta Spring Banquet. Celebration of Rediscovery of the Elements
Marshall, James L., 1940-
Summer 2011
Primary view of Archaeology, Heritage, and Moral Terrains: Two Cases from the Mesa Verde Region
Wolverton, Steven J.; Figueroa, Robert & Swentzell, Porter
September 14, 2016
Primary view of Borrelia, Ehrlichia, and Rickettsia spp. in Ticks Removed from Persons, Texas, USA
Williamson, Phillip C.; Billingsley, Peggy M.; Teltow, Glenna J.; Seals, Janel P.; Turnbough, Meredith A. & Atkinson, Samuel F.
March 10, 2010
Primary view of Change in Neighborhood Socioeconomic Status and Weight Gain: Dallas Heart Study
Powell-Wiley, Tiffany M.; Cooper-McCann, Rebecca; Ayers, Colby; Berrigan, David; Lian, Min; McClurkin, Michael et al.
July 1, 2016
Primary view of A Comprehensive Analysis of Groundwater Quality in the Barnett Shale Region
Hildenbrand, Zacariah Louis; Carlton Jr., Doug D.; Fontenot, Brian; Meik, Jesse M.; Walton, Jayme; Taylor, Josh et al.
June 16, 2015
Primary view of Controlling Gully Erosion with Earth Dams in North-Central Texas
Hudak, Paul F. & Chadbourne, John
January 2001
Primary view of A determination of the spatial concordance between Lyme disease incidence and habitat probability of its primary vector Ixodes scapularis (black-legged tick)
Atkinson, Samuel F.; Sarkar, Sahotra; Avina, Aldo; Schuermann, Jim A. & Williamson, Phillip C.
November 1, 2014
Primary view of Does the Arousal System Contribute to Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences? A Summary and Response
Long, Jeffrey & Holden, Janice Miner
Spring 2007
Primary view of Effect on Emotional Well-Being of Hypnotic Recall of the Near-Death Experience
Holden, Janice Miner
Summer 1996
Primary view of Electromagnetic Aftereffects of Near-Death Experiences
Mouri, Farnoosh M. & Holden, Janice Miner
Winter 2008
Primary view of Emergency Medical Workers' Mass Shooting Incident Stress and Psychological Recovery
Jenkins, Sharon Rae
August 1998
Primary view of Estimating the Economic Impact of Universities: The Case of Bowling Green State University
Carroll, Michael C. & Smith, Bruce W.
Primary view of Failure to Elicit Near-Death Experiences in Induced Cardiac Arrest
Greyson, Bruce; Holden, Janice M. & Mounsey, J. Paul
Winter 2006
Primary view of The Field of Near-Death Studies Through 2001: An Analysis of the Periodical Literature
Holden, Janice Miner & Christian, Rozan
Autumn 2005
Primary view of The Gas That Wouldn't Burn
Marshall, James L., 1940- & Marshall, Virginia R.
Summer 2012
Primary view of Geophysical Prospecting for Oil and Gas Well Effluent
Hudak, Paul F. & Maxey, George
December 1997
Primary view of A Graben in the Eagle Ford Shale, Lewisville, Texas
Hudak, Paul F.
April 1999
Primary view of Gray Wolf Exposure to Emerging Vector-Borne Diseases in Wisconsin with Comparison to Domestic Dogs and Humans
Jara Miller, Rocio F.; Wydeven, Adrian P. & Samuel, Michael D.
November 29, 2016
Primary view of Habitat Quantity of Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Picoides Borealis (Aves: Piciformes: Picidae) in its Former Historic Landscape Near the Big Thicket Naitonal Preserve, Texas, USA
Thapa, Vivek & Acevedo, Miguel F.
December 31, 2014
Primary view of Helium Monument
Marshall, James L., 1940- & Marshall, Virginia R.
Summer 2012
Primary view of A History of Geography at the University of North Texas
Lyons, Donald & Forbes, Bill
Primary view of Hurricanes, Oil Spills, and Discrimination, Oh My: The Story of the Mississippi Cottage
Evans-Cowley, Jennifer & Canter, Andrew
February 2011
Primary view of The Industrial Geography of Toxic Chemical Generation, Release and Management in Texas
Lyons, Donald
Primary view of Ion Beam Analysis of Microcrystalline Quartz Artifacts from the Reed Mound Site, Delaware County, Oklahoma
Younger-Mertz, S. B.; Manuel, J. E.; Reinert, Tilo; Szilasi, S. Z.; Hammerstedt, S. W. & Glass, G. A.
June 18, 2015