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1:1 iPads in 1st Grade: Two-Year Case Study of a Teacher's Concerns, Use, and Innovation Configuration

Description: This chapter reports the findings of a two-year case study of how one first-grade teacher in a Florida charter school with 1:1 iPads progresses through stages of concerns and levels of use to achieve technological innovation. Findings inform technology integration practices and emphasize the importance of acknowledging change concerns associated with technology acceptance.
Date: 2019
Creator: Eutsler, Lauren
Partner: UNT College of Education

AZ 01-14

Description: This abstract painting is predominately white with green, pink and gray vertical strokes broken by an implied horizontal line.
Date: 2001
Creator: Falsetta, Vincent
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design

2,490 Feet

Description: The work is a coiled piece of paper that measures 2,490 feet when unwound. Pieces of white string tie sections to hold it in place.
Date: 2011/2012
Creator: Lawrence, Annette
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design
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4-Coumarate 3-hydroxylase in the lignin biosynthesis pathway is a cytosolic ascorbate peroxidase

Description: Article describes an enzyme catalyzing the direct 3-hydroxylation of 4-coumarate to caffeate in lignin biosynthesis as a bifunctional peroxidase that oxidizes both ascorbate and 4-coumarate at comparable rates.
Date: April 30, 2019
Creator: Barros, Jaime; Escamilla-Treviño, Luis; Song, Luhua; Rao, Xiaolan; Serrani-Yarce, Juan Carlos; Docampo-Palacios, Maite et al.
Partner: UNT College of Science

[4-panel piece, handmade paper on silk]

Description: The artwork consists of four panels each turned on point. A grid ladder pattern turned in various directions appears in each panel. The colors are warm reddish browns and light blues. Other rectangular and triangular outlined shapes appear scattered across the panels.
Date: 1981~
Creator: Spear, Shigeko
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design

7.5 Minute Quadrangle Project

Description: Presentation for the 2010 Depository Library Council Annual Meeting. This presentation discusses the 7.5 minute quadrangle project by the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries' Digital Projects Unit and gives the background, goals, processes, challenges, and next steps.
Date: October 18, 2010
Creator: Phillips, Mark Edward
Partner: UNT Libraries

11,664 kilometers across the sea: Bridging the student support gap to the Pacific Islands

Description: Presentation for the 2013 International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers (IAMSLIC) Conference. This presentation discusses the LEAP program at UNT and bridging the student support gap to the Pacific Islands.
Date: October 21, 2013
Creator: Avery, Elizabeth Fuseler; Batman, Cindy; Chandler, Yvonne J. & Barnwell, Jane
Partner: UNT Libraries
open access

17β-Estradiol Delivered in Eye Drops: Evidence of Impact on Protein Networks and Associated Biological Processes in the Rat Retina through Quantitative Proteomics

Description: Study analyzes target engagements through the identification of functional protein networks impacted after delivery of 17β-estradiol in eye drops to facilitate the development of broad-spectrum retina neuroprotectants that can be delivered through topical dosage forms.
Date: January 27, 2020
Creator: Prókai, László, 1958-; Zaman, Khadiza; Nguyen, Vien & Prokai-Tatrai, Katalin
Partner: UNT Health Science Center
open access

20 Mule Team

Description: This photograph from the front cover of an issue of the Hexagon Journal displays the mock 20 mule team that stands outside of the Rio Tinto Borax Museum in Boron, California. The mule team depicts the original mode used to transport the chemical compound, borax, out of Death Valley between 1883 and 1888. A description of the photograph is shown on page 23 of the journal.
Date: Summer 2015
Creator: Marshall, James L., 1940- & Marshall, Virginia R.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences


Description: Dark background with many small geometric shapes, lines and dots in bright colors evenly spaced around the canvas over a structured linear pattern.
Date: 1986
Creator: Falsetta, Vincent
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design

87-205 with Mickey Mouse

Description: Linear patterns in background mostly in whites and grays layered with small geometric shapes in multi-hues with Mickey Mouse cartoon character emerging from the lower edge.
Date: 1987
Creator: Falsetta, Vincent
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design


Description: Black background with linear patterns and small multi-hued geometric shapes float on the surface.
Date: 1988
Creator: Falsetta, Vincent
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design

90-208, Voyager

Description: Light shades of pinkish grays create the background juxtaposed with linear pattern and layered with small multi-hued geometric shapes and a linear drawing of a ship and silhouettes of two figures.
Date: 1990
Creator: Falsetta, Vincent
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design
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