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Oral History Interview with Alexander Bate, September 19, 1986
Interview with retired schoolteacher Alexander Bate. The interview includes Bate's personal experiences about the African American business community in Sherman, Texas, and the lynching of George Hughes. Bate also talks about being an African-American educator, and local race relations in Sherman.
Oral History Interview with Andrew White, September 24, 1986
Interview with Andrew White, business executive and president of the local chapter of the NAACP in Sherman, Texas. The interview includes White's personal experiences about race relations and the development of African-American businesses in Sherman during the 1980s.
Oral History Interview with Ralph Elliott, November 14, 1986
Interview with Judge Ralph Elliott. The interview includes Elliott's personal observations as a young eyewitness to the lynching of George Hughes in Sherman, Texas, in May 1930.
Oral History Interview with William Hill, October 13, 1986
Interview with retired schoolteacher William Hill. The interview includes Hill's personal experiences concerning race relations in Sherman, Texas, 1915-30. Hill talks about the lynching of George Hughes in 1930, the African-American business and professional community in Sherman, and Ku Klux Klan marches.