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Oral History Interview with Ann Barnett, November 13, 1987
Interview with schoolteacher and community activist Ann Barnett from Denton, Texas. In the interview, Barnett discusses her experiences concerning the activities of the Denton Christian Women's Inter-Racial Fellowship during the 1960s and 1970s. She also comments on her childhood in Nacogdoches, Texas, the desegregation of North Texas State College in 1950s, the student stand-in at Campus Theatre in Denton, the desegregation of restaurants and housing, social affairs, urban renewal, voter registration, the literacy program, the Denton Christian Preschool, meeting programs, and establishing dialogue between races.
Oral History Interview with Bob Way, December 13, 1984
Interview with college instructor and former member of the North Texas State football team Bob Way from Denton, Texas. In the interview, Way recollects some of his experiences and thoughts while he was a student at the school during the desegregation of athletics.
Oral History Interview with Jerry Russell, January 13, 1983
Interview with attorney Jerry Russell from Dallas, Texas. In the interview, Russell describes his experiences as a member of the football team during the desegregation of athletics at North Texas State College in 1956.
Oral History Interview with William Hill, October 13, 1986
Interview with retired schoolteacher William Hill. The interview includes Hill's personal experiences concerning race relations in Sherman, Texas, 1915-30. Hill talks about the lynching of George Hughes in 1930, the African-American business and professional community in Sherman, and Ku Klux Klan marches.