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Oral History Interview with Jerrell Shaw, January 12, 1983
Interview with businessman Jerrell Shaw Businessman from Denton, Texas. In the interview, Shaw reminisces about when he was a member of the football team during the desegregation of athletics at North Texas State College in 1956.
Oral History Interview with Oscar H. Mauzy, March 9, 1984
Interview with former Democratic Texas State Senator Oscar H. Mauzy, who was an attorney from Dallas, Texas. The interview includes the Senator's personal views and experiences as a member of the Sixty-eighth Legislature. The interview also includes the Senator's thoughts on fellow politicians, midnight appointments, pay raises for teachers, taxation, appropriations, and the Jurisprudence Committee.
Oral History Interview with Pat Cheek, April 12, 1988
Interview with schoolteacher and community activist Pat Cheek from Denton, Texas. In the interview, Cheek recollects her involvement as a member of the Denton Christian Women's Inter-Racial Fellowship in the 1960's and 1970's, as well as her memories of segregation, particularly in Denton. Cheek discusses her personal views and experiences when it comes to segregation, the street paving of the African American section in Denton, her decision to join the Fellowship, the group's activities, the involvement of husbands in group activities, the group's decision to disband, voter registration drives, and her lasting friendships.