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Oral History Interview with Fred Agnich, November 22, 1983
Interview with Fred Agnich, businessman and member of the Texas House of Representatives from Dallas, Republican. The interview includes Agnich's personal experiences about being a member of the 68th Legislature. Agnich talks about his appointment as chair of the Environmental Affairs Committee, appropriations and taxes, Governor Mark White, teachers pay, and personal legislation.
Oral History Interview with Howard Pollan, October 22, 1983
Interview with Navy veteran Howard Pollan. The interview includes Pollan's personal experiences while aboard the battleship USS West Virginia during the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
Oral History Interview with Otis Cason, August 22, 1987
Interview with farmer Otis Cason. The interview includes Cason's personal experiences about rural life in Denton County, Texas from 1900 to 1987. Cason talks about breaking mules, rural school, sheep and goat raising, hog killing, and charcoal making.