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Primary view of Everything Less Vast Than Love—Let Go Of
May 2018
Primary view of Making Fair Use Make More Sense: A White Paper
Wolfson, Stephen M.
May 2018
Primary view of Database Copyright: Limited Protections
Wolfson, Stephen M.
April 2018
Primary view of Music Copyright: Unraveling the Weirdness
Wolfson, Stephen M.
March 2018
Primary view of 17 USC 109: The First Sale Doctrine
Wolfson, Stephen M.
January 2018
Primary view of Electronic Course Reserves, Copyright Law, and Cambridge University Press v. Becker
Wolfson, Stephen M.
January 2018
Primary view of News on the Margins: Surfacing Marginalized Voices in the News Collections of Libraries, Archives, and Museums
Skinner, Katherine
Primary view of 17 USC 108(h): The “Last Twenty Years” Exception
Wolfson, Stephen M.
December 2017
Primary view of Next Generation Repositories: Behaviours and Technical Recommendations of the COAR Next Generation Repositories Working Group
the Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR)
November 28, 2017
Primary view of The Web as History
Brügger, Niels & Schroeder, Ralph
March 2017
Primary view of Web Archiving in the United  States: A 2016 Survey
National Digital Stewardship Alliance (U.S.)
February 2017
Primary view of Advancing the National Digital  Platform: The State of Digitization  in US Public and State Libraries
Morgan, Kendra & Proffitt, Merrilee
Primary view of Bureaucracy: A Love Story
Cervantes, Gabriel; Porter, Dahlia; Skinnell, Ryan & Wisecup, Kelly
Primary view of Connecting Soul, Spirit, Mind, and Body: A Collection of Spiritual and Religious Perspectives and Practices in Counseling
Foster, Ryan D. & Holden, Janice Miner
January 2017
Primary view of The lost generation: World War I poetry selected from the Donald Thomas War Poetry Collection
University of North Texas Libraries, Special Collections
Primary view of Special Education: A Beginner's Guide to Serving All Students
Watson, Cindy; Cantu, Jennifer & Nancy Terry, Nancy
Primary view of Understanding Metadata: What is Metadata, and What is it For?
Riley, Jenn
Primary view of State Library Administrative Agencies Survey: Fiscal Year 2014
Institute of Museum and Library Services (U.S.)
August 2016
Primary view of Social Circumstance and Aesthetic Achievement: Contextual Studies in Richard Wright’s Native Son
Duban, James
June 2016
Primary view of "Independent Original and Progressive": Celebrating 125 Years of UNT
Gieringer, Morgan Davis
Primary view of The UNT Music Library at 75: Selections from Its Special Collections
McKnight, Mark
Primary view of Web Archiving Environmental Scan
Truman, Gail
January 2016
Primary view of Office of Scholarly Communication: Scope, Organizational Placement, and Planning in Ten Research Libraries
Ithaka S+R
November 18, 2015
Primary view of 3 Rs of RDA: A Review and Refresher on RDA for Audiovisual Materials
Dutkiewicz, Scott M.
July 30, 2015