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A Study of the Factors Related to Planned and Actual Manufacturing Lead Time in Two Environments: (1) High-Volume Continuous-Production and (2) Job-Shop Production-to-Order

Description: This study focused upon the manufacturing lead time management in California's electrical and electronic machinery, equipment, and supplies industry. Manufacturing firms with one hundred or more employees were invited to participate in the research. Six subproblems relating to manufacturing lead time were selected and six appropriate null hypotheses were tested. The subproblems identified (1) factors influencing manufacturing lead time, (2) production planning processes influencing manufacturing lead time accuracy, and (3) techniques reducing manufacturing lead time. These factors, production planning processes, and techniques were then IV investigated to determine the importance of each of them in two environments: (1) high-volume continuous-production (HVCP) and (2) job-shop production-to-order (JSPTO).
Date: December 1980
Creator: Moshtaghi Moghaddam, Jahanguir
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Discriminant Analysis of Physically Impaired Worker and Non-Impaired Co-Worker Performance in a Selected Data Processing Environment

Description: The area of performance appraisal of the handicapped individual is a relatively uncharted domain. Previous studies have tended to either lump categories of handicaps together or to concentrate their performance appraisal on simplistic performance criteria. This dissertation focused upon the performance of a group of physically impaired workers and their non-impaired co-workers. Central to this research endeavor was a comparison of the aggregate performances of both groups of workers through the use of parametric factor and discriminant techniques as well as the non-parametric sign test.
Date: August 1984
Creator: Gray, Van Dyke
Partner: UNT Libraries