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The Relationship between Employment Compensation and District Value Systems in Texas Public School Districts

Description: This study was conducted to determine what the relationship is between the employee compensation/benefit programs in Texas public school districts and the basic values and beliefs that are important to the success of the districts.
Date: August 1992
Creator: Parker, Thomas M. (Thomas Michael), 1943-
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Senate Bill 351's Effect on School Finance Equity in Texas

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of Senate Bill 351 on public school finance equity in Texas and to provide information to those concerned with the financing of schools in this state. Data provided by the Texas Education Agency were used to determine differences in expenditures per student and local tax rates before and after the implementation of Senate Bill 351.
Date: December 1992
Creator: Henry, John Mark
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Correlates of Teachers' Expectations of Principals' Executive Professional Leadership and Five Specific Aspects of Administrative Behavior

Description: The problem of this study was to determine what relationships exist between teachers' perceptions of principals' executive professional leadership and teachers' perceptions of principals' behavior in five aspects of administrative behavior. These administrative areas include Principals' support of teachers' authority (EPA), principals' egalitarian relationship with teachers (EPR), principals' involving teachers in decision-making processes for the school (EPI), principals' support of teachers in managerial matters (EPM), and principals' social support. Subjects for the study were grouped according to gender, length of service and level of education for descriptive purposes and to determine variations in their perceptions of the principals' administrative behaviors. Significant relationships were found to exist between teachers' perceptions of principals' EPL and EPI leadership and teachers' perceptions of principals willingness to involve them in decision—making processes for the schools (EPI). A significant negative relationship was also found to exist between the teachers' perceptions of principals' leadership (EPL) and teachers' perceptions of the managerial support (EPM) provided by principals. A slight negative relationship was found between teachers' perceptions of principals' leadership (EPL) and teachers' perceptions of social support (EPS) received from principals. There was a slight but insignificant positive relationship between teachers' perceptions of principals' executive professional leadership (EPL) and teachers' perceptions of egalitarian relationships (EPR) which existed between the teachers and principals. A positive but not significant relationship was also noted between teachers' perceptions of principals' leadership (EPL) and teachers* perceptions of the manner in which principals granted them professional authority (EPA). When teachers were grouped by demographic variables, two important trends in^perceptions were noted regarding principals' executive professional leadership. (a) Female teachers had a tendency to perceive principals as having lower professional leadership than did male teachers. (b) Teachers with higher educational levels perceived principals as having less professional leadership ability than teachers with relatively low educational levels. ...
Date: December 1989
Creator: Amimo, Paul E. Otieno (Paul Evans Otieno)
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Texas Public School Principals and Corporal Punishment: the Relationship Between Their Legal Awareness Of It and Their Attitude Toward Its Use

Description: This study is an analysis of the relationship between the attitude of Texas school principals toward corporal punishment and their knowledge of the law pertaining to corporal punishment as it relates to the principals' school and personal characteristics.
Date: December 1989
Creator: Risinger, Charlotte L.
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Commonalities Among Women Superintendents in Texas

Description: The major purpose of this descriptive study was to determine common characteristics and influences among women who were serving as public school superintendents of independent districts in Texas during the 1988-89 school year. Commonalities were determined in (1) personal characteristics, (2) personality traits, and (3) perceived barriers to career mobility. A seventy-item survey was developed, validated, and mailed to the thirty-three women superintendents in Texas. Data from the survey were analyzed to determine if commonalities existed among women superintendents. Based on the findings of this study, the following conclusions seem justified: (1) Commonalities in personal characteristics which exist among women superintendents include age, ethnicity, marital status, parenthood, positive attitudes toward being both mothers and superintendents, preference for husbands in the field of education, demonstration of early leadership traits, and self-perceptions of being assertive and risk-taking; (2) Most women superintendents share common views on subjective measures concerning their own personalities, and they rated themselves highest in areas which include self-esteem, general daily activity level, independence, job satisfaction, ability to operate under pressure and practicality; and (3) Most women superintendents perceive similar internal and external barriers to their career mobility; a lack of professional network and employers' negative attitudes toward women are the most common external barriers.
Date: December 1989
Creator: Howell, Rachel W.
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Historic Sites in Texas: the Use of Local History in Texas Public Schools

Description: This research study examined the perceptions of school administrators and of historic site directors toward the function of the sites in the public school curriculum. In-depth, personal interviews were conducted, tape-recorded, and transcribed at six selected sites, representing the various ethnic historic settlements of Texas, a variety of population densities, each of the major physical geographic regions, and different economic levels in the state. Data analysis involved careful study of the taped interviews, comparisons of responses given by people of similar roles, and comparisons of responses regarding the same site. Documentation of elements of the historic sites, of programs offered, of participation of the local school district in programs, and of written school policies were examined. The perceptions of the interviewees along with recommendations for changes were noted. Responses varied from expressed impression of students who are steeped in local history and are bored with their heritage, to enthusiastic positive opinions that the prosperity of the community is directly related to the strong identification of the citizens with its local history. The role of local history and of specific sites in the curriculum of the public schools is not consistent in Texas. This research study suggests that positive gains are possible if communication between local historic site/park/museum personnel and professional educators who are responsible for planning and implementation of school curriculum can be improved. Professional educators tend either to value local history and historic sites as part of the curriculum, or to avoid the question of meeting state mandates for classtime through the use of off-campus visits to historic sites by interpreting recent reforms to prohibit them. Professional personnel who oversee the historic sites tend to offer programs to the public schools that will meet the mandated curriculum, while adhering to the scheduling constraints of school reform legislation.
Date: May 1989
Creator: Pitchford, Anita
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A Study of the Relationship of Selected Wage Criteria to Administrative Salaries in Suburban School Districts in Texas

Description: The focus of this study was to determine the unique contribution to administrative salaries of the following criteria: gender, ethnicity, total years' experience in education, district years' experience in education, degrees held, per pupil expenditure, and school size. The sample was comprised of 1,866 administrators in 27 Texas suburban school districts with an Average Daily Attendance (ADA) over 10,000. The 1986-87 salaries of the following 11 administrative positions were analyzed using a multiple regression equation: deputy superintendent, assistant and associate superintendent, business officer, personnel officer, senior high principal and assistant principal, junior high principal and assistant principal, elementary principal and assistant principal.
Date: August 1989
Creator: McKenzie, Carol Millis
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Cerebral Laterality and Leadership Assessment

Description: The major purpose of this study was to determine whether a relationship exists between cerebral laterality dominance and leadership behavior and traits. An additional purpose was to determine whether a relationship exists between cerebral laterality dominance and gender, ethnicity, and educational position.
Date: December 1991
Creator: Horn, Barry L. (Barry Lee)
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