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Primary view of Toxicological Characterization of Trinity River Sediments
Hall, Jerry F. (Jerry Fowler)
December 1989
Primary view of Distribution, Abundance, and Food Habits of Larval Fish in a Cooling Reservoir
Mitterer, Lana Gayle
December 1978
Primary view of Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Two Southwestern Reservoirs
Lawley, Gary G.
August 1973
Primary view of Density, Distribution, Production and Drift of Benthic Fauna in a Reservoir Receiving Thermal Discharges from a Steam Electric Generating Plant
Durrett, Charles W.
December 1972
Primary view of Distribution, Size, Condition, and Food Habits of Selected Fishes in a Reservoir Receiving Heated Effluent from a Power Plant
McNeely, David L.
December 1972
Primary view of Biological Indices of Stream Pollution
Russell, James C.
August 1952
Primary view of A Microbial Survey of Raw Ingredients Used in Finished Products at Kraft Foods Company, Garland, Texas
Langston, Clarence Walter, Jr.
Primary view of Pathogenic Bacterial Survey in the Trinity River from East Fort Worth, Texas, to South Dallas, Texas
Grizzle, Walter R.
Primary view of Microflora in Prepared Foods Dispensed from Eating Establishments in Dallas, Texas
Phillips, Margaret
August 1948