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Primary view of Indigenous Knowledge on the Marshall Islands: a Case for Recognition Justice
Gessas, Jeff
December 2015
Primary view of Environmental Philosophy and the Ethics of Terraforming Mars: Adding the Voices of Environmental Justice and Ecofeminism to the Ongoing Debate
French, Robert Heath
August 2013
Primary view of The Ways of Reflection: Heidegger, Science, Reflection, and Critical Interdisciplinarity
Toole, Toby Houston
May 2013
Primary view of Ecological Forms of Life: Wittgenstein and Ecolinguistics
Sarratt, Nicholas M.
December 2012
Primary view of Wilderness and Everyday Life.
Friskics, Scott
August 2011
Primary view of Situating Cost-Benefit Analysis for Environmental Justice
Wohlmuth, Erik Michael
December 2010
Primary view of The Green Horizon: An (Environmental) Hermeneutics of Identification with Nature through Literature
Bell, Nathan M.
August 2010
Primary view of Tracing the Path of Sustainable Development through Major International Conferences: A Brief History and Overview of Sustainable Development 1964-2002
Dunn, Benjamin P.
May 2010
Primary view of Cultivating the Ecological Conscience: Smith, Orr, and Bowers on Ecological Education
Hoelscher, David W.
December 2009
Primary view of The Turn from Reactive to Responsive Environmentalism: The Wilderness Debate, Relational Metaphors, and the Eco-Phenomenology of Response
Christion, Timothy C.
December 2009
Primary view of Deliberative Democracy, Divided Societies, and the Case of Appalachia
Tidrick, Charlee
August 2009
Primary view of Between Logos and Eros: New Orleans' Confrontation with Modernity
Moore, Erin Christine
May 2008
Primary view of The American Community College's Obligation to Democracy
Pokross, Amy Elizabeth
December 2007
Primary view of Acting Ethically: Behavior and the Sustainable Society
Sewell, Patrick
August 2007
Primary view of Earth Tones: How Environmental Journalism and Environmental Ethics Influence Environmental Citizenship
Wall, Don
August 2007
Primary view of Toward a philosophy of water: Politics of the pollution and damming along the Ganges River.
McAnally, Elizabeth Ann
May 2007
Primary view of A New Approach to Texas Groundwater Management: An Environmental Justice Argument to Challenge the Rule of Capture
Purvis, Jody
December 2005
Primary view of Private Property in America: Land Use and the Ethics of Owning Land
Grant, Elizabeth Michelle
December 2005
Primary view of Burn and Sow: The Ethical Implications of Ecological Restoration
Mauritz, Elizabeth
August 2005
Primary view of Embedded Within Landscapes: Agrarian Philosophy and Sustainable Agriculture
Leonard, Evan
August 2005
Primary view of Environmental Virtue Education: Ancient Wisdom Applied
Lindemann, Monica A.
August 2005
Primary view of Ethics Naturally: An Environmental Ethic Based on Naturalness
Leard, Jason
May 2004
Primary view of Wild Practices: Teaching the Value of Wildness
Lindquist, Christopher R.
May 2004
Primary view of Negotiating Environmental Relationships: Why Language Matters to Environmental Philosophy
Martin, Vernon J.
December 2003