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Primary view of Sediment Characteristics and Bioavailability of Sorbed Neutral Organic Compounds
Suedel, Burton C. (Burton Craig)
December 1989
Primary view of The Stoneflies (Plecoptera) of the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains
Poulton, Barry C. (Barry Charles)
December 1989
Primary view of Systematics of Coccidian Parasites (Apicomplexa) from Amphibians and Reptiles in Northcentral Texas
McAllister, Chris Thomas
December 1989
Primary view of Toxicological Characterization of Trinity River Sediments
Hall, Jerry F. (Jerry Fowler)
December 1989
Primary view of Validation of a Coupled Herbicide Fate and Target Plant Species Effects Model
Clifford, Philip A. (Philip Alan)
December 1989
Primary view of Interactions between Carotid and Cardiopulmonary Baroreceptor Populations in Men with Varied Levels of Maximal Aerobic Power
Pawelczyk, James A. (James Anthony)
August 1989
Primary view of Response of Freshwater and Saltwater Toxicity Test Species to Calcium and Salinity Concentrations Encountered in Toxicity Tests
Price, Edmund E., 1954-