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Primary view of Some Effects of X-Irradiaion on the Adrenal Response to Hypothalamic Stimulation in Rats
Agnew, Robert Laing
January 1967
Primary view of Effects of X-irradiation on Ion Flux in Desheathed Toad Sciatic Nerves
Albin, Leslie O.
January 1969
Primary view of Pressure-Flow Relationships in the Isolated Cerebral Circulation of the Dog
Alexander, William Carter
June 1962
Primary view of Microbiotic Cycles in Lake Hefner
Allison, Richard C.
January 1966
Primary view of Some Physiological Effects of Chlorine upon Two Chlorine Resistant Algae
Beddow, David G.
June 1966
Primary view of Parasites of the Cricket Frog, Acris Crepitans, of Denton County, Texas
Block, Edward F.
August 1968
Primary view of Responses to Diets High in Phenylalanine Compounds as Genetic Parameters in Mice
Boughey, Frederick W.
June 1966
Primary view of Cytoplasmic Antigen Relationships among Streptomyces Species
Brunson, Kenneth W.
August 1966
Primary view of Pleomorphism in Selected Genera of Algae
Bruton, Barbara A.
June 1967
Primary view of The Production of Fragile Cysts by an Aberrant Strain of Azotobacter Chroococcum Isolated from Soil
Cagle, Gerald D.
May 1969
Primary view of Presence of Krebs Cycle Intermediates in Primary Mycelia of an Actinomycete
Callaway, Joe Raymon
August 1968
Primary view of Phosphorus Metabolism in Atypical Mycobacteria
Carnes, James E.
August 1966
Primary view of The In Vitro Interaction of 3-Methylcholanthrene with Deoxyribonucleic Acid
Chapel, J. Frederick
August 1967
Primary view of Polycyclic-Aromatic-Hydrocarbon-Induced Alterations in the Physio-Chemical Characteristics of Escherechia Coli Dexyribonucleic Acid
Chapel, J. Frederick (James Frederick)
August 1969
Primary view of Rectal Temperatures of the Cotton Rat, Sigmodon Hispidus (Rodentia : Cricetidae)
Cleveland, Arthur G.
August 1968
Primary view of Effects of pH and Substrate on Growth of Escherichia Coli and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in Mixed Continuous Culture
Cooper, Billy Howard
January 1964
Primary view of The Effect of Aging on the Respiratory Response of Rat Heart Tissue Slices to Metabolic Inhibitors
Couch, Ernest F.
August 1962
Primary view of X-irradiation and Drug Effects on Ventral Root Potentials in Cat Spinal Cords
Crow, Robert V.
August 1964
Primary view of Protective Effect of Specific Heterologous Anti-Mouse Tumor Serum
Culpepper, Thomas James
August 1961
Primary view of Assimilation of Inorganic Nitrogen by Aquatic Actinomycetes
Davis, Ernst M.
August 1962
Primary view of Water and Ion Eflux in Isolated Onion Roots
Davis, Robert F.
May 1964
Primary view of Herpetology of the Amistad Reservoir Area, Val Verde County, Texas
Devine, Michael C.
January 1969
Primary view of The Effects of Hexadecanol on the Microbiota of Lake Hefner
Dickson, Kenneth L.
May 1968
Primary view of Factors Involved in Passive Transfer of Contact Hypersensitivity
Ellis, Walter L.
August 1966