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Primary view of Biodiversity of Dragonflies and Damselflies (Odonata) of the South-Central Nearctic and Adjacent Neotropical Biotic Provinces
Abbott, John C.
May 1999
Primary view of A Study of the Bacterial Flora of Food Utensils in Hardin College Cafeteria and Twenty-Five Eating Establishments in Wichita Falls, Texas
Adams, Isaac Newton
Primary view of Degradation of Phenolic Acids by Azotobacter Species Isolated from Sorghum Fields
Al-Hadhrami, Mohamed N. (Mohamed Nasser)
August 1989
Primary view of Food Habits and Dietary Overlap of Four Species of Rodents from the Mesquite Plains of Texas
Alcoze, Thomas M.
May 1972
Primary view of Microbiotic Cycles in Lake Hefner
Allison, Richard C.
January 1966
Primary view of Callibaetis Floridanus (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae) Life History and Production in a West Texas Playa
Anderson, Gregory (Gregory Mark)
May 1998
Primary view of Food, Feeding Selectivity, and Ecological Efficiencies of Fundulus notatus (Rafinesque) (Osteichthyes; Cyprinodontidae)
Atmar, Gerald Legare
August 1970
Primary view of The Influence of a Return of Native Grasslands upon the Ecology and Distribution of Small Rodents in Big Bend National Park
Baccus, John T.
August 1971
Primary view of Evaluation of a Constructed Wetland to Reduce Toxicity from Diazinon at the Pecan Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, Denton, TX
Baerenklau, Amy L. (Amy Lyn)
May 1996
Primary view of Analysis of Phytoplankton Responses to Water Chemistry Dynamics in a Moderately Eutrophic North Texas Reservoir
Banks, Kenneth E. (Kenneth Edward)
May 1998
Primary view of The Use of Similarity Indicies to Assess the Spatial Differences of the Phytoplankton Communities in Lake Ray Roberts, Texas
Banks, Kenneth E. (Kenneth Edward)
August 1996
Primary view of Bacterial Survey of Representative Wells of Canyon, Texas, with Special Emphasis on Sanitation
Barnes, Adele
Primary view of Evaluating Fish Impingement and Entrainment at the Comanche Peak Steam Electric Station
Bauml, George A. (George Arthur)
May 1996
Primary view of A Study of a Selected Group of Science Related Characteristics of Non-Science Majors
Bearden, Bennie Paul
August 1957
Primary view of The Adaptability and Present Status of Andropogon Ischaemum L. in Denton County, Texas
Belders, Floyd William
Primary view of Responses of Selected Texas Fishes to Abiotic Factors, and an Evaluation of the Mechanisms Controlling Thermal Tolerance of the Sheepshead Minnow
Bennett, Wayne A. (Wayne Arden)
May 1994
Primary view of Production and Energy Metabolism in Three Benthic Insect Populations in a Small North Central Texas Pond
Benson, Daniel J.
May 1978
Primary view of Documentation of Biodiversity Impacts (Including Cumulative Biodiversity Impacts) in Environmental Impact Statements
Bhatia, Sarika
August 1998
Primary view of Parasites of the Cricket Frog, Acris Crepitans, of Denton County, Texas
Block, Edward F.
August 1968
Primary view of Genetic Differentiation of the Geomys Pocket Gopher Complex of Texas
Block, Scott B. (Scott Bishop)
August 1988
Primary view of A Study of Selected Factors Influencing Science Majors Toward Science Careers
Bragg, Louis Hairston
August 1957
Primary view of A Bio-Chemical Comparative Study of the Plankton in Lake Dallas and Pecan Creek
Brooks, Benjy Frances
Primary view of Sanitary Aspects of Milk and Dairy Products Dispensed in Sherman, Texas
Bryant, J. Forrest
Primary view of The Production of Fragile Cysts by an Aberrant Strain of Azotobacter Chroococcum Isolated from Soil
Cagle, Gerald D.
May 1969