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The Retail Distribution of Antique Furniture in the Dallas, Texas, Metropolitan Area: An Exploratory Study

Description: The general purpose of the study was to determine, analyze, and evaluate the basic nature of the distribution processes involved in the marketing of antique furniture in Dallas, Texas. The study utilizes the marketing mix components as a framework for understanding the nature of the industry. Various aspects of the channels of distribution and physical distribution, the products themselves, pricing mechanisms, and the promotion methods, as well as the market itself and distribution problems, were examined. The primary data were gathered from 29 retail antiques dealers in the Dallas metropolitan area.
Date: August 1983
Creator: Ballenger, Joe
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An Analysis of the Utilization of the Materials Management Concept by Selected Public Utilities in Texas

Description: Materials management is an integrative approach to control the flow of production materials. It has been successfully practiced by numerous manufacturing firms to decrease materials cost and improve the employment of scarce resources. The need for better utilization of resources is also prevalent in service sector industries. This dissertation focused on the public utilities industry and its practices in the materials management area. Major emphasis of this research was to (1) define the state-of-the-art of materials management within the gas and electric utilities in Texas, (2) determine its impact on the corporate structure, and (3) identify opportunities for materials management in the future of the Texas utilities industry.
Date: December 1983
Creator: Johnson, Kathleen A.
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The Applicability of Conjoint Measurement to the Selection Process of Professional Sales Personnel

Description: The study examines the potential of conjoint analysis to provide and apply quantitative data to situations previously limited to non-quantitative analysis within the selection process. Chapter I presents a brief introduction to the sales force selection process. A discussion of the importance of effective selection to the organization as well as an explanation of the objectives, methodology, research questions, and limitations complete the chapter. Chapter II provides a detailed description of the contemporary sales force selection process. The chapter explains the objective and subjective activities and techniques utilized by management in selection decisions. Chapter III describes the steps involved in conjoint analysis and the specific conjoint measurement technique employed in the study. The questionnaire employed and the source of data are described in Chapter IV. An analysis of the results of the research completes the chapter. Chapter V presents the summary, conclusions, and recommendations of the study.
Date: August 1984
Creator: Light, C. David
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Development of Consumer Product Manufacturer's Liability Through Passage of Federal and State Legislation and Case Interpretation

Description: This research examined the development of consumer product manufacturer's liability between 1890 and 1981. h large percentage of the manufacturers were involved in monopolies, suppression of free trade, price conspiracies, and fraudulent advertisments. Negligence in design and manufacture frequently resulted in defective products. Responsible writers exposed: dangerous foods; chemicals; insecticides; unethical manufacturing methods; and numerous injuries or deaths from defective consumer products. Three periods of organized consumerism, 1890-1917, 19271941; and 1962-1981, created congressional pressure for consumer-oriented legislation. Five presidents used the power of their offices to pressure congress to protect the public. The states adopted the federal Workmen's Compensation Law of 1908 to provide assistance for individuals who suffered job-related injuries or death. Additional consumer-oriented laws enabled injured workers to sue for damages through the courts. Organized women's clubs worked through industrial representatives and congress to correct flagrant manufacturing abuses and establish standards.
Date: May 1982
Creator: Florey, Randall L. (Randall Lynn)
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Impact of Labor Union Representation Elections on Wages and Selected Employer-Employee Relations in Nonprofit Hospitals in Texas

Description: This study concerns the general question, "What has been the impact of collective bargaining representation elections on nonprofit hospitals in Texas?" The means of answering this question involved a study of wages and attitudes of nonprofessional employees in both hospitals where such elections occurred and hospitals where no such elections had occurred in the State of Texas. An overview of the development of hospitals and the union movement in hospitals are presented as background information for this study. Further, a brief discourse on attitude development and attitude measurement is provided as theoretical foundational material. A researcher-constructed questionnaire was devised, tested, and administered to employees of the subject hospitals. There were 176 useable returns from employees where no union representation election occurred and 176 useable returns from employees where union representation elections occurred.
Date: August 1981
Creator: Duvall, Wallace L. (Wallace Lee), 1926-
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