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Acts of Survival: the Plight and Prospects of Dallas Theatre

Description: A comprehensive investigation examines the decline and changes that have affected Dallas regional theatre development from the dream of Margo Jones in the 1940s to the proliferation of emerging theatres in 1993. Changing economic conditions, lack of audience support, and shortages of performance space have contributed to an exodus of Dallas actors and artists. Reviewed are measures to reverse this trend, including funding changes, awareness campaigns, improved inter-theatre cooperation, and guidelines for audience development. The study's conclusion notes that theatres do, indeed, have a natural life cycle, but with renewed emphasis on audience development and self-sufficiency, theatres in Dallas can endure and contribute to an enlarged sense of civic pride.
Date: December 1993
Creator: Leeman, Patricia Diane
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Raven's Song: an Original Musical

Description: Raven's Song is an original musical dramatizing the conflict between paganism and Christianity. The play revolves around a woman who has become disillusioned by her people and her gods. The only gods she has ever known were blood-thirsty, appeased only by the blood and entrails of human sacrifice. Therefore, Raven resists all religion. Through providential circumstances, she is married into a Christian family and is overwhelmed by their love, and the kindness of their God. In search for truth, Raven begins to question her disbelief. All men search for truth in their own way, and all, at one time, will question the existence and nature of God. The play does not presume to answer these questions, but allows each participant to decide for himself, as Raven must decide for herself.
Date: May 1988
Creator: Tarleton, Angela Brannon
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Billikin Whiskers and the Mountain Trolls: A Children's Play

Description: This thesis is a play for children. The story and the characters were derived from traditional Norwegian fairy tales. The central character is Billikin Whiskers, a billy-goat, who is captured by three trolls--Sparky, Garr and Pragg. The play is set on a mountain in Norway. The central idea of the play is the issue of intelligence--represented by Billikin Whiskers--versus physical strength--symbolized by the trolls.
Date: August 1993
Creator: Glover, Ann L. (Ann Louise)
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The Characterization of Sheng and Dan Roles in Chinese Opera

Description: This study sought to discover the principles of characterization governing the Sheng and the Dan roles in the Chinese opera. Seven Dan role divisions and three Sheng role divisions were studied. It was discovered that throughout its long history the Chinese opera had adhered to its original singing and dancing styles; that the creative activities involved in the opera's staging were subordinated to singing and dancing styles; that the actors in the Chinese opera perform only one role category in their career; that years of rigid training were required before the actors were allowed to perform on stage; that each role division had its peculiar method of characterization that was shown through their performances, their costumes, and their acting techniques.
Date: August 1987
Creator: Wang, Hsiao-Mei, 1959-
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The Fairy Star; or Boucicault's Revenge: a Melodrama in One Act

Description: The Fairy Star; or Boucicault's Revenge is based on an incident which occurred in the relationship between actress Agnes Kelly Robertson and her common-law spouse, the actor and dramatist Dion Boucicault. The action of the play takes place late in the afternoon of September 3, 1875, in the parlor of Robertson's home, Langham Place. The dramatic conflict revolves around their meeting for the first time after a two-year separation, during which time Boucicault had forced Robertson to virtually retire from the stage and remain at home with their six children. When Robertson learns that Boucicault desperately needs her to star in his latest theatrical production, she sets out to win back her place as the star of both his life and his plays.
Date: August 1995
Creator: Vessels, Melanie Martin
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