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Description: This work for harp and string orchestra uses musical materials derived from a chord taken from the lydian mode. The three major formal divisions are A, B, and A'. The A and A' sections are more homophonic in texture and slower in harmonic rhythm. The B section is mostly contrapuntal. Sections A and A' are dreamy and dance-like while the B section is turbulent and unrestful. These characteristics are represented by sustained sonorities, twoagainst- three rhythmic configurations, and lilting melodic materials in sections A and A', as opposed to the fragmented, ever-changing melodic material of the B section. The interweaving of the musical materials into a consummate form represents the conversations, personalities, and exploits of these Atmosphantoms, giving the music its philosophical and conversational character.
Date: August 1988
Creator: Morris, Timothy Lane
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Survey of the Research Literature on the Female High Voice

Description: The location of the available research literature and its relationship to the pedagogy of the female high voice is the subject of this thesis. The nature and pedagogy of the female high voice are described in the first four chapters. The next two chapters discuss maintenance of the voice in conventional and experimental repertoire. Chapter seven is a summary of all the pedagogy. The last chapter is a comparison of the nature and the pedagogy of the female high voice with recommended areas for further research. For instance, more information is needed to understand the acoustic factors of vibrato, singer's formant, and high energy levels in the female high voice.
Date: December 1988
Creator: Stephen, Roberta M. (Roberta Mae)
Partner: UNT Libraries

Twenty-Six Two- and Three-Voiced Canons by Johann Walter Transcribed for French Horn

Description: This thesis provides modern transcriptions for horn of twenty-six two- and three-voiced canons by Johann Walter, thereby adding to the literature available from the sixteenth century for that instrument. This project specifically attempts to introduce the high school and college student hornist to modal music in strict fugal form; the transcriptions appear as an appendix. The topics discussed in the body of this thesis include the canon, Johann Walter's life and significant contributions, sixteenth-century instrumental music, musicians' guilds, the zink, and the horn. This work is not intended to offer a comprehensive history of any of these areas, but to aid the teacher and student in the preparation and performance of these transcriptions.
Date: May 1988
Creator: Balthrop, Sharon
Partner: UNT Libraries