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A Structural Analysis of Television Advertising

Description: This structural analysis examined fourteen television commercials using a method developed by Claude Levi-Strauss. The commercials were divided into two product groups, restaurant and cleaning products advertising, which made up the "myths" to be analyzed. Binary oppositions in each myth were identified and, according to the methodology, charted to reveal new relationships, and ultimately the hidden messages in the advertising. This study confirmed that television advertising does function in our society much the same as myth does in the primitive societies studied by Levi-Strauss. It offers answers to problems and upholds the existing order of things in that society, and it may function on more than one level to convey its messages.
Date: May 1981
Creator: Alpin, Suzanne Huston
Partner: UNT Libraries

Analysis of Social Communication Network of Families within a Mobile Home Community

Description: The study focuses on social interaction networks in Vacation Village Estates mobile home community. Analysis involves relevant data from an eleven-item questionnaire obtaining demographic variables and results of fifty-seven participating families' mutual ratings on an Acquaintance Volume Scale, ranging from 5, "very close friend," to 1, "do not know." Specifically examined were two social interaction constellations, reciprocal choices, high-scoring families and isolates. Three hypotheses tested measured greater length of residence, greater similarity of occupations, and greater similarity of religious activity, as relevant to "the greater amount of social interaction." Hypothesis 1, "greater length of residence," tested with correlation coefficient and F score was retained at .05 level of significance. Remaining hypotheses were rejected not achieving significance.
Date: August 1974
Creator: Marcy, Donald Eugene
Partner: UNT Libraries