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An Analysis and Comparison of Infant's Speech with their Mother's Speech

Description: The present study is an investigation of certain aspects of the relationship which exists between the development of language of a child and the speech of his mother. An attempt was made to investigate the evolving speech pattern of the child as he is influenced by the speech patterns of his mother. Can one determine the age at which infants begin to develop speech similar to the speech patterns (intonation, phonemic content, distinctive feature content, place and manner of articulation) of their mother's speech?
Date: August 1969
Creator: Campbell, Bertha Joyce
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Comparison of Certain Test Results of Indivduals Demonstrating a Type I Bekesy Pattern in the Presence of a Sensori-neural Hearing Impairment

Description: The purpose of this study is to determine if significant audio-metric characteristics exist in individuals having cochlear lesions who trace a Bekesy pattern characteristic of individuals with normal hearing or conductive losses.
Date: August 1969
Creator: Carruth, Susan R.
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An Evaluation of Ministerial Speech Training in Meeting the Speech Needs of Ministers in the Fort Worth-Dallas Area

Description: This study attempts to determine whether available ministerial speech training meets the current speech needs of active Protestant ministers by asking: 1. In the opinions of ministers, how comprehensive was their speech training? 2. In active ministers' opinions, what are the current speech needs of ministers? 3. According to the information obtained from school catalogs and the speech departments of the schools from which the ministers graduated, what speech training is available at these institutions? 4. According to a comparison of the speech needs (given by ministers) with the available speech training (indicated by the schools): A. Does the available speech training meet the current speech needs? B. If not, what recommendations are needed?
Date: August 1964
Creator: Evridge, Dorothy J.
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A Comparison of Results of the Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities and Certain Other Tests Used in Evaluating Children with Learning Disabilities

Description: The purpose of this study is to determine whether or not the Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities, including its subtests and total test scores, can be used reliably as predictors of achievement on other tests used in the diagnosis of language disorders in children.
Date: June 1970
Creator: Garvin, Susanne B.
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A Survey of Attitudes of Speech Teachers Toward Peer Evaluation in 4a and 5a High Schools in Texas

Description: Two hundred questionnaires were sent to high school speech teachers in Texas to determine their attitudes toward peer evaluation, a method of critiquing speech class activities. Results indicated that these teachers are familiar with and use peer evaluation and that they do favor it as an evaluation technique. Women used peer evaluation more than men, and teachers with more experience used peer evaluation more than those less experienced. Peer evaluation was used most for speeches and oral interpretation and least for parliamentary procedure. Peer evaluation helps students learn the criteria upon which an oral presentation is evaluated, keeps the students busy, and helps the students become better listeners. Its values outweigh its drawbacks.
Date: August 1982
Creator: Hayslip, Gail D. (Gail Denise)
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The Practice and Procedures of Broadcasting for the Play-by-play Sports Announcer

Description: The problem is twofold. There have been short chapters on sports announcing included in most broadcasting textbooks. These chapters have given a limited, cursory explanation of the preparation necessary for aspiring sportscasters. Secondly, most authors have approached the field from the viewpoint of the researcher. This investigation approaches the problem from the viewpoint of a sports announcer who has started in small market radio and worked his way through to a responsible position in a major broadcasting area.
Date: August 1966
Creator: Mercer, William A.
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The Rhetorical Structure of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

Description: The purpose of this study is to analyze the overall rhetorical structure of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee during 1960-1968. The criteria used in this study were adapted from: Joseph R. Gusfield, "Protest, Reform, and Revolt - A Reader in Social Movements;" Dan F. Hahn and Ruth Gonchar, "Studying in Social Movements: A Rhetorical Methodology;" Kurt Lang and Gladys Lang, "Collective Dynamics;" Leland M. Griffin, "The Rhetoric of Historical Movements;" Herbert W. Simons, "Requirements, Problems, and Strategies: A Theory of Persuasion for Social Movements." Gusfield's definition of a movement as "socially shared activities and beliefs directed toward the demand for change in some aspect of the social order" is utilized. To examine the rhetorical structure, it is necessary to divest it from the complex structural aspects of a movement. Simons' theory of the "grand flow" of a movement's persuasion guided this study. The rhetorical requirements of a movement are introduced in Chapter I. The requirements tend to fall into the following sub-categories: the ideology, the strategy, the goals, the membership, and the leadership. Chapter II is devoted to the setting during which the movement was founded. It includes a brief history of social unrest in civil rights struggles in the United States between the years 1950-1960. Chapter III examines the structure of SNCC based upon the philosophy of love and nonviolence, approximately 1960-1964. Chapter IV examines the structure of SNCC based upon a philosophy of hatred and rejection, approximately 1964-1968. The chapter also includes a postscript discussing SNCCts progressive movement away from the philosophy of nonviolence after 1968.
Date: August 1972
Creator: Michaelis, Daniel J.
Partner: UNT Libraries