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A Readers Theatre Approach to Grief Intervention for the Single-Again Adult

Description: Grief is the reaction to the loss of anything valuable, and therefore both the widowed and the divorced experience the grief process. Research shows that learning about the cyclic stages and symptoms of grief and knowing that others have successfully recovered can be helpful to the griever. The purpose of this thesis has been to develop and produce a compiled Readers Theatre script containing factual material about the stages and symptoms of the grief process as it relates to the widowed and divorced, and also personal testimonies of people who have successfully worked through their grief. In addition to the script, the thesis includes a discussion on pathological grief and on the similarities and differences in widowed and divorced grief.
Date: May 1984
Creator: Stringer, Bobbi Rhe
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Analysis of Mark Twain's Oral Interpretation on the Reading Tour of 1884-1885

Description: This oral interpretation thesis analyzes the influences on Mark Twain's reading, traces his development as an oral interpreter, and studies his techniques for revising selections of his literature to make them more suitable for oral delivery. This study concentrates on Twain's 1884-1885 reading tour with George W. Cable because in that period Twain made his greatest advances as an oral interpreter. The impact that this tour had on Twain's later reading is also analyzed. It was discovered that the interpretation theories developed by Twain are consistent with contemporary theory and practice.
Date: August 1978
Creator: Strong, William F.
Partner: UNT Libraries