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"Project Reformation"

Description: "Project Reformation" presents the process of change Amanda and Robert Bowen went through as they came to recognize Holy Spirit, the part of Trinity that was sent after the death of Jesus (John 15:26). The documentary combines various filming techniques such as observational footage, reenactments, interviews, and CGI to convey the story. This film captures the walk Robert and Amanda took as they re-examine their past, progressing through a series of supernatural encounters into a recognition of purpose and plan behind the events and experiences. While looking back on this journey, the director seeks to reveal the truth that Holy Spirit is in fact "alive and well," and walks with individuals in their daily lives by sharing how the "gifts" of miracles, healing, visions and prophecy are active even in today's age. In addition, the director desires to reveal the specific message this couple has received through this process: Not to only recognize Holy Spirit, but to reveal the "why" He is now making Himself known in these ways when many would say He has been silent for at least a generation: For reconciliation and restoration, leading to Reformation through Spiritual Healing in Family Ties (Reformation.SHIFT).
Date: August 2016
Creator: Bowen, Robert G
Partner: UNT Libraries

"Black Reparations Film Project: Descendants of Slavery and Institutional Racism"

Description: Black Reparations Film Project: Descendants of Slavery and Institutional Racism is a character driven film that sheds light on the consequences of slavery in the U.S. Through a personal narrative, the viewer comes to understand how these consequences support the argument for slavery reparations. The purpose of the film is to bridge the generational gap in awareness of reparation history. The film can be used to enlighten young Americans of all ethnicities to encourage them to find their purpose in this country, help build better race relations, and work towards building a true democracy.
Date: August 2016
Creator: Hodge, Tuarean M
Partner: UNT Libraries

Miz Markley

Description: Lisa Markley, a.k.a. "Miz Markley", is a genuinely happy person even if she is not particularly financially successful as a musician. In an effort to validate my own choices as an artist, I chose to follow her. What was intended to be a portrait of a working musician, becomes instead a feminist musical essay film about the transformative power of art making.
Date: May 2016
Creator: Vance, Sharie
Partner: UNT Libraries