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Color Concepts for the Art Student

Description: The problem of this study is to determine the degree to which color concepts should be taught to the art student. There is a survey of the awareness of color through art history, the introduction of certain historical and recent information in the fields of physics, physiology, and psychology in relation to color and the art student, a review of the symbolic nature of color, an examination of the development of color notation or theories utilized by art students, and an attempt to integrate color more fully with the other art elements.
Date: December 1983
Creator: Adams, Donna Finch
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Heart Rate as an Index of Student Cognitive Activity in a Classroom

Description: The purpose of this study was to test the Lacey hypothesis of cardiac behavior patterns for possible use as a measure of attentiveness in a classroom where experimental variables were not controlled. Lacey's hypothesis predicted cardiac deceleration with instances of information-intake and cardiac acceleration with instances of information-processing. Third grade students in a self-contained classroom were telemetrically monitored for heart rate during reading group activities. Based on cardiac behavior, taking verbal instructions and reading aloud were improperly classified. Verbal instructions produced a mean acceleratory response instead of the predicted deceleration. Reading aloud produced a weak mean deceleratory response instead of the anticipated acceleration. The other events within the intake category and the processing category, respectively, adhered to the predicted directional responses despite their statistical nonsignificance. The methodology proved sensitive to events following the momentary state of information-handling by the individual. It was proposed that averaging of data led to loss of individual sensitivity to reading group events. Individual student attentiveness to different events may be yet studied via this objective technique.
Date: August 1980
Creator: Agnew, Robert L.
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Effects of a Leisure Education Program Upon Expressed Attitudes Towards Recreation and Delinquency for Institutionalized Adolescents

Description: The social problem of juvenile delinquency and treatment efforts to alleviate this problem are introduced in this study. Literature related to theories on delinquency, institutional treatment, the role of recreation in correctional settings, and leisure education is reviewed and summarized. A basis for a leisure theory on delinquency is presented, suggesting delinquent behaviors are socially unacceptable leisure pursuits. Implications include efforts to replace delinquent behaviors with socially acceptable leisure pursuits (i.e. recreation).
Date: May 1985
Creator: Aguilar, Teresita E. (Teresita Elena)
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Satisfaction with College Among Selected Groups of International Students

Description: The purpose of this study was twofold. The first purpose was to identify and determine the degree of satisfaction experienced by selected groups of international students at North Texas State University in Denton, Texas. The second purpose was to analyze and interpret the data collected in relation to selected demographic variables. The following hypotheses were devised to guide the interpretation of the data findings. 1. There will be a significant difference in the degree of satisfaction with university administration among the three selected groups of N.T.S.U. international students. 2. There will be a significant difference in the degree of satisfaction with university faculty among the three selected groups of N.T.S.U. international students. 3. There will be a significant difference in the degree of satisfaction with fellow students among the three selected groups of N.T.S.U. international students.
Date: December 1984
Creator: Ahmed, Marwa Kamel
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The Use of Selected Aptitude Test Scores for Predicting Achievement in Modern Foreign Languages at North Texas State University

Description: The problem of this study was to determine the value of certain selected aptitude test scores for predicting student achievement in Spanish, French, and German at North Texas State University. Particular emphasis was placed on freshmen enrolled in beginning courses.
Date: August 1971
Creator: Akins, Dolores C.
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The Effects of an Attribution Based Therapeutic Recreation Program on the Perceived Freedom in Leisure of Spinal Cord Injury Patients

Description: Forty spinal cord injury (SCI) patients were studied in order to determine the effects of an attribution based therapeutic recreation program on their perception of freedom in leisure. Perception of freedom in leisure of SCI patients was measured by a seventy-two item scale. This scale was translated into Spanish, adapted, revised, validated, and tested for reliability. The reliability of the Spanish Version of the scale was very similar to the English Version of the scale.
Date: August 1984
Creator: Albarrán, Miguel A. (Miguel Angel)
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A Comparison of the Effectiveness of the Intensive and Concurrent Scheduling Plans for Teaching First-Semester English Composition in the Community College

Description: The purpose of this study was to observe the differences in English achievement, critical-thinking ability, and attitude toward subject attributable to two scheduling approaches -- "Concurrent" and "Intensive"--in the teaching of first-semester freshman English composition to community college students. Further, the study was initiated in order to provide factual information as a basis for administrative and instructional judgments affecting future planning for accelerated scheduling at the experimental institution. Two classes of first-semester freshman English composition, meeting three hours weekly for fifteen weeks, comprised the control group (Concurrent); two classes of first-semester freshman English composition, meeting nine hours weekly for five weeks, comprised the experimental group (Intensive). The same form of three criterion instruments was administered to both groups before and after the experimental treatment. The instruments were the Cooperative English Expression Test, the Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal, and the Purdue Attitude Scale, Part A -- Attitude Toward Any Subject. Three instructors were involved in the experiment during the fall and spring semesters of the 1973-74 school year. Conventional methods of instruction, using the same course of study, were duplicated in all situations. Statistical analyses utilized in the study were analysis of covariance and multiple linear regression. It was felt that Intensive scheduling was superior to Concurrent as a means of promoting student-faculty harmony. Also, the frustrations experienced within the traditional classroom situation could be lessened by granting greater freedom from the constraints of hourly schedules and competing classes. With tensions reduced, English proficiency could be increased. Acting upon these suppositions, three hypotheses--related to each of the criterion measures-- were formulated. All hypotheses stated that the adjusted post-test scores for the experimental groups would be significantly greater than the adjusted post-test scores for the control groups. The results of the experiment, however, showed no significant difference for any of the hypotheses ...
Date: August 1974
Creator: Allen, Floyd A.
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A Survey of Speech Programs in the Public Community Colleges in the State of Texas

Description: This study is a survey of public community college speech programs in Texas. An investigation of the literature revealed that only three similar studies had been made concerning Texas junior colleges. Chapter Four concludes the study by reviewing the current status of public community college speech programs in Texas and making recommendations for the improvement of these speech programs.
Date: December 1979
Creator: Anderson, Johnny R.
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The Relationship Between Student Evaluation of Instruction and Selected Predictors

Description: The study attempted to determine the relationship between student evaluation of instruction and institutional performance ratings with the following predictors: faculty job satisfaction, faculty attitudes toward the evaluation process, faculty attitudes toward factors associated with the evaluation process, and faculty characteristics.
Date: December 1992
Creator: Anderson, S. Eric (Steven Eric)
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Attitudes of Selected Authorities Toward Policy Statements Relative to School-Municipal Recreation Cooperation

Description: This study seeks to determine the attitudes of public school and municipal recreation authorities in the state of Texas with respect to policies pertaining to the joint acquisition, planning and development, and use of school areas and facilities for school and recreational use. This study has a twofold purpose. The first is to determine the attitudes of selected public school and municipal recreation authorities toward certain policy statements pertaining to the joint acquisition, planning and development, and use of public school areas and facilities for school and recreational use. The second is to develop guidelines for public school and municipal recreation authorities for the resolution of possible conflicts.
Date: August 1973
Creator: Atkinson, Ralph Henry, 1933-
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Recreation Program Participation by Older Adults: Its Relationship to Perceived Freedom in Leisure and Life Satisfaction

Description: This study examined the contribution of several variables to the prediction of perceived freedom in leisure (PFL) and life satisfaction in older adults. Demographic, health and socioeconomic variables were compared with participation in recreation programs, church involvement and PFL. Church involvement was viewed as a leisure activity rather than a measure of religiosity. The survey instrument incorporated all these variables and was pretested and revised before use in the study. The sample consisted of 198 persons 60 years of age and older who were members of two Southern Baptist churches. Subjects were randomly selected, but persons considered by church staff members to be incapable of completing the survey were eliminated. Surveys were hand delivered and picked up by volunteer workers, and a 38 percent return rate was obtained. Alpha reliability for the church involvement, PFL and life satisfaction scales in the instrument were .87, .94, and .77, respectively. Frequency counts and percentages or means and standard deviations were calculated for the demographic variables. Subjects were categorized by level of involvement in church and community recreation programs. Persons involved in community but not church recreation programs were underrepresented in the sample. A selective sampling procedure was utilized to obtain more respondents in this category, but the data from these individuals were analyzed separately. Stepwise multiple regression analyses were utilized to ascertain the impact of different variables upon PFL and life satisfaction. Three predictors of PFL emerged— participation in recreation programs, church involvement and satisfaction with health. Correlations between these variables and life satisfaction were consistent with the findings in the literature. Inclusion of church involvement, participation in recreation programs and, for the life satisfaction analysis, PFL raised the percentage of variance explained. Thus, greater predictive power emerged using these variables than when only demographic, health and socioeconomic variables were included.
Date: December 1985
Creator: Baack, Sharon Ann
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The Effect of Using Class Discussion as a Pre-Writing Activity in Teaching Composition to ESL Students

Description: This study examines the effect of class discussion as a pre-writing activity on actual writing performance. The experiment was conducted with all the Level 3 and Level 4 students enrolled in the Intensive English Language Institute of North Texas State University in the Spring, 1986 semester. Cochrans C test was performed to test significant differences between groups at the beginning of this test. Multivariate analysis of variance tests were used to determine the treatment effect between and within groups, and a matched t-test was also utilized to analyze the difference within tests. Pearson product moment correlation coefficient was calculated to determine the relationship between the discussion activity score and the actual writing score. Analysis of covariance tests were used to determine which variance of discussion activities had greater effect on the actual writing score.
Date: December 1986
Creator: Bang, Hwa-Ja Park
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Graduate Students' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of a Two-Way Audio/Video Distance Learning Session and of Its Effects on Graduate Students' Comfort Level

Description: The purposes of this study were to (a) determine graduate students' perceptions of the effectiveness of the delivery system and their level of comfort with the delivery system, (b) determine graduate students' perceptions of the effectiveness of the delivery system and their level of comfort with the teacher, (c) determine graduate students' level of comfort with the delivery system and their level of comfort with the teacher, (d) determine differences in graduate students' ratings of the effectiveness of the delivery system before a distance education session and after a distance education session, and (e) determine differences in graduate students' level of comfort with the teacher before a distance education session and after a distance education session.
Date: December 1995
Creator: Bangpipob, Savanee
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The Utilization of Shorthand by Secretaries in Large Businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area with Implications for Instruction in Business Education at the Collegiate Level

Description: The problem of the study was to determine the implications for the collegiate secretarial curriculum based on the need for and use of shorthand by secretaries employed by large businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The purposes of the study were to determine if colleges are justified in offering manual shorthand within their curriculum with the rapid growth of automation in the business world today. It was also the purpose of the study to determine if there was a demand for secretaries with the skill of manual shorthand in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Shorthand was found to be important for recording telephone messages, notes, and instructions, as indicated by the majority of the secretaries.
Date: August 1980
Creator: Barnes, Cynthia C.
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Selected Research Studies and Professional Literature Dealing with Physiological, Socioeconomic, Psychological, and Cultural Differences Between Black and White Males with Reference to the Performance of Athletic Skills

Description: This study was designed to accomplish an in-depth examination and documentary analysis of professional literature and scientific studies in order to identify and synthesize reported physiological, socioeconomic, psychological , and cultural differences between American black and white male athletes in the performance of selected athletic skills. The following major conclusions seem justifiable from the data which has been reported: 1) Physical differences impede or enhance athletic performance in certain athletic activities. 2) Social elements influences the choice and extent to which both races are involved in athletics. 3) Black male athletes have equal or stronger control of their emotions than white male athletes. 4) Culture and environment affect the development of traits in both races which contribute to their success in selected athletic skills. 5) How athletic skills are acquired accounts for the success both races experience in selected athletic skills. 6) A positive relationship exists between education and vocational aspiration and athletic success for white male athletes, but athletic success has independent consequences for facilitating higher levels of education for black male athletes. 7) black male athletes perform more successfully in reactive activities and white male athletes perform more skillfully in self-paces athletic activities.
Date: May 1980
Creator: Bayless, Vaurice G.
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The Effects of Spouse Presence During Graded Exercise Testing on Psychological and Physiological Parameters in Cardiac Patients and Healthy Adults

Description: The direct effect of spouse presence during graded exercise testing on anxiety and performance has not been previously delineated. Therefore, the purposes of this study were to (a) ascertain if spouse presence during graded exercise testing affects state anxiety or physiological performance variables, and (b) determine differences in psychological status between cardiac patients and healthy adults.
Date: August 1987
Creator: Baylor, Krissa A.
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The Effects of Two Different Types of Background Music on Bowling Scores and Attitudes

Description: The problem with which this investigation was concerned was that of determining the value of the use of musical accompaniment while bowling. This study analyzed the effects of two different types of background music, played at the same decibel level, on the bowling scores and attitudes of college students enrolled in bowling classes at a state university.
Date: August 1981
Creator: Beasley, Tom S. (Tom Sherman)
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A Comparison of Academic Stress Experienced by Students at an Urban Community College and an Urban University

Description: The present study compared the academic stress levels of 450 college sophomore students at a public university and a public two-year college. This investigation also explored the levels of academic stress by institutional type, age, gender, and ethnicity. Data were obtained from having the subjects complete the Academic Stress Scale, a questionnaire which lists thirty five stress items found in the college classroom. Analysis of variance and t-tests were used to analyze the data. There were 225 subjects each in the community college group and the university group. The university group had a statistically significant higher mean stress score than the community college group. 294 traditional age (23 and younger) and 156 nontraditional age (24 and over) subjects stress levels were compared. It was found that the traditional age college student group experienced a statistically significant higher academic stress level in both academic settings. Group means were compared between the stress scores of 245 female and 205 male subjects. At both the community college and university levels, the female group had a statistically significant higher level of academic stress. The academic stress levels were also compared according to ethnicity. The minority group consisted of 104 subjects and 346 subjects comprised the non-minority group. At the community college, the minority group had a statistically significant higher level of academic stress. However, at the university level, there was no statistically significant difference by ethnicity. Examinations, final grades, term papers, homework, and studying for examinations were ranked as being stressful by the largest percentage of all the subjects. It was found in this study that levels of academic stress differ significantly by institutional type, age, gender, and ethnicity. Implications for college students, instructors, and administrators , based on this study's conclusions, are offered.
Date: May 1997
Creator: Benson, Larry G. (Larry Glen)
Partner: UNT Libraries

Major Spelling Deficiencies Among Collegiate Business Students

Description: The problem of this study was an analysis of major spelling deficiencies among collegiate business students. The purposes were as follows: (1) to develop a diagnostic instrument that will measure spelling deficiencies; and (2) to make recommendations regarding the preparation of materials that will assist students in overcoming these deficiencies. Written assignments prepared by collegiate Business Communication students were examined for spelling errors. Errors were then classified into the following categories: (1) words with "ie" and "ei" ; (2) final "e"; (3) final consonant rule; (4) final "y"; (5) confusion over vowel sounds; (6) pronunciation problems; (7) sound-alikes; (8) plurals; (9) apostrophes; (10) omissions; (11) additions and repetitions; (12) substitutions; (13) demons; and (14) miscellaneous. Percentages of total errors served as a guideline for preparation of a Table of Specifications, and a Spelling Diagnostic Test was developed. Validity of the instrument was determined by a panel of experts. The test was then administered to 214 collegiate business students, and a reliability coefficient of .83 was determined using the split-half method.
Date: August 1985
Creator: Benson, Melba W.
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Origin and Development of Henderson State College

Description: The problem of this study is to present a complete historical record of Henderson State College, Arkadelphia, Arkansas, from 1890 to 1970. The sources of data included public records, legislative acts, court decisions, reports, catalogues, bulletins, periodicals, newspapers, letters, minutes, yearbooks, files, official records, interviews, and histories of public education and higher education in the United States. Standard methods of historical research were employed in examining 'materials.. pertinent to the study.
Date: December 1973
Creator: Bledsoe, Bennie Gene, 1917-
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A Study of the Cultural Interaction Between Thai Students and North Texas State University

Description: Because international students are an increasingly significant aspect in American colleges and universities and on the North Texas State University campus in particular, this study was undertaken to explore the intercultural clash which Thai students at North Texas State University experience. Twenty-two Thai students were interviewed in depth using the oral history method. Ten faculty and administrators who work with international students were interviewed concerning their observations of Thai students. The information gleaned from these thirty-two interviews and from an examination of the basic socio-cultural differences between Thailand and the United States resulted in the isolation of the following basic difficulties. 1. Thais do not have command of written and oral English. 2. Americans do not have an appreciation of foreigners and lack tolerance in everyday exchanges with them. 3. Thais avoid becoming involved in American society. 4. Thais are not efficiently prepared for the American classroom. 5. American instructors do not appear prepared to handle the problems of Thai students. The study also developed a number of suggested solutions: 1. Raise the consciousness of Americans concerning Thai students; 2. Provide more effective ways of improving oral and listening skills in the English proficiency of Thai students beginning with American-directed programs in Thailand and including a revamping of the Intensive English Language Institute; 3. Provide studies in American culture for Thai students which would require them to become acquainted with this society; 4. Develop in Americans an appreciation of foreign culture and an international awareness; perhaps even a formal international cultures program should be initiated; 5. Involve Thai students with Americans in crosscultural activities: encourage membership in campus organizations, invite them to speak at civic and educational occasions, develop the host family program; 6. Provide effective services for Thai students especially through the International Office; and 7. Set tuition and ...
Date: December 1986
Creator: Bohlcke, Diane
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Quasi-Experimental Study of the Differential Impact of a Set of Informational Delivery Systems on Student Understanding of Elementary Economic Concepts

Description: The problem with which this investigation is concerned is that of determining the differential impact of informational delivery systems T1 (games and simulations), T2 (closed-circuit television), T3 (programmed learning), and T4 (standard lecture and discussion) on student understanding of elementary economic concepts as measured by the Test of Understanding in College Economics. In addition, the study seeks to determine whether a significant relationship exists between students' revealed preferences for specific informational delivery systems and increased economic understanding, and whether a significant relationship exists between students' evaluation of specific informational delivery systems as most effective in preparation for class examinations and increased economic understanding.
Date: December 1973
Creator: Bonds, Marianne
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Ability of Selected Economically Disadvantaged Black Children to Comprehend the Non-Identity Requirement of Pronominalization

Description: The problem with which this investigation is concerned is that of determining the ability of economically disadvantaged black children to comprehend a specific grammatical operation, the non-identity requirement of pronominalization. In addition, the study is also concerned with describing selected characteristics of the language of the subjects in the study through the utilization of a task of imitation. The subjects of the study were forty-eight black children who were between the ages of four and ten years. All subjects were from families in which the natural parents were living together in the same household. The parents and children were native residents of the area and were recipients of federal welfare aid. None of the subjects in the study had histories of physiological, psychological, neurological, or auditory problems, and none were presently enrolled in rehabilitative language programs. A general estimate of intelligence was provided by the administration of the Columbia Mental Maturity Scale.
Date: December 1973
Creator: Bountress, Nicholas George
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Utilization of U.S. Higher Education and Training by Foreign Naval Officers

Description: The problem with which this study is concerned is the degree of utilization by foreign officers, who were selected for the United States International Military Education and Training Program (IMET), to train their fellow navy officers and men upon returning to their home countries. The purposes of this study are (1) to identify and evaluate methods that may be used to monitor and verify that the American training of foreign officers is being used as intended by Congress; (2) to examine the subsequent impact of such training on indigenous educational and training capabilities; (3) to examine the methods used to select the officers to be included m the IMET program; and (4) to examine funding allocations for IMET to discover if a rational budgeting process exists.
Date: August 1984
Creator: Bowling, Weldon James
Partner: UNT Libraries