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A Comparative Study of the Trends of Comedy and Non-Comedy Television Genres and the Public's Attitudes Toward Economic Well-Being, According to a Survey of Gallup Polls, During a Thirty-Year Period from 1955- 1984

Description: This study is concerned with the problem of whether the public's attitudes toward economic well-being could be compared with the types of television programs made popular over a thirty-year period. Two measures were used to determine the public's attitudes toward economic well-being: 1) answers to questions of an economic nature; and 2) answers to questions that asked what was the most important problem. All data were compiled from Gallup polls administered during 1955 through 1984. The television genre data were compiled from sources by Brooks and Marsh, McNeil and Norback and Broadcasting magazine. No association existed among the three measures.
Date: August 1986
Creator: Millard, Mary J. (Mary Jennifer)
Partner: UNT Libraries