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A Comparison of the Reporting of International News in Two Algerian and Two United States Daily Newspapers

Description: This study was concerned with determining how the Algerian dailies, El Moudjahid, and El Djomhouria, and the United States dailies, The New York Times and The Christian Science Monitor, which function in two different press systems, compare in reporting international news in terms of type and tension. This study concludes that the four dailies are similar in type of news; they report more news than editorials, more straight news than in-depth reports, more news of elites than common people, and more news from the Third World than from the Western World or the socialist bloc, and they differ in tension in that the tension within international news was higher in the two United States dailies than in the two Algerian dailies.
Date: December 1980
Creator: Abderrahmane, Azzi
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Nigerian Military Government and Press Freedom, 1966-79

Description: The problem of this thesis is to examine the military-press relationship in Nigeria from 1966 to 1979 and to determine whether activities of the military government contributed to violation of press freedom by prior restraint, postpublication censorship and penalization. Newspaper and magazine articles related to this study were analyzed. Interviews with some journalists and military personnel were also conducted. Materials collected show that the military violated some aspects of press freedom, but in most cases, however, journalists were free to criticize government activities. The judiciary prevented the military from arbitrarily using its power against the press. The findings show that although the military occasionally attempted suppressing the press, there are few instances that prove that journalists were denied press freedom.
Date: May 1984
Creator: Agboaye, Ehikioya
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Analysis and Evaluation of the Role of Public Relations in Leasing Dallas Petroleum Center

Description: The problem in this study was to discover if the public relations program of the Dallas Petroleum Center was useful in leasing and if the program played a significant role in a leasing increase. The study was carried out by describing the development of the building project, by analyzing the planning and execution of the public relations program, by testing the program's effectiveness, and by drawing conclusions about the program and by making recommendations for this specific program and for office leasing in general. The effectiveness of the program was tested by questionnaires and interviews. The public relations program proved to be an effective tool in leasing office space; and a similar program was recommended for other buildings.
Date: May 1977
Creator: Ainsworth, Doris Stewart
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A Comparison of Staff Organization and Employment Opportunities of Dallas Business-Papers and Company Publications

Description: This study compares the staff structures and the employment opportunities of Dallas area businesspapers and company publications. The study has five main purposes. They are (1) to examine the staff organization of various Dallas area business publications, (2) to examine the job roles and responsibilities within each type of publication, (3) to determine the education requirements for employees, (4) to determine the experience requirements for employees, and (5) to evaluate business and industrial journalism as a career choice for journalism graduates in the Dallas area.
Date: August 1973
Creator: Akins, Linda G.
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Corporate Propaganda Analysis: a Case Study of Nike, Inc.

Description: This study seeks to show how Nike, Inc. has effectively followed a strategy to increase the sale of its products that can be characterized as propaganda. Regarding method, this is a qualitative study which applied the propaganda analysis plan developed by Jowett & O'Donnell (1992) to examine and describe (1) Nike's ideology, (2) corporate structure and culture, (3) purpose, (4) targeted audiences, (5) the dissemination of the propaganda, (6) techniques for increasing its effectiveness, (7) existing counterpropaganda and contradictions, and (8) the effectiveness of the campaign. The study provides evidence that Nike engages in propaganda through an organized, systematic, and deliberate attempt to influence the beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, and actions of specific audiences for the purpose of accomplishing fixed objectives.
Date: December 1998
Creator: Anderson, Christian S. (Christian Spencer)
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The Effects of an Informational Briefing on the Attitudes of Certain High School Seniors in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area Toward the Air Force ROTC Training Program

Description: This study was a simple "before" and "after" attitude measurement experiment using an experimental group and a control group. The attitude measurements were made before and after the subjects in the experimental group were presented an informational briefing about the Air Force ROTC training program. Both the experimental group and the control group were subject to exposure to the Air Force mass communication advertising during the two-month study period. The results indicate that the increased knowledge gained by the experimental group through its exposure to the informational briefing caused a negative change of attitude within the group. However, the control group had no significant change of attitude during the study period even though more than 87 percent of those subjects were exposed to some form of Air Force advertising.
Date: May 1974
Creator: Andrews, Robert Glenn
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A Critical Evaluation of the Image Texas Baptists Have of Their Eight Colleges and Universities

Description: The problem undertaken in this study was an attempt to discover the image Texas Baptists have of their eight colleges and universities, and to recommend steps to ensure a positive image. The two methods used to determine the image was a questionnaire distributed through a weekly newsmagazine, the Baptist Standard, and telephone interviews. From the study it was concluded that Texas Baptists have a positive image of their eight colleges and universities and rely on the Baptist Standard for their information. The major strength of the eight colleges and universities is the spiritual emphasis, and the major weakness is the high cost of attending a private college or university.
Date: August 1985
Creator: Armstrong, Jerilynn W. (Jerilynn Wood)
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A Content Survey of Ten Suburban Newspapers in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Description: This study compares the May, 1974 and May, 1975 editions of suburban daily newspapers in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The purposes of the study were to determine how, when, and why suburban daily newspapers in the metroplex altered their editorial content and to evaluate the effects of the changes on circulation. The thesis is organized into four chapters. Chapter I introduces the study. Chapter II gives a historical overview. Chapter III analyzes the data. Chapter IV contains some conclusions. Some conclusions that emerged from this study include: 1. Suburban newspapers have small editorial staf fs. 2. Eight of the newspapers altered their content. 3. The changes helped them maintain or increase their circulation. 4. All of the editors responding to the questionnaire said that local news and sports are their primary goals.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Arnold, Thomas B.
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The Oak Cliff Tribune Under the Leadership of Ray Zauber

Description: This study evaluates the influence of The Oak Cliff Tribune under the leadership of Ray Zauber, from late 1946 to August, 1978. The study shows the contributions of The Oak Cliff Tribune for the area, its influence within the community and with community leaders, and determines what gives the paper its particular character. The study traces the history and development of the newspaper in four periods, 1903-1946, 1946-1959, 1959-1969, and 1969-1978; and concludes that The Oak Cliff Tribune has had a great effect on the development of Oak Cliff. The sources of data for this study include community leaders, current and former employees of The Oak Cliff Tribune, Ray Zauber, and the newspaper itself.
Date: August 1980
Creator: Babb, Judith Killen
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Martin Luther: Mass Communicator and Propagandist

Description: This study presents a picture of Martin Luther as a pioneer in mass communications. The text is divided into four sections and the conclusion; Martin Luther: man and his world, Luther and the German printing press, propaganda devices in Luther's Primary Reformation Treatises of 1520, and, propaganda and mass communications in Luther's liturgical reforms, religious broadsides, and preaching. The final remarks pertain to Luther's effect upon the reordering of society in the Western world.
Date: August 1974
Creator: Batts, James Harold
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Still on the Sidelines: the Female Experience in Sports Media

Description: This qualitative study aims to analyze the lived reality of women working in sports media today. Through systematic analysis of 12 in-depth interviews, the findings of this study suggest that the adoption of technological advancements in news media and all associated outlets have created a leveling effect for women due to the demand for highly skilled individuals who can handle the digital demand of modern news production. This study suggests that longtime gender disparities in sports media are experiencing a bit of a reprieve due to the massive digital audience and the need for professionals who can deliver information quickly and efficiently and with accuracy. However, the persistent symbolic annihilation of women as well as hegemonic hiring practices that emphasize aesthetic appeal have created a difficult path for women to move off the sidelines and into roles with more creative and analytical breadth, even with a rapidly increasing demand for jobs in the media industry.
Date: December 2014
Creator: Blankenship, Sara K.
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Constructed Images: The Influences of News Organizations and Socialization in Photojournalism

Description: Media sociologists have produced much research on the systems of production of media content. Photojournalism, however, largely has been ignored in these studies. This paper presents the findings of an ethnographic study of work routines and photojournalism practices at three newspapers. The study explored the extent to which routines and practices are affected by professional norms and values and organizational needs and beliefs. The study also explored how these factors influence the content and aesthetic qualities of newspaper photographs. Findings suggest that photo editors and photojournalists operate under many of the same constraints as other media workers. The findings also show that photojournalists are socialized to newspapers. expectations by fellow photographers and photo editors. To gauge professional accomplishments, photojournalists rely on peers, professional organizations and competitions.
Date: December 2001
Creator: Bolack, Michell
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Public Relations at the Dr. Pepper Company

Description: The problem of this study was to examine the community, stockholder, and consumer public relations of the Dr Pepper Company. The data were collected by an examination of the major areas in Dr Pepper's public relations department. Detailed questionnaires were used in interviewing the department's head, Harry Ellis, and his assistant, Jim Ball. Follow-up interviews clarified Ball's and Ellis's responses to the questionnaires. Chapter I introduces the thesis. Chapter II presents information about Dr Pepper's consumer relations, Chapter III presents data about stockholder relations, and Chapter IV presents information about community relations. Chapter V summarizes the study and makes conclusions and recommendations. Dr Pepper's overriding weakness was the lack of pre- or post-testing of its public relations efforts; and its strengths are that it has never been accused of doing misleading advertising and it labels its products so that the consumer knows its content. The recommendation was made to expand and departmentalize the public relations operation.
Date: May 1974
Creator: Bux, Robert Michael
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A Study of the Attitudes of Journalism Students in Dallas High Schools Toward Journalism Careers

Description: The purpose of this study was to examine the attitudes of journalism students in Dallas high schools toward the meanings and images of journalism careers. Eleven out of eighteen Dallas high schools participated. A total of 211 respondents, 145 females and 66 males, completed the questionnaire. The first part of the analysis involved the comparison through percentage tables illustrating the similarities and differences of the groups. The second part of the analysis involved the semantic differential scales and the mean profile comparisons for the groups. Although the seven branches of journalism did differ significantly from one another, the male and female subjects did not differ significantly in their meanings of the concepts.
Date: December 1976
Creator: Cates, Judy M.
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A Study of Sun Yat-sen's Propaganda Activities and Techniques in the United States During China's Revolutionary Period (1894-1911)

Description: Sun Yat-sen used six propaganda techniques in the United States to help overthrow the Ching Dynasty in 1911: (a) individual propaganda to gain supporters through personal contact and individual persuasion; (b) propaganda of deed to solicit donations and to mobilize his supporters for military actions; (c) travel propaganda to broaden the base of revolutionary support; (d) newspaper propaganda to publicize and explain his revolutionary program; (e) debate propaganda to refute antirevolutionary criticism through speeches and pamphlets; and (f) missionary propaganda to seek sympathy and support from American missionaries and Christians.
Date: December 1981
Creator: Chao, Nang-yung
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Images of Eight Branches of Journalism Perceived by Journalism Students at North Texas State University

Description: The purpose of this study was to specify quantitatively the meanings and images of eight branches of journalism as perceived by a selected group of college students majoring in journalism. The problem of this study was to identify the locations of these meanings, using a semantic differential, as points in a three-dimensional semantic space consisting of evaluation, potency, and activity dimensions. The study was also designed to test two hypotheses. Hypothesis One was that there would be a significant difference between the male and female groups in their perception of the same concept about a journalism branch. Hypothesis Two was that there would be a significant difference between two concepts perceived by the members of the same sex group.
Date: August 1973
Creator: Choo, Kwang Yung
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Attitudes of Foreign Students at North Texas State University Toward American Advertising

Description: The problem of this study was to determine whether any relationship existed between foreign students' cultural and economic backgrounds and their attitudes toward American advertising and advertising media. The major findings of this study were that foreign students had a slightly favorable attitude toward American advertising and spent a great deal of time with American mass media. The stage of economic development of foreign students' home countries and the length of time foreign students stayed in the United States were powerful group predictors of their attitudes toward American advertising.
Date: August 1980
Creator: Chung, O-Jeeru
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A Study of the Professional and Educational Backgrounds of the Photography Teachers in the Texas Secondary Schools

Description: To determine professional and educational backgrounds of photography teachers in Texas secondary schools, a questionnaire was sent to all eighty-seven. Sixty-five responded. The study found that the majority (a) were not certified to teach industrial arts as required by the state; (b) taught only three classes of photography; (c) did not handle publication photography; (d) had less than the required twelve hours of photography education; (e) had some professional experience; and (f) planned to continue their photography education although their school systems did not require it. The study (a) concluded that students receive a basic, technical education in photography, but the program suffers from lack of money and administrative support; (b) recommended that the state agency reevaluate its approach to and implementation of the program.
Date: August 1978
Creator: Cloer, Theresa Udd
Partner: UNT Libraries

Dallas Morning News Editorial Cartoonists: Influences of John Knott on Jack "Herc" Ficklen and William McClanahan

Description: This problem's investigation deals with gauging the artistic influence, if any, pioneer editorial cartoonist John Knott had on his successors, Ficklen and McClanahan. Information was gathered through interviews and the pages of the Dallas Morning News. Organization is as follows: introduction, biography and art of Knott, biography and art of Ficklen, biography and art of McClanahan, summary and conclusion. The study found minimal artistic influence by Knott on the cartoons of Ficklen and McClanahan. Compared to Knott, Ficklen and McClanahan had different art backgrounds, cartoon styles, personal and political beliefs. Knott's successors admired different artists, drew during a different editorial page emphasis and had more freedom in cartoon selection than Knott did. Neither Ficklen nor McClanahan listed Knott as an artistic influence.
Date: August 1978
Creator: Darden, Robert F.
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Exposure to and Attitudes Toward the Mass Media of Students at Sam Houston High School

Description: This study was concerned with determining the amount of exposure high school students have to mass media and their attitudes toward news. The purposes of this study were to find how much time high school students devote to newspapers, radio, television, and magazines for entertainment and information, to discover which publications or channels students are most interested in and why; to find out specifically what young people read, listen to, and watch; to discover how most of them get their news information; and to determine positive and negative feelings toward media news.
Date: August 1973
Creator: Davis, Lina Jean
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Independent Candidate, Campaign '80: A Content Analysis of the Coverage of John B. Anderson in Three News Magazines

Description: This study seeks to determine, through content analysis, whether there was evidence in news magazines during the 1980 presidential campaign to support the claim that Anderson was a "media-created candidate." Studying weekly issues of Time, Newsweek, and U. S. News & World Report from April 28, 1980 through November 3, 1980, it was found that (a) Anderson received 17 per cent of the total campaign coverage, compared to Reagan's 42 per cent and Carter's 37 per cent, and (b) overall, Anderson's coverage was mildly negative in all magazines. The study concludes that rather than "creating" Anderson, news magazines may have undercut his viability by restricting the length and number of stories about him.
Date: May 1982
Creator: Deahl, Maureen E.
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An Examination and Evaluation of the Role of Public Relations in Neiman-Marcus Fortnights

Description: This study examines the organization, function, and role of public relations in Neiman-Marcus Fortnights. Fortnight is an annual October extravaganza combining cultural and community education with merchandising. Information was gathered by interviews with three people associated with Fortnight public relations. The public relations department follows general goals in planning Fortnight public relations activities. Audiences are not restricted. Public relations responsibilities are publicity, press relations, guest relations, community relations, and special events. Evaluations are made with respect to public relations activities of the previous Fortnight. Though public relations is of secondary importance to merchandising, the effectiveness of Fortnight activities would be improved with established objectives, specific audiences, and a formal means of evaluation.
Date: May 1983
Creator: Falgout, Paula O'Reagan
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An Analysis of Methods of Promoting Country Music Records in the Atlanta, Georgia Area

Description: This study examined promoting recorded country music from Atlanta, Georgia, and explored why Atlanta is important in this field. It was learned, through interviews, that promoters wanted radio airplay and top trade publication chart ratings. Radio station program directors decided upon playlists from reading trade publications, efforts by record promoters, listener requests and focus groups, and from reported sales. Stores used album and poster displays, charts, and played music for promotion. The business is one of personalities and experience, as much as product promoted. Large conglomerates are fast changing it.
Date: May 1986
Creator: Fogel, Betty Cruikshank
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The History of the Arlington Citizen-Journal

Description: This study was conducted to detail the history of The Arlington Citizen-Journal newspaper and its editors and the effect of an active newspaper on the orderly growth of a town. The Arlington Citizen-Journal evolved from a merger of two Arlington weekly newspapers, The Arlington Journal and The Arlington Citizen, which for more than fifty years reported Arlington happenings. The study includes historical information about the city, its people, and its institutions, and direct quotations of both editorial comment and news reports of Arlington events and people. It was found that throughout the years of Arlington's rapid growth, The Citizen-Journal was a vital force behind its citizens.
Date: August 1977
Creator: Forehand, Phyllis Hargrave
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