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The Analysis of the Accumulation of Type II Error in Multiple Comparisons for Specified Levels of Power to Violation of Normality with the Dunn-Bonferroni Procedure: a Monte Carlo Study

Description: The study seeks to determine the degree of accumulation of Type II error rates, while violating the assumptions of normality, for different specified levels of power among sample means. The study employs a Monte Carlo simulation procedure with three different specified levels of power, methodologies, and population distributions. On the basis of the comparisons of actual and observed error rates, the following conclusions appear to be appropriate. 1. Under the strict criteria for evaluation of the hypotheses, Type II experimentwise error does accumulate at a rate that the probability of accepting at least one null hypothesis in a family of tests, when in theory all of the alternate hypotheses are true, is high, precluding valid tests at the beginning of the study. 2. The Dunn-Bonferroni procedure of setting the critical value based on the beta value per contrast did not significantly reduce the probability of committing a Type II error in a family of tests. 3. The use of an adequate sample size and orthogonal contrasts, or limiting the number of pairwise comparisons to the number of means, is the best method to control for the accumulation of Type II errors. 4. The accumulation of Type II error is irrespective of distributions.
Date: August 1989
Creator: Powers-Prather, Bonnie Ann
Partner: UNT Libraries