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The Influence of Self-Efficacy Expectations on Rehabilitation Outcome in Spinal Cord Injured Individuals

Description: This study examined the relationship between Bandura' s theory of self-efficacy and the rehabilitation outcome of spinal cord injured persons. The study elicited selfefficacy expectations from fifteen subjects on three occasions: admission and two and four weeks later. Patients rated how they expected to perform six weeks after admission on fifteen rehabilitation behaviors. Patients' ratings were compared to actual performance ratings made by the medical staff on the Barthel Index. Results reveal that subjects' predictions two weeks and four weeks after admission were accurate (r = .74, < .01; r = .89, p < .001, respectively). Findings support the limited applicability of Bandura's theory of spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Recommendations for future research include examining variables which enhance self-efficacy and using a larger, more homogeneous sample.
Date: August 1984
Creator: Belanus, Anne
Partner: UNT Libraries

Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Follow-Up Assessment of Physical Functioning Abilities After Treatment in a Comprehensive Environmental Control Unit

Description: Two instruments were developed and administered to fifteen female and three male rheumatoid arthritics (mean age 44) previously hospitalized for allergy treatment by ecological methods. The Physical Functioning Ability Scale assessed functional capacity according to common daily activities, and the Rehabilitation Questionnaire surveyed adjustment problems subjects encountered after hospital discharge. ANOVA was performed on the functionality scale comparing dimensions of dependence, pain, and difficulty with categorical activities of mobility, work, and personal care, Significant F values (p(.05) were obtained for interaction and dimensions, but not for categories. Functional independence from human/mechanical assistance was particularly noted. Recommendation for future research concerns replicating this study using a control group of rheumatoid arthritics treated by traditional medical approaches.
Date: March 1981
Creator: Cockburn, Orbie
Partner: UNT Libraries