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Primary view of Mediation on XQuery Views
Peng, Xiaobo
December 2006
Primary view of Memory Management and Garbage Collection Algorithms for Java-Based Prolog
Zhou, Qinan
August 2001
Primary view of A Minimally Supervised Word Sense Disambiguation Algorithm Using Syntactic Dependencies and Semantic Generalizations
Faruque, Md. Ehsanul
December 2005
Primary view of Mobile agent security through multi-agent cryptographic protocols.
Xu, Ke
May 2004
Primary view of Mobile-Based Smart Auscultation
Chitnis, Anurag Ashok
August 2017
Primary view of Modeling Alcohol Consumption Using Blog Data
Koh, Kok Chuan
May 2013
Primary view of Modeling and Analysis of Next Generation 9-1-1 Emergency Medical Dispatch Protocols
Gupta, Neeraj Kant
August 2013
Primary view of Modeling and Simulation of the Vector-Borne Dengue Disease and the Effects of Regional Variation of Temperature in  the Disease Prevalence in Homogenous and Heterogeneous Human Populations
Bravo-Salgado, Angel D
August 2016
Primary view of Modeling Complex Forest Ecology in a Parallel Computing Infrastructure
Mayes, John
August 2003
Primary view of Modeling Infectious Disease Spread Using Global Stochastic Field Simulation
Venkatachalam, Sangeeta
August 2006
Primary view of Modeling the Impact and Intervention of a Sexually Transmitted Disease: Human Papilloma Virus
Corley, Courtney D.
May 2006
Primary view of Multi-Agent Architecture for Internet Information Extraction and Visualization
Gollapally, Devender R.
August 2000
Primary view of Multi-perspective, Multi-modal Image Registration and Fusion
Belkhouche, Mohammed Yassine
August 2012
Primary view of A Multi-Time Scale Learning Mechanism for Neuromimic Processing
Mobus, George E. (George Edward)
August 1994
Primary view of A Multi-Variate Analysis of SMTP Paths and Relays to Restrict Spam and Phishing Attacks in Emails
Palla, Srikanth
December 2006
Primary view of Multilingual Word Sense Disambiguation Using Wikipedia
Dandala, Bharath
August 2013
Primary view of The Multipath Fault-Tolerant Protocol for Routing in Packet-Switched Communication Network
Krishnan, Anupama
May 2003
Primary view of Multiresolutional/Fractal Compression of Still and Moving Pictures
Kiselyov, Oleg E.
December 1993
Primary view of Natural Language Interfaces to Databases
Chandra, Yohan
December 2006
Primary view of A Netcentric Scientific Research Repository
Harrington, Brian
December 2006
Primary view of Network Security Tool for a Novice
Ganduri, Rajasekhar
August 2016
Primary view of The Object-Oriented Database Editor
Coats, Sidney M. (Sidney Mark)
December 1989
Primary view of Object Recognition Using Scale-Invariant Chordiogram
Tonge, Ashwini Kishor
May 2017
Primary view of Optimal Access Point Selection and Channel Assignment in IEEE 802.11 Networks
Park, Sangtae
December 2004