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Primary view of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor α3 mRNA in Rat Visual System After Monocular Deprivation
Taylor, James H. (James Harvey), 1970-
August 1997
Primary view of Unique applications of cultured neuronal networks in pharmacology, toxicology, and basic neuroscience
Keefer, Edward W.
May 2001
Primary view of Light Spectra Distributions in Temperate Conifer-Forest Canopy Gaps, Oregon and in Tropical Cloud-Forest Canopy, Venezuela
Monteleone, Susan Elaine
December 1997
Primary view of Analysis of Phytoplankton Responses to Water Chemistry Dynamics in a Moderately Eutrophic North Texas Reservoir
Banks, Kenneth E. (Kenneth Edward)
May 1998
Primary view of Advanced Molecular and Microbial Techniques: a Complete Laboratory Notebook
Brito-Rodriquez, Carmen Lydia
May 1998
Primary view of Regulation of Escherichia coli pyrBI Gene Expression in Pseudomonas fluorescens
Shen, Weiping
May 1995
Primary view of Age-Dependent Effects Of Chronic GABAA  Receptor Blockade In Barrel Cortex
Gargan, Lynn
May 2001
Primary view of Automated Low-cost Instrument for Measuring Total Column Ozone
Nebgen, Gilbert Bernard
May 2006
Primary view of The Use of Genetic Polymorphisms and Discriminant Analysis in Evaluating Genetic Polymorphisms as a Predictor of Population
Howell, Bruce F.
May 2002
Primary view of Neuronal Network Analyses in vitro of Acute Individual and Combined Responses to Fluoxetine and Ethanol
August 2002
Primary view of Functional Neural Toxicity and Endocrine Responses in Mice Following Naphthalene Exposure
Colbert, Crystal
August 2010
Primary view of A Physiological Age-Grading System for Female Hydrellia pakistanae  Deonier (Diptera: Ephydridae)
Lenz, Jennifer Marie
December 2002
Primary view of Population Dynammics in Mixed Cultures of Microorganisms
Koepp, Leila K.
January 1970
Primary view of Factors Affecting Pigment Production in Mycobacterium rhodocrous
Chamberlain, Charlene
June 1970
Primary view of Individual, Social, and Seasonal Behavior of the Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrel (Spermophilus tridecemlineatus)
Wistrand, Harry E.
January 1970
Primary view of Antibody Adsorption Used in Identification of Similar Streptomyces Species
Lassiter, Carroll B.
January 1970
Primary view of Metabolism of Methylglyoxal by Scenedesmus Quadricauda
Rounsavall, Terry Yale
June 1970
Primary view of Studies on Microorganisms in Jet Aircraft Fuel Systems
Crum, Morris Glenn
May 1970
Primary view of Terrestrial Vertebrates of Fannin County, Texas
McCuller, Ronald E.
January 1970
Primary view of An Ecological Survey of the Reptiles and Amphibians of Wise county, Texas
Welch, Donald A.
January 1970
Primary view of Growth Inhibition of Chlorella Pyrenoidosa TX71105 by an Unknown Soil Bacillus
Harrel, Steve K.
August 1968
Primary view of The Effects of Simulated Altitude on the Intestinal Flora of Guinea Pigs
Funderburk, Noel R.
May 1969
Primary view of Distribution of Phosphates in a Sewage Plant and its Receiving Waters
Hansard, John D.
May 1969
Primary view of Transferrin Inheritance in the Pigeon, Columba livia
Sharp, H. Bryan, Jr.
August 1968