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Primary view of The Status of Inventory Valuation in Texas Cotton Mills, 1950
Edwards, Jesse G.
Primary view of Some Effects of Color on Personnel in Industry
Wages, Morris L.
Primary view of Centralized Purchasing Arrangements in a Selected Group of Oil Companies in the Southwest
Strong, Jerry C.
Primary view of Recent Developments in Basing-Point Pricing in the Steel Industry and Their Probable Effects on the Southwest
Kamenitsa, William
Primary view of Decentralization of Managerial Authority
Kirkpatrick, Thomas O.
Primary view of Growth Based on Physical Units of Production for Selected Periods, 1925-1954
Bishop, James A.
Primary view of The Operation of Centralized Purchasing for the State-Supported Institutions of the State of Texas and Selected States
Duckworth, Earl Mead
June 1950
Primary view of Situation-Type Problems for Use in Elementary Accounting
Henderson, Porter Wyatt
Primary view of Accounting for Self-Insurance--Theory and Practice
Saleh, John Thomas
August 1957
Primary view of The Factors Influencing Out-of-State Companies to Establish Manufacturing Facilities in Dallas County
Baird, Mellon Campbell
June 1961
Primary view of A Study of the Minimum Salary Commission of the North Texas Conference of the Methodist Church
Traster, Elden Douglas
January 1955
Primary view of A Survey of Programs for Developing Store Managers for Retail Shoe Chain Organizations
Slater, W. B., Jr.
August 1955
Primary view of A Study of Denton's Shopping Goods Trade Losses to Dallas and Fort Worth
Anderson, Roy C.
August 1953
Primary view of Organization of the Controller's Division, Dallas Assembly Plant of the Ford Motor Company
McCullough, H. E., Jr.
August 1955
Primary view of Executive Compensation Practices of Twenty-Five Texas Companies
Demetruk, Jack Fredric
August 1955
Primary view of A Study of the Shopping Goods Trade Flow from Lewisville, Lake Dallas, Sanger, and Valley View, Texas
Robinson, David Charles
August 1955
Primary view of A Survey of Accounting Majors at North Texas State College from 1944 to 1950 to Evaluate Their Academic Training for the Vocational Positions Now Held
Cunningham, John A.
May 1950
Primary view of Needed Improvements in the Office Management of the Goodyear Retail Stores
McDow, J. B.
Primary view of Typical Responsibilities and Needed Qualifications of the Industrial Foreman
Jenkins, Floyd Harold
Primary view of Personnel Policies for Salesmen in Nash Automobile Dealerships in Texas
Laney, Samuel Duke
Primary view of Development of a Printing Curriculum for Colleges and Universities
Dobbs, Louis H.
Primary view of A Case Study of the Personnel Program in Moore Business Forms, Incorporated
Stroope, Lewis Jackson
Primary view of Human Relations Case Problems in the Aircraft Industry in the North Texas Area
McCauley, Jerome Brooks
January 1954
Primary view of A Comparative Study of the Experiences of both Companies and Unions with Stock Ownership Plans for Employees
McClain, Frank W.
January 1954