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The Effect of the Note-test System of Teaching Basic College Chemistry on Student Achievement, Attitude, and Critical Thinking Ability
The problem of this study was to determine the relative effectiveness of the note-test system and the traditional lecture system of teaching basic college chemistry.
A Comparative Study and Model of the Certification Requirements for Vocational Office Education Teacher-Coordinators in the United States
The purposes of the study were (1) to describe the historical rationale for teacher certification, (2) to survey and report the present requirement of the states for certification as a vocational office education teacher-coordinator, (3) to survey leading business and office education educators for recommendations for vocational office education teacher-coordinator certification requirements, (4) to examine, survey, and report the characteristics and qualifications of employed vocational office education teacher-coordinators, and (5) to develop a model of criteria representing ideal standards for initial and continuing certification requirements for vocational office education teacher-coordinators.
Effects of Frustration Tolerance Training on Young Institutionalized Retarded Children
The major problem investigated was to ascertain the extent to which a training program designed specifically to increase frustration tolerance would reduce selected behavioral problems in institutionalized mentally retarded children. Of lesser importance was the problem of examining the extent to which the prescribed training program had differential effects on brain-injured and non-brain-injured retarded children.
An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Programed Learning in the Teaching of Harmonic Dictation in a Beginning College Music Theory Course
The problem of the study was to investigate the comparative effectiveness of two methods of teaching harmonic dictation to beginning college music students. The methods were (1) the conventional teacher-classroom approach as suggested by Robert Ottman's Elementary Harmony, and (2) a linear programed book to be used in conjunction with a series of tape recordings. This volume is Harmonic Dictation, a Programed Text.
A Comparison of Selected Arkansas North Central Association Secondary Schools Using the Evaluative Criteria
The purpose of this study was to report the evaluation ratings and describe the Arkansas NCA secondary schools, as indicated in the Summary Reports of the Evaluative Criteria, 1960 edition, and to compare ratings on all sections and divisions, section D-J, by size classifications.
The Course Content of Life, Earth, and Physical Science Programs in Selected Texas Junior High Schools
The purpose of the study was to determine the agreement between reported levels of emphasis of course content topics suitable for the junior high school and the optimum level of emphasis as it was recommended by Texas science supervisors and national science education specialists.
A Survey of Perceived Relationships Between Higher Education Institutions and Daily Newspapers and Television Stations in Texas
The problem of this study was to determine perceived relationships between higher education institutions in Texas and daily newspapers and television stations in the state. It also was to determine roles, responsibilities, and priorities of college information office representatives.
A Study of the Texas Supervisor of Secondary Student Teachers
The problem of this study was to determine the status and practices of supervisors of secondary student teachers in Texas colleges and universities and to compare these practices with those practices recommended by national authorities in the field of student teaching.
Hyperphenylalaninemia and Mental Retardation : The Effects of a High Maternal Phenylalanine Blood Concentration on Mouse Offspring
This study was concerned with setting up a similar situation wherein pregnant mice had an abnormally high phenylalanine metabolism. Through physical and intellectual assessment of their offspring, it would then be possible to determine what effects the abnormal metabolism had during pregnancy and whether or not a restricted diet need be resumed at that time.
Attitude Change as a Function of Parent Group Participation
The purpose of this study is to provide a measurement of selected parental attitudes and an evaluation of the effectiveness of Parent Groups as instruments for promoting attitude changes in a positive direction.
Influence of Vocational Training on the Self-Concept of the Physically Handicapped
This study was conducted in order to investigate the hypothesis that the vocational rehabilitation training situation is itself therapeutic. The training situation is of course attempting to complete the final phase of rehabilitation by actually helping the handicapped individual to go out into the world again as a productive human being.
The Columbia Mental Maturity Scale and the Wechsler Intelligence Scale For Children : a Comparative Study Utilizing Institutionalized Mentally Retarded Males
The purpose of the present study is to compare the 1959 revision of the Columbia Mental Maturity Scale (CMMS) with the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC) for use as a psychometric instrument for determining the mental ability of mentally retarded male children.
Interpersonal Preception: the Accuracy of First Impressions and Attitude Change as a Function of Self-Image and Age Similarities
It is the intent of this study to investigate an aspect of the accuracy of first impressions and the stability of attitudes formed on the basis of these impressions. The study of first impressions and their influence on behavior is one aspect of the general topic of person perception.
A Comparison of Miller Analogies Test Scores with Undergraduate and Graduate Grade-Point Averages of Graduate Students
The main purpose of the present study was to investigate the relationship between the Miller Analogies Test scores of graduate school students and their undergraduate grade-point averages, as well as to find the relationship between Miller Analogies Test scores and the grade-point averages in graduate school of these students. A secondary purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between each of the following variables: sex, age, curriculum and the performance levels of the subjects.
Contrasts in Selective Variables between Sociometrically High and Sociometrically Low Third Pupils
This study was designed to contrast the differences between sociometrically high and sociometrically low individuals, in regard to nine selected variables which were considered to differentiate between these individuals.
The Direction of Aggression and Group Conformity of Policemen, Narcotic-Addicts, and Seventh Day Adventists as Measured by the Rosenzweig Picture-Frustration Study
The present study was an attempt to measure the direction of aggression among three diverse groups, namely, policemen, narcotic-addicts and Seventh Day Adventists. The second aspect of this investigation was to determine the group conformity tendencies of the three basic groups. The Rosenzweig Picture-Frustration Study was used as the measuring instrument.
The Relationship of Actual Stature to Height of Human Figure Drawings
One purpose of this study was to determine of the actual physical dimensions of an individual are related to the dimensions of his human figure drawings. The specific physical dimension used in this study is that of stature of height. Another purpose of this study was to determine if college males majoring in Physical Education might be superior to college males majoring in Industrial Arts in terms of their clarity of body image.
The Goodenough Draw-A-Man Test as a Measure of Interpersonal Adjustment
Since the premises and history of the Draw-A-Man (DAM) seem to indicate a relationship between this technique and adjustment/maladjustment, and since Leary defines maladjustment in terms of interpersonal behavior, the problem to be studied is to attempt to quantitatively relate DAM scores with some objective measure of social adjustment or maladjustment in children.
The Interrelationships among Anxiety, Intelligence, and Academic Achievement in College Students
It was the purpose of this study to investigate the nature of the relationships among anxiety, achievement, and intelligence. It was deduced that anxiety and intelligence work together mainly at the level of average intelligence. At this level, the addition of drive in the form of anxiety increases performance level, while a lack of drive or anxiety decreases that level. The influence of anxiety on academic achievement is insignificant at other levels due to the overriding effects of intelligence.
The Effects of Induced Anxiety and Levels of IPAT Anxiety on a Gestalt Closure Task
It was proposed that a study be done to investigate the problem of relating anxiety to the phenomenon of Gestalt closure. This study problem sought to demonstrate a systematic relationship between Gestalt closure, in terms of accuracy and speed, and possible interaction between levels of anxiety and induction of anxiety.
Success-Striving and Failure-Avoidant Aspiration Patterns of Institutionalized Mental Retardates
The design of this experiment was developed to investigate the presence of success-striving and failure-avoidant motivational patterns in the level of aspiration behavior of retarded subjects. The primary objective of this study is to show that success-strivers are present in mentally retarded groups, even if in the minority.
Some Differences in Reactions to Soothing and Exciting Music
This study is concerned with the measurable physiological changes in human beings in the presence of musical stimuli.
Personality Factors and Psycho-social Conditions Related to Troublemaking Behavior in Normal Institutionalized Children
The problem of the present study was to discover the relationship of personality factors and certain psycho-social conditions related to the troublemaking behavior of normal institutionalized children.
The Effects of Musical Stimuli on the Gross Motor Activity of Profound Mental Retardates
It was the purpose of this present study to investigate the effects of two types of music, tonic and sedative, on the gross motor activity of profound mental retardates. The primary objective was to determine if therapeutic benefits resulting from the application of music could be extended to profound retardates as has already been demonstrated with other levels of retardation.
Comparison of Male and Female Homosexuals and Heterosexuals on the Masculinity/Femininity Scale of the Minnesota Multi-Phasic Personality Inventory
In the present study it was hypothesized that male homosexuals would score significantly higher on the Masculinity/ Femininity scale of the Minnesota Multi-Phasic Personality Inventory than would heterosexual men and that female homosexuals would score significantly higher on the Masculinity/ Femininity scale of the Minnesota Multi-Phasic Personality Inventory than would heterosexual females.
Fear of Death as Related to a Positive Future Time Perspective and Self-Esteem
The problem with which this investigation was concerned was to determine whether or not fear of death was related to positive future time perspective and self-esteem.
The Effects of Concrete, Symbolic, and Verbal Reinforcement of the Discrimination Learning of Moderately and Severely Retarded Boys
The present study is an attempt to determine which of several different types of reinforcers is most effective in discrimination learning using institutionalized mentally retarded boys of different intellectual levels as subjects. If one type of reinforcement works more effectively in conditioning one level of institutionalized mentally retarded subject, then that type of reinforcement could be used to greater advantage in controlling behavior than some other, less effective kind of reinforcer.
The Relationship between Fear and Stereotyped versus Non-Stereotyped Tasks
The exact properties of the interaction between emotional drives and other psychological phenomena is still a vastly unexplored field. The purpose of this paper will be to examine further the effects of one of these emotional drives, that of fear, on task performance, and to explore some of the theoretical conceptualizations already put forth regarding this interaction.
The Relationship of Expectancy of Success to Objective Probability and Consequences of Performance
The work reviews a article published by N. T. Feather about five approaches which relate to the analysis of behavior in a choice situation where a decision is made between alternatives having different subjective probabilities of attainment. The relationship between choice potential and success probability is affect by the type of situation in which the choice is made.
The Effectiveness of Sophisticated Toys in Play-Therapy with Twelve Year Old Children
It is the aim of this investigation to compare the use of normally recommended toys, ordinarily used in the play-therapy setting, with more sophisticated, "grown-up" toys, when working with twelve-year-old children.
A Study of the Effect of Heterogeneous Grouping as Opposed to Homogeneous Grouping for Language Development of Severely Retarded Students
The purpose of the present study was to investigate the effect of heterogeneous grouping and homogeneous grouping in the language development of severely retarded students. A further purpose was to determine how beneficial either of the grouping procedures would be for this level of student.
A Study of Incidental Learning in a Classroom Type Situation
This paper contends that, like children of average intelligence, there is a degree of material that will be learned by the retardate, even if his attention is not directly brought to bear upon that material.
The Relationship between Performance on the Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test and Perceptual Ability and Motor Skill in a Non-Clinical Group
The purposes of the present study are to try to establish whether perception and motor skill are determinant factors of performance on the Bender-Gestalt Test and to investigate the degree of relationship and importance of each factor on the B-G-T.
The Effectiveness of Teacher Observed Behavioral and Academic Traits as Predictors of Reading Difficulty in a Third Grade Population
The objective of this study was to determine the predictive efficacy of teacher assessments of behavioral and academic traits thought highly associated with reading difficulty, and to single out from teacher assessments those most effective for prediction.
Effects of Praise and Reproof on Digit-symbol Task Performance of Institutionalized and Non-institutionalized Children
The problem of the present study was to investigate the effects of verbal praise and reproof on digit-symbol task performances of two groups of children.
The Relationship between Ego Strength, Social Participation and Weight Reduction
The problem of this research may be stated as a study of the relationship between successful weight reduction on the part of people involved in a group program, and the two variables of ego strength and social participation.
The Relationship between Clothing Interest and Self-Concept in Female Undergraduate College Students
This study sought to examine the relationship between the variable of clothing interest and the five self-concept variables or scales. These are defensive positiveness, general maladjustment, psychosis, personality disorder, and neurosis similarity in scale score to a neurotic population.
Factor Analysis of Anxiety and Several Behavioral Indices
This study was concerned with the relationship among anxiety scores and four selected measures of behavior in school children and attempted to determine how many factors are involved when such measures are obtained.
Conflict in Children Related to the Number of Choice Alternatives
The purposes of the present study are to attempt to discover if there is a predictable relationship between conflict and an increase in the number of choice alternatives, to specifically determine if this hypothesized relationship exists in a predictable order in children, to endeavor to show that this hypothesized relationship is such that generalization of application to a natural environment is credible, and to attempt to discover if there are sex differences that may influence this relationship.
The Use of the Rorschach Test in Evaluating Intellectual Levels of Functioning Between Normals and Mental Retardates
The purpose of the present study was to determine the differences in certain Rorschach Test variables obtained from normal, mildly retarded, and moderately retarded boys and girls.
Differences between High and Low Creative University Students on an Objective Measure of Personality
This study was conducted to determine if high-creative college students differ from low-creative college students on an objective measure of personality. An additional purpose was to determine if university drama majors are more creative than non-drama majors.
The Development of a Projective Drawing Technique to Assess Id, Ego and Superego Interaction
The problem of the present study was threefold: 1) to devise a projective drawing analysis technique which would assess the operationally defined psychoanalytic concepts of id, ego, and superego, 2) to devise a preliminary scoring technique, and 3) to investigate the relationship between the drawings and the original clinical scales of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory.
The Effects of Music and Operant Conditioning on Gross Motor Activity of Profound Mental Retardates
It has not yet been demonstrated that music can be used therapeutically with profoundly retarded children. One way these children might be helped to respond to music, and therapeutically benefit from it, would be to use operant conditioning in an effort to enhance gross motor activity and then progressively shape responses until more complex behavior patterns are formed. Once these children can respond motorically in the presence of musical stimuli, continuation of responding may be possible by pairing motor activity with musical stimuli. This experiment investigated the effects of operant conditioning and music on the motor activity of profoundly retarded children in an effort to determine the therapeutic usefulness of music with such children.
Relationships Between Self-Actualization and Sociometric Status for Adolescents
It was the purpose of this present investigation to display the tentative relationships between self-actualization and sociometric status of adolescent school students. In light of the theoretical and related literature presented, the following hypotheses were posited: 1) students who are high sociometrically will evidence higher personal orientation inventory (POI) means than the middle or low groups on more positive POI scales and 2) students who are low or middle sociometrically will evidence higher POI means than the high group on the major negative POI scales.
Prediction of Improvement in Psychiatric Patients.
This thesis investigates to what extent a self-concept measure may contribute to predicting which patients in a hospital are most likely to profit from treatment.
A Study of Rorschach Intellectual Indicators in Adolescents
There seems to be a need for further exploration in this area for the purpose of clarifying which Rorschach indices are indicators of intelligence. R. W. W%, D%, F+%, A%, H, H%, M, and N have each been selected for statistical analysis on the basis of one or more of these three factors: (1) Rorschach, Klopfer and Kelly, and Beck have stated that the index is an indicator of intelligence, (2) extensive definition of the index implies some relation to intelligence, (3) past literature indicates that the index correlates positively with intelligence.
The Development of a Concept of Secretaryship as a Guide for the Development of Community College Secretarial Education Programs
The problem of this study was the development of a concept of secretaryship as a guide for the development of community college secretarial programs. The particular interest was with those colleges located in oil-field areas. The purposes were fivefold: (1) to study the historical significance of the concept as an indispensable part of business; (2) to determine the current meaning and significance of the concept within business and industry; (3) to develop certain fundamental philosophies emerging from the study; (4) to develop a comprehensive concept of secretaryship; and (5) to make recommendations for studies leading to modifications that might be considered in the community college programs of business education.
The Relationship between Shorthand Achievement and Two Plans of Homework in Shorthand
The purposes of the study were: 1. To design two contrasting plans of shorthand homework, Method A plan to be used by control groups and Method B plan to be used by experimental groups. 2. To implement Method A plan and Method B plan through control and experimental groups respectively. 3. To define criteria by which achievement levels may be determined. 4. To make comparative analysis of achievement levels between the control groups and the experimental groups.
A Comparison of Two Methods of Teaching the Manipulative Skills of Office Machines
The problem with which this investigation is concerned is that of comparing a learning systems approach to a lecture-demonstration-rotation approach of teaching the manipulative skills of office machines.
A Historical Review of the Coordination of Higher Education in Texas
The problem with which this investigation is concerned is that of providing research on the development of the Coordinating Board, Texas College and University System, and to describe the manner in which it presently functions.