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Primary view of Franco-German Diplomatic Relations 1871-1939
Madeley, Henry
Primary view of Franco-American Diplomatic Relations 1776-1898
Peveto, Sidney Kermit
Primary view of A Study of the Influence of Certain Rulers of France and England on the Design of Furniture from 1300-1830
Gantt, Sam M.
Primary view of The French Ballet De Cour and Its Predecessors, 1400-1650
Bice, John Arch
January 1952
Primary view of The Anglo-French Military and Naval Conversations, 1906-1912: a Study in Pre-War Diplomacy
Healey, Gordon Daniel, 1909-
June 1952
Primary view of A Study of the Secular Music of the Major Composers at the Court of Burgundy in the Fifteenth Century
Couch, Reginald Leon
January 1955
Primary view of The German Submarine Cables and United States Diplomacy, 1914-1927
Marusak, Leonard Francis
January 1967
Primary view of The Diplomacy of an Army: the American Expeditionary Force in France, 1917-1918
Owens, E. H.
June 1970
Primary view of The Catholic Henri IV and the Papacy, 1593-1610
Fling, William Jackson
August 1977
Primary view of The Flute Professors of the Paris Conservatoire from Devienne to Taffanel, 1795-1908
Ahmad, Patricia
August 1980
Primary view of France and the Little Entente, 1936-1937: the Work of Yvon Delbos
Kephart, Brad W.
December 1981
Primary view of French Theories of Beauty and the Aesthetics of Music 1700 to 1750
Dill, Charles William
August 1982
Primary view of Amerikanuak eta Asmoak: New World Basques and Immigration Theories
Echeverría, Jerónima, 1946-
August 1984
Primary view of Louis XI and the Feudality of France 1461-1483
Spencer, Mark B. (Mark Benner)
December 1984
Primary view of Purchasing Power Parity and the Efficient Markets: the Recent Empirical Evidence
Yuyuenyongwatana, Robert P. (Robert Privat)
December 1988
Primary view of Transposition and the Transposed Modes in Late-Baroque France
Parker, Mark M. (Mark Mason)
December 1988
Primary view of An Exploratory Investigation of Socio-Economic Phenomena that May Influence Accounting Differences in Three Diverse Countries
Hudack, Lawrence R. (Lawrence Ralph)
August 1989
Primary view of The Horn at the Paris Conservatoire and its Morceaux de Concours to 1996
Rekward, Susan J.
August 1997
Primary view of Capital Ships, Commerce, and Coalition: British Strategy in the Mediterranean Theater, 1793
Baker, William C.
August 2014
Primary view of Jacques-Antoine-Hippolyte, Comte De Guibert: Father of the Grande Armée
Abel, Jonathan, 1985-
August 2014
Primary view of A Pre-professional Institution: Napoleon’s Marshalate and the Defeat of 1813
Smith, Eric C.
August 2014
Primary view of Conquering the Natural Frontier: French Expansion to the Rhine River During the War of the First Coalition, 1792-1797
Hayworth, Jordan R.
December 2015
Primary view of The Countess of Counter-revolution: Madame du Barry and the 1791 Theft of Her Jewelry
Lewis, Erik Braeden
December 2015