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Primary view of Use of Instructional Resources by Community Junior College Occupational Instructors
Lolley, John L.
May 1978
Primary view of Relationship of Library Skills to the Use of the Library by Freshman Community College Students
Horton, Weldon Joe
August 1979
Primary view of Job Satisfaction Among Academic Librarians
Glasgow, Bonnie Jean Loyd
May 1982
Primary view of Reading Interests and Activity of Older Adults and Their Sense of Life Satisfaction
Grubb, Elizabeth Ann
May 1982
Primary view of Selected Factors Associated With Reading Interests of Seventh- and Eighth-grade Pupils
Newman, Nancy Ann
May 1984
Primary view of A Comparative Analysis of Reading Habits and Abilities of Students in Selected Elementary Schools in North Louisiana With and Without Centralized Libraries
Lowe, Joy L. (Joy Lambert)
August 1984
Primary view of Relation of Personal Characteristics to Type of Position Among Bibliographic Network Coordinators, Ex-coordinators, and Selected Library Depeartment Heads
Upham, Lois Nicholson
August 1985
Primary view of The Relationships Among a Reading Guidance Program and the Reading Attitudes, Reading Achievement, and Reading Behavior of Fifth Grade Children in a North Louisiana School
Mosley, Mattie Jacks
August 1986
Primary view of The Effects of Increased Equipment Speed on Online Database Searching Practices
Masters, Gary E. (Gary Everett)
May 1987
Primary view of Factors Related to Mississippi School Library Media Centers in Multitype Cooperation
Partridge, Margaret
May 1988
Primary view of The Use of an Academic Library by University Students
Harrell, Charles B.
August 1988
Primary view of Factors Influencing Older Adults' Patterns of Information Acquisition
Barnett, Mary Jane, 1952-
May 1989
Primary view of Attitudes Toward the Contemporary Role of the Library Media Specialist in the Overall Elementary School Program in North Central Texas
Roach, Catharyn
December 1989
Primary view of An Examination of Selected Product Characteristics Associated with the Sales Success of Nontheatrical Film and Video Works
Munde, Gail Marie
May 1990
Primary view of Plans for Establishing and Developing the Social Research Studies and Information Center Libraries in Saudi Arabia
Kahtani, Abdullah S. Mossa (Abdullah Salem Mossa)
August 1990
Primary view of Elementary School Climate Factors and Personality and Status Variables Associated with School Library Media Specialists Chosen by Classroom Teachers for Cooperation on Instructional Problems
Bell, Michael David, 1943-
December 1990
Primary view of Factors Related to the Professional Progress of Academic Librarians in Louisiana
Brazile, Orella Ramsey, 1945-
May 1991
Primary view of Job Satisfaction and Psychological Needs Satisfaction of Public School Library Media Specialists
Timmons, Elizabeth Ann
May 1991
Primary view of User Satisfaction in a Government Library : A Case Study of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia
Tameem, Jamal Abbas
August 1991
Primary view of The Personal Reading Interests of Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Children in Selected Arkansas Public Schools
Berry, Mary Ann
December 1991
Primary view of Citation Accuracy in the Journal Literature of Four Disciplines : Chemistry, Psychology, Library Science, and English and American Literature
Sassen, Catherine J. (Catherine Jean)
May 1992
Primary view of Managerial Style and the Use of Statistical Data in Techincal Services Units in Selected Academic Libraries
Karpuk, Deborah J.
December 1992
Primary view of The Relationship Between Work Roles and Information Seeking Behaviors Among Selected Protestant Ministers in Tarrant County, Texas
Phillips, Robert L. (Robert Lloyd)
December 1992
Primary view of Diagnosing Learner Deficiencies in Algorithmic Reasoning
Hubbard, George U.
May 1995