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Treatment of Migraine Headache Utilizing Cerebral Electrostimulation
Cerebral electrostimulation (CES) as a treatment for migraine headache was investigated. Eighteen participants recorded data on headaches for two baseline weeks. Six were assigned to each of three groups--an active treatment group receiving CES, a placebo group receiving a simulated version of CES, and a no-treatment control group placed on a waiting list during the study. The CES group evidenced a significant reduction in headache duration and intensity relative to the placebo group. The waiting list control group did as well as the CES group. A number of hypotheses were put forth in an attempt to account for the unexpected finding.
The Use of Closed Circuit Television as an Implement of Industrial Security
The problem of this study was to determine to what extent industry was making use of closed circuit television as an implement of industrial security. The data for this study were provided by a group of thirty-two security chiefs of industry, and by another group of fifteen law enforcement officials in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metropolitan area. Of those industrial concerns making use of closed circuit television as an aid to security, a majority use the medium for surveillance of controlled access areas, with theft control and control of plant access following closely behind. For the most part, all surveyed thought that closed circuit television was very efficient.
Voiception: a Theoretical Study Employing the Highest Cognitive-Affective Processes in Vocal Pedagogy
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The Wallman Spaces and Compactifications
If X is a topological space and Y is a ring of closed sets, then a necessary and sufficient condition for the Wallman space W(X,F) to be a compactification of X is that X be T1 andYF separating. A necessary and sufficient condition for a Wallman compactification to be Hausdoff is that F be a normal base. As a result, not all T, compactifications can be of Wallman type. One point and finite Hausdorff compactifications are of Wallman type.
Effects of Phytohormones on Scenedesmus quadricauda
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El amor como fuerza motivadora en la vida y obra poética y dramática de Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda
This thesis presents a study of events in the life of Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda, a lyric poetess and dramatist during the Romantic period, as motivating forces in her literary career. As might be expected in the case of a true representative of the Romantic period, Avellaneda's passions and personal life are reflected in all of her works. She uses human and divine love as the main themes throughout all of her literary production, especially in her lyric poetry and the four tragedies chosen for this study: Munio Alfonso (1844), El Príncipe de Viana (1844), Saúl (1849), and Baltasar (1858).
Analysis and Evaluation of the Role of Public Relations in Leasing Dallas Petroleum Center
The problem in this study was to discover if the public relations program of the Dallas Petroleum Center was useful in leasing and if the program played a significant role in a leasing increase. The study was carried out by describing the development of the building project, by analyzing the planning and execution of the public relations program, by testing the program's effectiveness, and by drawing conclusions about the program and by making recommendations for this specific program and for office leasing in general. The effectiveness of the program was tested by questionnaires and interviews. The public relations program proved to be an effective tool in leasing office space; and a similar program was recommended for other buildings.
An Analysis of Community Attitudes Toward the "Bowie News" as a News-Advertising Medium
This study measured attitudes of newspaper staff members, advertisers, subscribers, and power structure members toward the Bowie News as a news and advertising medium. Three hypotheses were tested: that members of the power structure would have a more favorable attitude toward the Bowie News than other readers; that the Bowie News would play an active role as an instrument of the power structure; and that all four publics would differ in their perception of the newspaper's role in getting information to the community. The hypotheses were tested by a t test and rejected. Publics' attitudes were homogeneous. It was concluded that the Bowie News reflects consensus opinion within the community and is a trusted news source.
The Applications of Regression Analysis in Auditing and Computer Systems
This thesis describes regression analysis and shows how it can be used in account auditing and in computer system performance analysis. The study first introduces regression analysis techniques and statistics. Then, the use of regression analysis in auditing to detect "out of line" accounts and to determine audit sample size is discussed. These applications led to the concept of using regression analysis to predict job completion times in a computer system. The feasibility of this application of regression analysis was tested by constructing a predictive model to estimate job completion times using a computer system simulator. The predictive model's performance for the various job streams simulated shows that job completion time prediction is a feasible application for regression analysis.
Association of Masculinity Scores with Five Measures of Adjustment at the Gainesville State School for Delinquent Youths
The problem with which this investigation is concerned is that of determining the effects of masculinity on achievement. The California Psychological Inventory Fe Scale is used to measure masculinity. Results from this scale are compared with results on five measures of adjustment; Wechsler I.Q. scores, the Gainesville State School point system, and three scales constructed for this study to measure aspects of adjustment. The findings of this study fail to support the proposition that masculinity affects adjustment. The instrument used in this study to measure masculinity may be culturally biased. Further research is needed in this area using a number of measures of masculinity to determine masculinity's effects on adjustment.
Automated Testing of Interactive Systems
Computer systems which interact with human users to collect, update or provide information are growing more complex. Additionally, users are demanding more thorough testing of all computer systems. Because of the complexity and thoroughness required, automation of interactive systems testing is desirable, especially for functional testing. Many currently available testing tools, like program proving, are impractical for testing large systems. The solution presented here is the development of an automated test system which simulates human users. This system incorporates a high-level programming language, ATLIS. ATLIS programs are compiled and interpretively executed. Programs are selected for execution by operator command, and failures are reported to the operator's console. An audit trail of all activity is provided. This solution provides improved efficiency and effectiveness over conventional testing methods.
Cigarette Smoking Behavior: Self-Managed Change
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A Comparative Study of the Effects of Two In-Service Training Programs on Attitude Change in Rehabilitation Practitioners
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A Comparison of Environmental Climates in Elementary Schools
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Corporate Planning and Forecasting: An Analysis of the State of the Art in the Service Industry and Development of a Generalized Approach for the Needs of the 1970's and the 1980's
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A Critical Examination of "The Echo": Prison Publication of the Texas Department of Corrections
The problem this investigation deals with is how The Echo functions as a communication vehicle within the TDC. Information was gathered through visits, interviews and a questionnaire. Organization is as follows: Chapter I, introduction, Chapter II, history and development; Chapter III, analysis of questionnaire data; Chapter IV, content; Chapter V, summary and conclusions. The study found that The Echo is often the sole source of TDC information to inmates, frequently aids administrators in providing inmates with information, provides an outlet for creativity, and enjoys little censorship. The report concludes that The Echo is an effective information medium, and that future study is possible in the role of the prison press in influencing rehabilitation, its contact with the outside public, and in inmate-produced magazines and journals.
Debussy's Use of the Motive in Thematic Construction as Found in "Images I" for Piano
This study seeks to discover the extent and manner of Debussy's use of the motive in thematic material. A total of 40 melodic examples were analyzed in order to show their relationship to a single motive, a three-note figure having a step-leap relationship. Using eighty-four series of examples, the study shows the melodies analyzed to be 85% motive-derived. The study concludes, therefore, that Images I is a remarkably economical work, using a single three-note motive as a unifying and developmental basis.
Dependence of the Egyptian Historic Transition on the Banking System
The problem with which this paper is concerned is that of examining the role that the Egyptian Banking System had to assume during the transition period, 1952 - 1964. This paper is divided in four parts; the first part is an introduction and it is composed of Chapter I. Part two is a brief survey of the economic and monetary developments in Egypt during this transition period and it is composed of Chapters II and III. Part three examines the reconstruction of the banking system and it is composed of Chapters IV and V. Part four presents a conclusion and some implications for other developing countries. The Egyptian experience's lack of success was due to non-realistic and uncoordinated planning.
Descriptive Analysis of Counseling Techniques Used by Selected Child Welfare Workers
The problem with which this study is concerned is that of a descriptive analysis of counseling techniques being used by selected child welfare workers. The method determining the counseling techniques being used was a questionnaire. Seven counseling techniques were tested on the questionnaire. The questionnaire was developed through the use of various sources. Validity and reliability of the questionnaire were not tested. The findings were inconclusive, based upon the data. The workers tended to show eclectic use of techniques. Psychoanalysis and client-centered therapy did poll the greatest number of positive responses. Z-scores and probability between the counseling techniques were determined. The findings supported the responses received by psychoanalysis and client-centered therapy. No recommendations were made.
A Descriptive Study of the Value Systems of Selected Nurses
The purpose of this study was to determine the various values that influence nurses within the hospital, and ascertain, through comparison, any significant differences between the values of the floor nurse and the values of the emergency room nurse, The value systems (Tribalistic, Egocentric, Conformist, Manipulative, Sociocentric, and Existential) were developed by Clare W. Graves as the "Levels of Psychological Existence." A values test was utilized in order to collect data. The "Values for Nursing" test was administered to 161 nurses in a large metropolitan city in Texas. Specific hypotheses regarding value differences in nursing groups were tested.
The Editorial Reaction of Texas Daily Newspapers to Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal, 1932-1938
The objective of this study is to identify newspapers who supported or opposed portions of the New Deal from 1932 to 1938. Nine newspapers from various geographic areas were consulted. Chapter II discusses the 1932 campaign, in which all newspapers supported Roosevelt. Chapter III discusses the First New Deal, in which widespread support was evidenced. Chapter IV discusses the Second New Deal, in which criticism appeared. Chapter V discusses the 1936 campaign, in which only one newspaper opposed Roosevelt. Chapter VI discusses three post-1936 issues. The study determined that Texas newspapers became more critical during the 1930s. The central hypothesis, that urban newspapers were more critical of urban measures and rural newspapers of rural measures, was rejected.
Effect of 2,450 MHz Microwave Radiation on Microorganisms
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Effect of Amino Acids on Growth and Cartenogenesis in Corynebacterium Species Strain 7E1C
Studies were evaluated on the effects of known growth factors on the growth and carotenogenesis of Corynebacterium species strain 7ElC. The complex medium, Tryptic Soy Broth,was found to stimulate growth and production of more pigment in the light and in the dark than did a mineral salts-glucose medium. A complete amino acid mixture added to LSG enhanced carotenogenesis in the dark in Corynebacterium 7ElC, while B-vitamins retarded carotenogenesis. No absolute requirement for one or more amino acids was found,indicating a multiple amino acid requirement. The fewest amino acids found to stimulate carotenogenesis in the dark were a combination of those in the Serine and Histidine families which include serine, glycine, cysteine, and histidine.
The Effect of Light on Carotenoid Synthesis in Corynebacterium 7E1C
The effects of light, light "mimicking" chemicals, and protein synthesis inhibitors on the photo-induced carotenogenesis of Corynebacterium 7EIC were studied. Changes in the dosage of fluorescent light applied to dark grown cells showed a dose related carotenogenic response. Maintaining the same dosage but varying the wavelength of monochromatic light revealed that light with a wavelength of 280 to 450nm was responsible for photo-induction. It further showed a peak of photo-induction between the wavelengths of 370 and 430nm. The light "mimicking" chemicals antimycin A and p-Chloromercurybenzoate were shown to have no light "mimicking" effects. The transcriptional inhibitor of protein synthesis actinomycin D partially inhibited, and chloramphenicol a translational inhibitor, completely inhibited photo-induced carotenogenesis.
Effect of Time-Lapse Scheduling on Mathematics Achievement
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The Effects of a Systematic Training Program in Responding Skills on Dental Hygiene Students at Texas Woman's University
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The Effects of Stimulation and Depression of the Reticuloendothelial System on Sidman Avoidance Behavior
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EMG Biofeedback Training: Effect on Behavior of Children with Activity-Level Problems
The relationships between muscle-tension level, motoric-activity level, and academic performance in the laboratory setting are investigated. Three participants were reinforced for reducing and increasing their tension levels, alternately, while engaged in a simulated academic task, and the effects of each on the rate of activity and academic performance were measured. Measures were also obtained on the rate of activity and occurrence of problem behavior in the subject's homes. Significant treatment differences were found which support a direct relationship between tension and activity level so that a decrease in EMG level was associated with a decrease in motoric activity, and an increase in EMG level was associated with an increase in motoric activity. The efficacy of using EMG biofeedback to train relaxation in children with activity-level problems to control their symptoms is supported, especially where such a technique can be used in a specific task-oriented situation.
An Evaluation of the Effect of a Specific Perceptual Training Program on Classroom Skills in Kindergarten
The purpose of the evaluation was to test effectiveness of a visual, visual-motor, and auditory perceptual skills training program devised by Dr. Jerome Rosner, and to confirm or deny application of this training to improved classroom skills. Subjects were 38 kindergarten children, 20 in the Contrast Group, and 18 in the Experimental Group. Both groups received the same training in the basic curriculum of readiness skills. The Experimental Group also received training in the Visual Analysis and Auditory Analysis Skills programs. Pretests and posttests were administered, tabulated, and analyzed. Differences in raw score means were sufficient to indicate more than a chance factor and all tests demonstrated a plus factor for children in the Experimental Group.
Evaluation of the Mid-Management Concept of Cooperative Education in a Practical Setting
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An Evaluation of the Music Programs in the Seventh-Day Adventist Academies in the United States
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Fantasy-Reality Distinctions of Four- and Five-Year-Old Middle-Income White Children in Relation to their Television Viewing Preferences and Habits
Methods of study include two questionnaires and eight photographs of television characters used while interviewing sixty children, ages four and five. The data showed that the children actively selected the television programs they watched rather than watching at random. They watched television regularly and named the programs they watched. The children perceived a great amount of parental supervision in their viewing of television. Most children were able to understand the concepts of fantasy and reality, to distinguish between those concepts, and to apply them to specific television program characters and their actions. However, the five-year-olds showed a greater tendency to identify television program characters as make-believe.
Felony Offenses Related to Personality Traits
The problem with which this investigation is concerned is whether relationships may exist between personality and type of offense in a felon population. The Eysenck Personality Inventory, which measures extraversion-introversion (E), neuroticism-stability (N), and includes a lie scale (L), was used to determine subject's personality traits. Offenses were divided into crimes against persons, crimes against property, and crimes against the morals of the state. Subjects consisted of 751 adult male felons. The product-moment correlation was computed for each offense-variable EPI pair. A negative association between E and crimes against persons, together with a positive association between L and crimes against persons, were found to be statistically significant at the 0.05 level, although quite low. It was concluded that results obtained should be guardedly interpreted in view of the minimal amount of variability accounted for, though of possible value in suggesting future research.
A Follow-Up Study of Master's Degree Graduates in Physical Education at North Texas State University: 1965-1976
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A Foreshadowing of Women's Liberation as Seen in Selected Plays of Molière
The problem with which this investigation is concerned is that of revealing certain liberated female traits that are to be found as early as the seventeenth century in certain plays of Moliere. A study of the major events in Moliere's life and of the social climate and salons of his time, together with a close analysis of the plays themselves, is necessary to understand this important aspect of his works. In essence, this study attempts to show how Moliere's women emerge as independent individuals who refuse the role society usually assigns them. Although these female characters are products of the seventeenth century, their actions and attitudes are used in this thesis to indicate a foreshadowing of the twentieth-century, liberated woman.
The Formulation of a Theoretical Construct and the Development of an Instrument for the Evaluation of Curricula in Nursing
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Government Printing Patronage and the Press, 1829-1837
National and selected local newspapers, executive and congressional sources from 1829-1837, personal correspondence, and autobiographies are studied to consider the use of public funds for government printing patronage. A limited examination of printing patronage for the years prior to and immediately following the Jackson administration was made for comparative purposes. The printing patronage of various departments of the executive branch, including especially the publication of the laws, and of both houses of Congress are studied, This study shows that congressional printing funds were far more extensive than the executive printing funds, The thesis concludes that during the Jackson administration the press patronage of the executive branch served as a counterbalance to the substantial patronage available from Congress and the Bank to the established presses,
"Grandpa" and Other Stories
These sketches and stories are the result of moods, daydreams, and experiences. The collection progresses from those intimate stories controlled by personal experience to the last two works which try to crystallize a mood or experience in a medium without the device of first person. "Grandpa," "Great-Grandpa," and "Weedgod" are sketches which describe the boundary between what things are and what things seem to be. "Aunt Mary," "Hospital," and "Eggy Cooter" are short stories presenting situations in which the reader can determine this boundary line himself.
A Historical Review of Secondary Education in Western Nigeria: 1842-1976
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The Imperial Survivors: Mythical Gods of the Counterrevolution
This work provides an account of the Crimean residency of Nicholas II's mother, Dowager Empress Maria Fedorovna, Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich, former Commander--in-Chief of the Russian Armies, and other members of the Romanov dynasty, from the abdication of the tsar (March 1917) until their departure aboard the H.M.S. Marlborough (April 1919). The first two chapters provide a background of conditions within the Imperial Family during the reign of Nicholas II. The remainder of the work traces their lives from arrival in the Crimea until the Dowager Empress accedes to the request of her sister, Dowager Queen Alexandra, to emigrate to England. The study concludes that the Romanovs played no active role in the Russian Civil War, although they were considered dangerous counterrevolutionaries by the Bolsheviks.
Interpolation and Approximation
In this paper, there are three chapters. The first chapter discusses interpolation. Here a theorem about the uniqueness of the solution to the general interpolation problem is proven. Then the problem of how to represent this unique solution is discussed. Finally, the error involved in the interpolation and the convergence of the interpolation process is developed. In the second chapter a theorem about the uniform approximation to continuous functions is proven. Then the best approximation and the least squares approximation (a special case of best approximation) is discussed. In the third chapter orthogonal polynomials as discussed as well as bounded linear functionals in Hilbert spaces, interpolation and approximation and approximation in Hilbert space.
An Investigation of the Relationship Among Occupational Opportunities for Women, Marriage, and Fertility
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Measurement of the Rate Coefficients for the Bimolecular and Termolecular Charge Transfer Reactions of He₂⁺ with Ne, Ar, N₂, CO, CO₂, and CH₄
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Organometallic Precursors to Cyclic Organosilanes
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"Piano Sonata" by Elliott Carter: A Foreshadowing of His Later Style; a Lecture Recital, Together with Three Recitals of Selected Works
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The Positions, Roles, and Perceptions of Black Elected Public School Boards Members in Mississippi
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Power Politics in a Federal Agency: a Policy Study in Federal Aid Programs for Students in Higher Education
This paper determines relationships between three elements of the American policy process: legislature, agency, and administrative clientele. It concerns interrelationships between these elements and their affect to agency functions. A model is constructed; revealing the policy process, illustrating behavior patterns responsible for normal functioning and failure of policies and programs. The model develops through study of a single policy area. Supplemental data are provided from a survey. The paper concludes that the process is based on legislation-- causing activity in an agency or substantial change in programs; agency actions, seated in its own organizational objectives, and resultant to internal conflicts; and by clientele behavior, determined by agency actions or inactions. This model may help predicting policy outcomes, but only after similar but more comprehensive studies.
Prediction of Job Performance from Factorially Determined Dimensions of Biographical Data
Twenty factors identified through a factor analysis of a 102-item biographical inventory were used as predictors in a multiple regression equation to predict on-the-job performance (supervisory ratings) of oil field employees. This yielded a multiple R of .41. A total of 295 subjects participated in the study. Cross-validation yielded a correlation coefficient of .06. The t-test analyses of the factor means of equipment operators and field mechanics proved that two factors could discriminate between the groups, Mechanical Experience (p<.01) and Social Orientation (p<.05). The results of this study indicate that conducting a factor analysis of unvalidated biographical items and attempting to predict performance would be less appropriate than factor analyzing predictive items to gain an understanding of their underlying dimensions.
The Problems of Mature Women Students Enrolled in a Selected Community College
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The Role of Illusion in the Making of the Versailles Treaty (1919)
This investigation is concerned with the role played by the illusions of security, Bolshevism, and American innocence in the making of the Versailles Treaty of 1919. The main sources used in this thesis were the U.S. State Department publications The World War and The Paris Peace Conference and Paul Mantoux's Proceedings of the Council of Four. The drafting of the Versailles Treaty is approached chronologically with special emphasis accorded the problems emanating from the questions of Russia and the Rhine. The study concludes that the peacemakers were manipulated by the illusions of security, Bolshevism, and American innocence.