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The Use of Acoustical Analysis for Identification of Client Stress Within the Counseling Session
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Valuations and Valuation Rings
This paper is an investigation of several basic properties of ordered Abelian groups, valuations, the relationship between valuation rings, valuations, and their value groups and valuation rings. The proofs to all theorems stated without proof can be found in Zariski and Samuel, Commutative Algebra, Vol. I, 1858. In Chapter I several basic theorems which are used in later proofs are stated without proof, and we prove several theorems on the structure of ordered Abelian groups, and the basic relationships between these groups, valuations, and their valuation rings in a field. In Chapter II we deal with valuation rings, and relate the structure of valuation rings to the structure of their value groups.
A voltage-controlled incandescent lamp driver for musical performances of multimedia works
Performances of multimedia works are hampered by the difficulty of controlling large numbers of incandescent lamps rapidly and accurately. The instrument described in the document is aimed at alleviating this problem.
A Weaverian Study of President Ford's Efforts to Sell His Energy Package
This study analyzed President Gerald Ford's efforts in selling his energy package in February, 1975. Six major speeches and news conferences were examined in terms of Richard Weaver's rhetorical theory. Five criteria of this theory were studied: appeals to man's good values, choice of argumentation, use of "god" and "devil" words, adaptation to the historical setting of the speech, and ethical character of the speaker. This analysis concluded that Ford was a good Weaverian rhetorician because he appealed to good values in language well adapted to each audience, adapted well to historical settings, and elevated his ethos considerably. However, Ford sold himself but not his program because he relied too heavily on his own ethos and circumstantial argumentation and slighted refutation arguments
Western Influences on Japanese Use of Interior Space
This study is concerned with describing the changing concepts of space utilization in Japanese house design and the cultural forces producing the changes. Sources of information include literature spanning approximately one hundred years, a Japanese student of interior design, and-the Japanese Trade Commission in Dallas, Texas. A description of concepts of space design that were very stable for centuries in the Japanese house. The changes in architecture following World War II, and a contemporary house design by a noted Japanese architect are related to concurrent religious, philosophical, and economic forces. The influence of western culture upon Japanese life-style and design solutions to space problems is either indicated or inferred.
Woman in Spanish Culture as Reflected in the Drama of Jacinto Benavente
This is a study of the feminist content of the dramas of Jacinto Benavente (1866-1954) whose dramatic career spanned the same sixty years during which the most spectacular feminist advances took place in Spain. To this end twenty-nine plays are considered to illustrate topically Benavente's conception of the nature of Spanish women and his attitudes with regard to their position in society. It is concluded that Benavente in his first period of dramatic output drew into focus the problems confronting Spanish women in their culture, but in his second period (after 1920), however, he failed to portray adequately the modern female and her approach to the changing environment. Nevertheless, at its best, Benavente's drama constitutes a great contribution to feminist literature.
Women and Television: Summary of Image Research and Survey of Organizational Response to Depiction and Employment
This study first summarizes extant empirical research concerning role depiction of women in television. Analysis of these studies show television's portrayal of women as discriminatory. Second, this study reports results of an original survey of women's organizations to determine what stands and actions had been taken concerning (1) role depiction and (2) employment of women by the television industry. Out of ninety-two organizations surveyed, fifty-one (55 percent) returned useable questionnaires. Responding groups fell into nine categories, with political and educational organizations most active. National Organization for Women was particularly active. Responding groups most often used "citizen action" and "informational actions" to achieve goals.
L X-Ray Production in the Rare Earths by 0.33-2.66-MeV/amu Carbon- and 0.50-2.25-MeV/amu Oxygen-Ion Bombardment
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Adolf Hitler's Decision to Invade the Soviet Union
This study makes use not only of German documents captured during the Second World War but of personal accounts of major figures of the Third Reich and their testimony at the Nuremberg Trials. Organized into five chapters, this study surveys Nazi- Soviet relations from 1939 to 1941, from the German viewpoint, with emphasis on Adolf Hitler's assessment of Russian policies and Germany's wartime situation, both of which factors shaped his decision to invade the USSR. The conclusion is that Hitler saw his attack on the Soviet Union as a preventive war, carried out to destroy a growing threat to the Reich. He interpreted Russian activities during the period 1939-1941 as designed to strengthen the USSR strategically against Germany in preparation for intervention in the ongoing conflict with Britain.
An analysis and production book for a staging of Woody Allen's Play it again, Sam
Te problem which concerns this thesis is the directing, designing, and mounting of Woody Allen's Play It Again, Sam under the auspices of the 1974 North Texas State University Summer Repertory Theatre Company.
An analysis of a university organizational climate as perceived by undergraduate- and graduate-level students in terms of an environmental management appraisal
The purpose of the present study is (1) to describe the North Texas State University organizational climate as perceived by undergraduate-and graduate-level students, (2) to compare their perceptions of institutional characteristics with students in other (norm group) universities throughout the nation, (3) to compare selected nominal subgroup data of the undergraduate-graduate student population in regard to their perception of the organizational climate, and (4) to provide sound information that is of use to administrative , faculty, and staff personnel that are interested in efficient and effective utilization of university manpower in order to facilitate the educational experiences that undergraduate-and graduate-level students receive during their tenure at the university.
Analysis of activities in production typewriting and development of a teaching model and standards
The problem of this study is an analysis of activities in production typewriting, development of a teaching model, and establishment of production standards. The study has four main purposes which are: (1) to identify the time spent in keystroking, decision making, typing from longhand copy, erasing an original, typing and correcting one carbon copy, and proofreading; (2) to test the correlation between anxiety level and decision-making time, and IQ and decision-making time; (3) to analyze the differences in difficulty level of six production tasks and develop a teaching model; and (4) to discover the mean gross words per minute rate and total number of errors on six production tasks and develop production standards.
An Analysis of Angus Wilson's "No Laughing Matter"
This thesis examines Angus Wilson's novels with particular attention to No Laughing Matter, 1967. The introductory overview of Wilson's first five novels and the examination of No Laughing Matter show that all Wilson's novels are concerned with his protagonists' capacity for self-deception and the ways deception limits freedom of choice. In No Laughing Matter six protagonists try to balance self-deception and freedom both in their lives and in the art forms which interest them. The thesis traces the lives of these six as they fail both as artists and as people. Chapter III of the thesis studies the relationship of fantasy to character in the novel. In No Laughing Matter particularly, the characters reflect the loss of liberty when individuals do not exercise their freedom to choose.
An analysis of faculty attitudes toward administrators in an urban junior college district
The problem of this study is to describe and analyze faculty attitudes toward administrators in an urban junior college district. The purposes of this study are to ascertain the attitudes of junior college faculty toward campus-level administrative positions and to determine what relationship existed between general and specific measures of faculty attitude.
An analysis of selected personality characteristics of guidance associates at North Texas State University
The problem under investigation was a description and analysis of change in selected personality characteristics of guidance associate students during the first and second year of training in the undergraduate curriculum designed for the Guidance Associate Degree at North Texas State University.
Aryl Hydrocarbon Hydroxylase and Sixteen Alpha Hydroxylase in Cultured Human Lymphocytes
Cultured human lymphocytes may be assayed for aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase (AHH) in whole cell preparations. The optimum assay conditions are pH 8.5, and 1.5 mM Mg++. The reaction is linear with time and cell number, and is inhibited by CO. Estradiol may inhibit induction of AHH by 3-methylcholanthrene, but is a poor competitor for the enzyme. A Caucasian population was assayed for AHH activity. The distribution was lognormal; no difference was found in cultured cells from males and females or smokers and nonsmokers. Cells from relatives of lung cancer patients showed higher activity. An American Indian population showed no difference from the Caucasian population in enzyme level. No linkage was found between AHH and 16a-hydroxylase.
Behavioral outcomes of short-term nondirective play therapy with preschool deaf children
This study was conducted to investigate change (as measured by positive growth changes in total personality adjustment, social maturity, and behavior patterns) in pre-school deaf children with behavioral problems who experienced short-term, nondirective play therapy. Change in behavior of these children was also investigated ten weeks after therapy.
Characterizations of properties of spaces of finitely additive set functions in terms of mappings and integrals
Settings and notions are as in previous abstracts of W. D. L. Appling. This paper contains an investigation of the relationship between a class of non-linear functions defined on PAB and certain subspaces of PAB in particular Appling's linear C-sets, Solomon leader's finitely additive Lp spaces, and one of the projective limit spaces studied by Davis, Murray, and Weber.
Chemical Cleavage of Human Phosphoglucose Isomerase at Cysteine
The present study has resulted in the development of a procedure for the specific chemical fragmentation of human phosphoglucose isomerase into a minimal number of peptides. A two-cycle procedure for cleaving the protein with 2-nitro-5- thiocyanobenzoic acid results in four primary peptides and three overlap peptides. The peptides can be readily separated on the basis of their size by using sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Preliminary peptide alignments have been considered, and amino acid analyses have been performed. End-terminal analyses of the enzyme revealed a carboxyl terminal sequence of Asp-Val-Gln and a blocked amino terminus. The cysteine cleavage procedure provides an excellent method for the identification and location of specific genetic mutations of human phosphoglucose isomerase.
A Comparative Analysis of Press Coverage of the 1974 Cyprus Crisis by the Turkish Newspaper, "Cumhuriyet," and the Greek Newspaper, "To Vima"
This study is concerned with determining whether the Turkish newspaper, Cumhuriyet, and the Greek newspaper, To Vima, differed in their coverage of the 1974 Cyprus crisis, Issues of the newspapers covering the period, July 16-August 31, 1974, were examined, News items related to the crisis were categorized as hard news, soft news, editorials, and illustrations. Totals for each category were measured in column inches and converted to percentages of total available space in each newspaper, Categories were added to obtain total coverage of the crisis by each newspaper. This study concludes that Cumhuriyet devoted proportionately more coverage to the crisis than To Vima, in both total coverage and all news categories.
A comparative analysis of the need for various knowledge and skills in plastics as viewed by Texas high school plastic teachers and Texas plastics industries
This was a comparative study in which Texas teachers of industrial plastics and the employers of Texas plastic industries were surveyed in order to evaluate the need for various knowledge and skills of the plastics industry.
A Comparative Study of Byron and Pushkin with Special Attention to "Don Juan" and "Evgeny Onegin"
This thesis examines the major works of two outstanding European poets, Lord Byron and Alexander Pushkin, with a view to estimating the extent of their literary and personal affinity. The study begins with a survey of biographical highlights which are relevant to the interpretation of the works of the two poets. Next, the thesis demonstrates that Byron's "Oriental Tales" and Pushkin's "Southern Poems," as well as their major works, play a prominent role in the comparison of their poetic characterizations. In the examination of style, attention is limited to Byron's Don Juan and Pushkin's Evgeny Onegin, since they are regarded as the masterpieces of their respective authors. An appraisal of the continuing fame of both poets closes the study.
A comparison of biological science in general education programs among black institutions of higher learning in 1967 and 1973
The problem with which this study was concerned was that of comparing biological science in general education among black institutions of higher learning in the United States in 1976 and 1973.
A Comparison of Self Concepts Among "Starter" and "Substitute" Female College Athletes in Selected Varsity Sports
The purposes of the study were (1) to determine if differences exist between the self concepts of female intercollegiate starting and substitute athletes and between members of team and individual sports and (2) to determine if a significant relationship exists between coaches' ratings of an athlete and the athletes' self concepts. Subjects were forty-five college women who met the established criteria. The testing instrument was the Tennessee Self Concept Scale. Data were analyzed by the two-way analysis of variance method and the Spearman Rank Order Correlation. Alpha was .05. Conclusions of the investigation were that (1) the self concepts of athletes in basketball, softball, volleyball, tennis, and badminton are not significantly different, and (2) the coaches' ratings of athletes and athletes' self concept ratings are not significantly related.
A Comparison of the Company Magazine and the Grapevine as Selected Communication Channels at the Southland Corporation
This thesis set out to evaluate and compare two communism cation channels at Southland, the company magazine and the grapevine. Data were obtained through a survey in the Summer, 1975, magazine. Following an introduction, explanation of data-collection procedure of the survey, overview of communication in formal and informal organizations, and analysis of the survey data, conclusions were drawn that the magazine is an effective formal communication tool, but that it cannot serve all the formal communication needs of the company, and that expansion of the company's formal communication program is needed. Even so, the formal communication tool, The Southland Family, remains a more effective channel of.communication than the grapevine.
A comparison of the performance of obese and normal subjects on a non-food directed task
The problem of this study was to compare the number of trials required for obese and normal subjects to master the first new concept in a set of cards and the degree of negative transfer exhibited by the two groups on a second new concept in that same set once the first concept had been acquired.
A comparison of three techniques of teaching literature: silent reading, solo performance, and readers theatre
The problem of this study was a comparison of the responses of students to three techniques of teaching literature: silent reading, solo performance, and readers theatre. Students in three classes of grade eleven were selected at three high schools in the north Texas area.
The compression of verbal messages as a factor related to aural comprehension of verbal messages and verbal aptitude of community college students
The problem with which this investigation is concerned is that of determining if recent studies showing no significant comprehension loss at compressed rates were valid for a learning situation.
Conceptual Foundations for Cost-Benefit Analyses in Homes for the Aging: Quantifying Resident Satisfaction
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The Construction and Evaluation of a Score Card for Evaluating the Field Work Experience in Recreation
The problem of this investigation was the construction and evaluation of a score card for evaluating the field work experience in recreation. The instrument was constructed after studying nationally adopted accreditation standards, criteria, guidelines and evaluations of professional preparation programs. This investigation concludes that of twenty-five items which made up the original instrument, twenty-four remained after two evaluations by a panel of experts. A method was developed to score the instrument according to maximum score and percentage compliance score for each section of the instrument. It is the recommendation of this investigation that the score card be field tested and become part of a total score card for evaluating the professional preparation program in recreation.
A Content Survey of Ten Suburban Newspapers in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
This study compares the May, 1974 and May, 1975 editions of suburban daily newspapers in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The purposes of the study were to determine how, when, and why suburban daily newspapers in the metroplex altered their editorial content and to evaluate the effects of the changes on circulation. The thesis is organized into four chapters. Chapter I introduces the study. Chapter II gives a historical overview. Chapter III analyzes the data. Chapter IV contains some conclusions. Some conclusions that emerged from this study include: 1. Suburban newspapers have small editorial staf fs. 2. Eight of the newspapers altered their content. 3. The changes helped them maintain or increase their circulation. 4. All of the editors responding to the questionnaire said that local news and sports are their primary goals.
Copper (II) Complexes with Deprotonated N-(2-hydroxyethyl)ethylenediamine
This thesis reports the synthesis and characterization of two new copper(II) halide complexes with deprotonated N-(2-hydroxyethyl)ethylenediamine behaving as a bidentate. The magnetic properties of the new copper(II) complexes were studied from room temperature to liquid nitrogen temperatures. The magnetic data show that both complexes exhibit antiferromagnetic interactions with a singlet ground state and a thermally accessible triplet excited state. Magnetic data and infrared spectra indicate the complexes are halogenbridged. Deprotonation at an amine nitrogen is based on the presence of a hydroxyl stretching band in the infrared spectra. Electronic spectra and infrared spectra indicate the complexes are square planar. Elemental analyses, infrared spectra, electronic spectra, electron spin resonance spectra, and magnetic data are reported and discussed.
The Correlation Between Carbon-Proton and Proton-Proton Coupling Constants
The correlation between the carbon-proton and proton-proton coupling constants have been studied in various 13 systems. Isocrotonic acid-carboxyl-3C, crotonic acid- 13 13 carboxyl-3C, and 5-norbornene-2-carboxylic acid-carboxyl-3C- 1,5,6,7,7-hexachloro were synthesized and their carbonproton coupling constants were analyzed. Nmr studies showed the magnitudes of the carbon-proton coupling constants to correlate well with analogous protonproton coupling constants, although the values of the couplings were larger than expected. The geminal olefinic couplings were considerably larger than all other couplings, but they were self-consistent. The signs of the carbon-proton coupling constants also were in agreement without exception with the signs of analogous proton-proton coupling constants.
The Crusade Against Lynching
The problem with which this study is concerned is that of determining the methods and effectiveness of those persons and organizations attempting to stop the crime of racial lynching within the United States from the 1880's through the 1930's. Material for the study is compiled from a synthesis of secondary sources, congressional records, and newspaper accounts. The thesis is organized into five chapters dividing the crusade into five stages. These stages are; (1) establishing an institution, (2) the beginnings of discontent, (3) the crusaders unites, (4) co-operation from the North, (5) the South submits. The study concludes that the success of the crusaders is found in their ability to change the public sentiment from one supporting lynch law to one supporting anti-lynching spirit.
Crusade for the faith: the Protestant fundamentalist movement in Texas
This work provides a history of the Protestant fundamentalist movement in Texas, beginning with the 1890's and progressing to the 1970's, but it emphasizes the controversial decade of the 1920's. Although it is a narrative account it also attempts to analyze the reasons for the movement's development, while evaluating its impact on the state.
Denaturation, Renaturation and Other Structural Studies on Phosphoglucose Isomerases
Structural properties of phosphoglucose isomerases isolated from a variety of species have been compared by peptide fingerprinting, predicted amino acid sequence homologies and by denaturation and renaturation studies. The enzymes are more readily denatured in guanidinium chloride than in urea, and the isomerase isolated from yeast is more stable toward acid pH than the rabbit muscle enzyme. The rates of guanidinium chloride-induced denaturation are markedly increased by ionic strength and decreased by substrates, competitive inhibitors or glycerol. The enzyme can be renatured, but only in the presence of glycerol. The renaturation process is dependent on protein concentration and temperature and provides a method for the formation of mixed species heterodimers.
A descriptive analysis of the process of play therapy
The problem of this study was an analysis of the process of play therapy. The purposes of this study were (1) to describe the patterns of play activity, nonverbal expression, and verbal expression during the process of play therapy over fifteen sessions; (2) to compare the patterns of play activity, nonverbal expression, and verbal expression of boys and girls during play therapy; and (3) to verify the processes of play activity, nonverbal expression, and verbal expression during extended play therapy.
A Descriptive Study of Value Systems Within the National Guard
The purpose of this study was to determine the various values that may be contaminating the military's communication and to describe the predominant levels of psychological existence. The design of the study involved a National Guard battalion that was composed of 432 personnel. The sample drawn was 280. Data was collected through the use of a values test. Comparisons of the differing scores of demographic variables formed the bases of the conclusions drawn in the study. The results were highly significant at the .0001 level. The data indicate much support to the past research done in the field of Value System Analysis. Much research is yet needed to fully describe the value levels in all military organizations. This investigation is the beginning.
A Determination of Recreation Activities of Greatest Interest to Members of Senior Centers in Texas
The purpose of this study was to determine what recreational activities were of greatest interest and appeal to members of nine senior centers in Texas and according to their age and sex. The nine senior centers were randomly selected from the forty-two centers in Texas. A minimum of twenty-five members at the selected centers were asked to respond to a questionnaire concerning their recreational activity interest. A total of two hundred seventy-four respondents completed the questionnaire, of which seventy-nine were males and one hundred ninety-five were females. The questionnaire consisted of nine recreational activity categories. These categories were designed to cover a wide range of recreational interest. Table games were the activities indicated by the respondents (88 per cent) to be of greatest interest. The activity that was indicated to be of least interest was dancing (47 per cent). Activities that included social contact had the greatest interest to the respondents. A recommendation was made that senior centers should stress those activities of a social group nature. The centers should also provide more outdoor life activities.
The Diagnostic Suitability of Goldberg's Rule for the Mini-Mult
This study was undertaken to determine whether the Mini-Mult is able to function as well as the MMPI for a limited clinical purpose, the discrimination of psychosis and neurosis by Goldberg's rule. The smaller size of the Mini-Mult (71 items) allows conservation of time .and energy by subjects and professionals. Thirty male residents of the Austin State Hospital completed two standard MMPIs and one oral Mini-Mult. A fourth set of scores was obtained by extracting Mini-Mult from the first MMPI. Correlations and tests of significance were computed for raw scores and Goldberg's index scores. Results indicate no significant differences in the discrimination of psychosis and neurosis between the MMPI and the Mini-Mult.
The differential impact of several teaching strategies upon the integration of economic concepts into the mathematics curriculum
This investigation focuses upon two major problems. The first problem is to determine what effect the inclusion of economics in the mathematics curriculum will have upon student attitudes toward and understanding and retention of economics and mathematics. The second problem is to determine whether different methods of instruction will result in significantly different levels of student attitudes toward and understanding and retention of economics and mathematics.
The Effect on Group IQ Test Performance of Modification of Verbal Repertoires Related to Motivation, Anxiety, and Test-Wiseness
To investigate the efficacy of a cognitive approach applied to problems of motivation, anxiety, and test-wiseness in a group test situation, programmed texts were used to Condition a repertoire of verbal responses relevant to each of these problems. Five sixth grade classes composed of 118 Students total were administered Otis-Lennon Mental Ability Tests in a pretest-posttest design. For the five groups, ANCOVA demonstrated a significant effect on raw scores, but not on IQ. Significant IQ and raw score gains were found for the combination group over the control group. Due to treatment lower IQ level students of the combination group made greater raw score gains than upper IQ level students.
The effects of a systematic inservice training program for counselors upon the verbal interaction process and other selected outcome variables during the initial phase of counseling
There were two major problems posed by this study: (1) the effects of a systematic inservice training program for counselors, and (2) the relationship between the type of verbal behavior used by the counselor and client movement.
The effects of commitment, commitment with rational justification, and an educational technique on smoking behavior with college students
Eight groups of approximately ten college students each who smoked at least one package of cigarettes a day were observed for two 30 -minute sessions a week for a 5-week period. During the treatment session, students either made commitments not to smoke during post-treatment sessions, made commitments along with reasons, only gave reasons why they should not smoke, or made no statements.
The Effects of Participation in the BASICS Program on the Self-Concept, Experimental Beliefs, Dogmatism, and Pupil Control Ideology of In-Service Elementary School Teachers
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Equivalent Sets and Cardinal Numbers
The purpose of this thesis is to study the equivalence relation between sets A and B: A o B if and only if there exists a one to one function f from A onto B. In Chapter I, some of the fundamental properties of the equivalence relation are derived. Certain basic results on countable and uncountable sets are given. In Chapter II, a number of theorems on equivalent sets are proved and Dedekind's definitions of finite and infinite are compared with the ordinary concepts of finite and infinite. The Bernstein Theorem is studied and three different proofs of it are given. In Chapter III, the concept of cardinal number is introduced by means of two axioms of A. Tarski, and some fundamental theorems on cardinal arithmetic are proved.
Establishing a Special Interest City Magazine: D, the Magazine of Dallas
The problem of this study was to determine how, and to what degree, a representative contemporary special interest magazine projected editorial, advertising, circulation, and financial obligations prior to publication and during its infancy. In essence, how did a representative nonsubsidized city magazine identify a marketable audience, resolve advertising and circulation policies, and meet financial obligations? Specifically, this study explored--in six chapters--the mechanics of pre- and post-publication planning at D, The Magazine of Dallas, which began publication in October, 1974. This study determined that twelve common denominators are essential, but are not necessarily a guarantee, for the success of a planned or newly introduced nonsubsidized special interest magazine.
Evolutionary Genetics of Three Semispecies of Wood Rats--Neotoma Albigula, Neotoma Micropus, and Neotoma Floridana
Electrophoretic variation in 18 proteins encoded by 20 autosomal loci was used to compare the genetic relationships of 19 natural populations representing three species of the subgenus Neotoma. Of the 20 loci examined nine were monomorphic and fixed for the same allele in all populations. No more than seven loci were polymorphic within a single population. Genetic variability was expressed as the proportion of loci heterozygous in the average individual of a population. Heterozygosity in the three species of Neotoma studied averaged 0.078, a value within the range reported for other rodents. Although the levels of heterozygosity seen in Neotoma could not readily be explained, the variation may be attributed to ecological factors. The three species of Neotoma were compared on the basis of genetic similarity and found to form a close taxonomic unit, probably semispecies. Divergence times were obtained for the three species and found to compare well with divergence times obtained from fossil data. In general, the three species have diverged within the last 112,000 years during the Wisconsin glacial period.
An Exploratory Study of the Use of Accounting Information for Management Control of Faculty Salaries, Departmental Operating Expense, and Instructional Administration Expense at the Dean's Level in Selected State Colleges and Universities in Texas
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A French music aesthetic of the eighteenth century: a translation and commentary on Michel Paul Gui de Chabanon's Musique considérée en elle-même et dans ses rapports avec la parole, les langues, la poésie, et le théâtre
This annotated translation of Chabanon's Musique considérée with accompanying analysis seeks to establish the aesthetic principles expressed in his book as a significant and independentdeparture from the musical doctrines which prevailed in eighteenth-century France.