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Primary view of Interfacial Characterization of Chemical Vapor Deposition (Cvd) Grown Graphene and Electrodeposited Bismuth on Ruthenium Surface
Abdelghani, Jafar
May 2014
Primary view of Derivatives of 1,4-Naphthoquinone and 1,4-Anthraquinone
Aboytes, Peter
August 1959
Primary view of Base Effects on the Thermal Decomposition of Sec-butyllithium Solutions
Adams, George Michael
June 1966
Primary view of Determination of Molecular Descriptors for Illegal Drugs by Gc-fid Using Abraham Solvation Model
Akhter, Syeda Sabrina
December 2013
Primary view of Baeyer-Villiger Oxidation of 1,7- & 1,9-dibromopentacyclo[,6.03,10.05,9]undecane-8,11-dione
Akinola, Adeniyi O.
May 2004
Primary view of Synthesis, characterization and properties of rigid macromolecules with extended conjugation, using palladium-catalyzed alkynylated polyhaloarenes.
Akintomide, Temiloluwa
December 2007
Primary view of The Synthesis and Reactivity of Bis(silyl)acetylenes
Albanesi, Todd E. (Todd Edward)
May 1987
Primary view of Kinetic studies and computational modeling of atomic chlorine reactions in the gas phase.
Alecu, Ionut M.
August 2009
Primary view of A Complete Chemical Analysis of Samples Taken from the Three Artesian Waters of Denton County
Allen, John William
August 1936
Primary view of Study of Substituted Benzenesulfonate-Containing Layered Double Hydroxides and Investigation of the Hexamethylenetetramine Route of LDH Synthesis
Ambadapadi, Sriram
May 2007
Primary view of Nitrogen Derivatives of I-phenylazimidoquinone
Armistead, John Wilson
Primary view of Mercury-Sensitized Photochemical Reactions of Isopropyl Alcohol
Armstrong, Andrew Thurman
May 1959
Primary view of The Reactions and Emission Spectra of Propylene in Electrodeless Discharge
Armstrong, Andrew Thurman
May 1959
Primary view of A Study of the Reduction Products of N-(4-Nitrophenacyl)-4-(1-Hexyl)pyridinium Bromide
Arnwine, Bennie C.
Primary view of Interfacial Electrochemistry of Metal Nanoparticles Formation on Diamond and Copper Electroplating on Ruthenium Surface
Arunagiri, Tiruchirapalli Natarajan
May 2003
Primary view of Sensitization of Lanthanides and Organic-Based Phosphorescence via Energy Transfer and Heavy-Atom Effects
Arvapally, Ravi K.
May 2010
Primary view of The Synthesis and Testing of Differential Herbicides
Ashmore, James
Primary view of Studies of spin alignment in ferrocenylsilane compounds and in regiospecific oxidation reactions of 1,9-dimethylpentacyclo [,6.03,10.05,9]undecane-8,11-dione.
Atim, Silvia
August 2006
Primary view of Manufacturer [Sic] of Densified-Refuse Derived Fuel (d-RDF) Pellets and Methods for the Determination of d-RDF Pellet Densities
Attili, Bassam Saleem
December 1986
Primary view of Thermal and Flash Photolysis Studies of Ligand-Exchange Reactions of Substituted Metal Carbonyl Complexes of Cr and Mo
Awad, Hani H. (Hani Hanna)
May 1989
Primary view of Kinetics of Sulfur: Experimental Study of the Reaction of Atomic Sulfur with Acetylene and Theoretical Study of the Cn + So Potential Energy Surface
Ayling, Sean A.
May 2013
Primary view of N-Heterocyclic Carbenes of the Late Transition Metals: A Computational and Structural Database Study
Baba, Eduard
May 2005
Primary view of Hydantoin Derivatives as Anticonvulsants. I. 5-Cyclohexylalkyl-5-(2-Thienyl)Hydantoins
Baker, Andy Albert
Primary view of Synthesis and Photochemical Studies of Wide-Band Capturing Sensitizers Capable of Light Energy Harvesting
Bandi, Venu Gopal
August 2016