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Primary view of Factors Affecting Academic Interest and Self Perception of Adolescent Hispanic Females
Abel, Karen
August 2007
Primary view of A Differential Study of Reasons Why Students Drop Out of School as Related to Actual Dropout-preventive Practices of a Metropolitan School District
Adams, Ambrose Davidson, 1936-
August 1972
Primary view of The Development and Contributions of the Department of Adult Education, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, to Adult Education in Nigeria: 1945- 1980
Adeniji, Olufemi O. (Olufemi Ogunruku)
May 1987
Primary view of An Investigation of Factors Deterring Participation in Continuing Professional Education
Akintade, Aribigbola
December 1985
Primary view of A Quasi-Experimental Study of Behavior in the Professional Negotiation Process: An Analysis of the Nigerian Setting
Akiri, Agharuwhe Anthony, 1950-
August 1986
Primary view of Subsidy ("Vanity") Publishing Among American College and University Faculty
Alahmad, Husam I. (Husam Ibrahim)
May 1991
Primary view of Comparisons of Improvement-Over-Chance Effect Sizes for Two Groups Under Variance Heterogeneity and Prior Probabilities
Alexander, Erika D.
May 2003
Primary view of A Comparison of the Effectiveness of the Intensive and Concurrent Scheduling Plans for Teaching First-Semester English Composition in the Community College
Allen, Floyd A.
August 1974
Primary view of The Effects of an Achievement Motivation Program on the Self-Concepts of Selected Ninth-Grade Students Representing Three Ethnic Groups
Allen, John G., 1925-
December 1972
Primary view of Childrearing Attitudes of Mexican-American Mothers Effects of Education of Mother
Allie, Elva Leticia Concha
December 1985
Primary view of Attitudes toward Research and Teaching: Differences Between Faculty and Administrators at Three Saudi Arabian Universities
Alsouhibani, Mohammed A.
May 2000
Primary view of An Experimental Investigation on the Effects of Web-Based Instruction/Training on Cognitive and Psychomotor Learning
Alzafiri, Fayiz M.
August 2000
Primary view of A Comparison of Five Robust Regression Methods with Ordinary Least Squares: Relative Efficiency, Bias and Test of the Null Hypothesis
Anderson, Cynthia, 1962-
August 2001
Primary view of Comparative Analysis of Management and Employee Job Satisfaction and Policy Perceptions.
Andrews, Charles G.
May 2003
Primary view of A Study of the Demographic Status, Actual Role and Ideal Role of the Elementary School Assistant Principal in Texas
Anthony, Dean Wade
August 1986
Primary view of The Development of A Philosophy  for Advising Elementary Education Majors in their Selection of an Academic Area of Specialization
Anthony, Virgil Allen, 1930-
August 1971
Primary view of Determining the Validity of the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (K-ABC) with Learning Disabilities
Antonetti, Robert C.
August 1986
Primary view of The Relationship Between Economic Development and Higher Education in Iran from the Period 1953-1979
Anvari, Behrooz
May 1987
Primary view of An Analysis of the Current Texas School Finance System to Determine to What Extent it Meets Criteria for Equity Concerning School Finances
Arrington, Ronald L. (Ronald Lee)
December 1986
Primary view of The Anatomy of Academic Dishonesty: Cognitive Development, Self-Concept, Neutralization Techniques, and Attitudes Toward Cheating
Arvidson, Cody Jean
August 2004
Primary view of Attitudes of Selected Authorities Toward Policy Statements Relative to School-Municipal Recreation Cooperation
Atkinson, Ralph Henry, 1933-
August 1973
Primary view of The Early Literacy Development of Young Mildly Handicapped Children
Austin, Jerry Patricia Gentry
August 1986
Primary view of The Necessary Job Competencies of Secondary School Principals as Perceived by Selected Texas Educators
Austin, Joe
August 1974
Primary view of The Differences in Perceived Needs Between Practicing Teachers and College Instructors Concerning Inservice Education Programs in Teachers Colleges in Thailand
Ayuwathana, Wanida
May 1986