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Primary view of Firm Performance and Analyst Forecast Accuracy Following Discontinued Operations: Evidence from the Pre-SFAS 144 and SFAS 144 Eras
Guragai, Binod
May 2017
Primary view of Determinants of Corporate Governance Choices: Evidence from Listed Foreign Firms on U.S. Stock Exchanges
Attachot, Weerapat
May 2017
Primary view of Loyalty or Fairness: A Study of the Influence of Moral Foundations on Auditors' Propensity to Subordinate their Judgment
Neri, Marc Peter
December 2016
Primary view of Taxpayer compliance from three perspectives: A study of economic, environmental, and personal determinants.
Hunt, Nicholas C
May 2016
Primary view of A Re-examination of the Dilution of Auditor Misstatement Risk Assessments: An Experimental Study of the Impact of Client Information Type, Workload, and PCAOB Guidance on Dilution
Perry, Suzanne M.
December 2015
Primary view of Effects of Auditor-provided Tax Services on Book-tax Differences and Investors’ Mispricing of Book-tax Differences
Luo, Bing
May 2015
Primary view of What Did the Client Say? Auditor Memory of a Client Inquiry: a Study of Encoding Style and Note Taking
Vinson, Jeremy M.
May 2015
Primary view of A Study of Firm Location to Examine Disclosures and Governance Using a Dual Approach: Quantitative Analysis Based Upon the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and Qualitative Analysis of the Annual Report’s Management Discussion and Analysis
Garner, Steve A.
May 2015
Primary view of The Impact of Social Learning and Social Norms on Auditor Choice
Li, Xudong
August 2014
Primary view of The Effects of Goal Difficulty and Monitoring Frequency on Effort and Risk Taking Decisions
Shoemaker, Nikki L.
May 2014
Primary view of Income Tax Evasion and the Effectiveness of Tax Compliance Legislation, 1979-1982
Stroope, John C. (John Clarence)
August 1988
Primary view of An Empirical Investigation of the Lobbying Influence of Large Corporations on Selected FASB Standards
Beckman, Ronald J. (Ronald James)
May 1988
Primary view of An Analysis of Smoothing of Proved Oil and Gas Reserve Quantities and an Analysis of Bias and Variability in Revisions of Previous Estimates of Proved Oil and Gas Reserve Quantities
Campbell, Alan D.
August 1988
Primary view of Professional Commitment, Organizational Commitment, and Organizational-Professional Conflict in the Internal Audit Function Model: Development and Test
Quarles, Ross
May 1988
Primary view of Venture Capital Investment and Protocol Analysis
Pfeffer, Mary Graves
December 1987
Primary view of Alternative Social Security Taxing Schemes: an Analysis of Vertical and Horizontal Equity in the Federal Tax System
Ricketts, Robert C. (Robert Carlton)
December 1988
Primary view of An Exploratory Investigation of Socio-Economic Phenomena that May Influence Accounting Differences in Three Diverse Countries
Hudack, Lawrence R. (Lawrence Ralph)
August 1989
Primary view of The Contrast-Inertia Model and the Updating of Attributions in Performance Evaluation
Atkinson, Sue Andrews
December 1989
Primary view of Tax Compliance in a Social Setting: the Influence of Norms, Perceptions of Fairness, and Trust in Government on Taxpayer Compliance
Jimenez, Peggy D.
August 2013
Primary view of The Impact of Ambiguity and Risk on the Auditor's Assessment of Inherent Risk and Control Risk
Guess, Aundrea Kay
August 1993
Primary view of The Effect of Auditor Knowledge on Information Processing during Analytical Review
O'Donnell, Ed
February 1995
Primary view of Accounting Measurement Bias and Executive Compensation Systems
Boone, Jeffery Paul
December 1994
Primary view of The Early Adoption of Accounting Standards as an Earnings Management Tool
Smith, Pamela Ann, 1959-
December 1993
Primary view of The Role of Accounting Information in Investor Assessments of Corporate Takeovers
Thornton, Phillip W. (Phillip Wynn)
December 1993