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Primary view of Vicarious Traumatization, Secondary Traumatic Stress, and Burnout in Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Agency Staff and Volunteers
Baird, Stephanie
August 1999
Primary view of Media Effects on the Body Shape Ideal and Bulimic Symptomatology in Males
Barta, Jonna Lee
December 1999
Primary view of Perceived Attractiveness and Personality Attributes: A Gender and Racial Analysis
Olby, Brian C.
May 2000
Primary view of The Relationship of Parental Attachment, Peer Attachment, and Self-Concept to the Adjustment of First-Year College Students
Selby, Jeanne Costello
August 2000
Primary view of Prevalence of Undiagnosed Dissociative Disorders in an Inpatient Setting
Duffy, Colleen
August 2000
Primary view of The Interface of Personality Processes and Cognitive Abilities: A Comparative Study of Elderly and Young Adults
O'Brien, Dina Paige Ragow
August 2000
Primary view of Differentiation of Central Auditory Processing Disorder and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children and Adolescents
Austin, Laura J.
December 2000
Primary view of The Thematic Apperception Test: The relationship between scored fanasy aggression and aggressive behavior
Fabrick, Joanne Madeline
December 2000
Primary view of Concurrent Validity of the Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning and the Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Ability-Revised with a Neurologically Compromised Pediatric Population
Rochelle, Gary B.
December 2000
Primary view of Performance Measurement, Feedback, and Reward Processes in Research and Development Work Teams: Effects on Perceptions of Performance
Roberts, M. Koy
December 2000
Primary view of The Effects of Media Exposure on Body Satisfaction, Beliefs About Attractiveness, Mood and Bulimic Symptomatology Among College Women
Varnado, Jessica Lea
December 2000
Primary view of Influences of the Mother-Daughter Relationship on Motivations for Sexual Behavior
Barrett, Susan
May 2001
Primary view of Variations of the Hand Test with young and older adults
Radika, Lisa M.
August 2001
Primary view of Grandparent-Grandchild Attachment as a Predictor of Psychological Adjustment among Youth from Divorced Families
Henderson, Craig Everett
August 2001
Primary view of Coping Styles, Quality of Life, and Sexual Trauma in Women Veterans
Zak, Elizabeth N.
August 2001
Primary view of Death and Ethnicity: A Psychocultural Study-Twenty-Five Years Later.
Peveto, Cynthia A.
December 2001
Primary view of Stable attributions of child behavior and parenting stress in parents of ADHD children.
Besly, Katherine Dobbs
August 2002
Primary view of The Relationship Between Adjustment And Bereavement-Related Distress: A Longitudinal Study
Henderson, John Mark
August 2002
Primary view of A model for the development of disordered eating among lesbians
Joshua, Michelle D.
August 2002
Primary view of Cohort Differences in Perceptions of Helpful Counselor Characteristics
Utermark, Tamisha L
August 2002
Primary view of Religiosity as a moderator of anger in the expression of violence by women
Wilson, Jennifer L.
August 2002
Primary view of Psychological benefits of sport participation and physical activity for adolescent females.
Boyer, Elizabeth M.
August 2007
Primary view of College Student Identity and Attitudes Toward Gays and Lesbians
Tureau, Zachary L.
August 2003
Primary view of Creativity and Affective Traits Across the Life Span: Developmental Influences Among Adolescents and Older Adults
Wohl, Elizabeth C.
August 2003