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An Assessment of College Students' Attitudes and Empathy toward Rape

Description: The purpose of this study was to assess rape attitudes and empathy levels of students at a university in North Texas. The Attitudes Toward Rape questionnaire and the Rape Empathy Scale were administered to 387 undergraduate students. Dependent variables were attitudes and empathy and independent variables were prior knowledge or experience as a rape victim, having female siblings, gender, marital status, and age. Significance was found between rape-intolerant attitudes and both prior experience as a victim (p < .001), and gender (p < .001). Significance was also found between empathy and experience as a rape victim (p < .035) and gender (p < .032).
Date: December 1998
Creator: Burke, Sloane C. (Sloane Christine)
Partner: UNT Libraries

College Students' Attitudes toward Pregnancy and Women in the Work Force

Description: The purpose of this study was to assess college students' attitudes toward pregnancy and women in the work force following the passage of the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993. Data were obtained from 347 students at a university in North Texas during the spring semester of 1997. Gender, age, employment status, parental status, and citizenship were independent variables hypothesized to influence attitudes toward pregnant working women. Gender was significant for the following factors: pregnant women as employees (p<.001), emotional stereotypes (p<.001), choosing family or career (p<.001), and physical limitations (p<.001). Those students 17-19-years-old had a more negative attitude toward pregnant women choosing work over family (p<.001) than did the older students.
Date: December 1997
Creator: Coolidge, Amy (Amy Lewis)
Partner: UNT Libraries

Nutritional, Demographic, and Behavioral DIfferences between Subjects from Two Similar WIC Clinics with Different Prevalences of Anemia

Description: The purpose of the study was to determine what nutritional, demographic, and behavioral differences existed between children one year of age from two similar WIC clinics with different prevalences of anemia. Children from the higher-prevalence site were found to consume significantly (p < .05) more B12, C, copper, fiber, folate, total kilocalories, and riboflavin than did children from the lower-prevalence site. Family income and maternal weight gain were significantly (p < .05) higher in the lower-prevalence group as compared to the higher-prevalence group. In addition, children from the higher-prevalence site were enrolled in the WIC program at a significantly (p < .05) younger age than were children from the lower-prevalence site.
Date: December 1997
Creator: Vidrine, Damon J. (Damon James)
Partner: UNT Libraries

Relationship Between Winning Percentage and Perceived Burnout Among Varsity Male Head High School Football Coaches in Texas

Description: The primary purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between the effects of winning percentage and specific demographic data on the perceived burnout of varsity male head high school football coaches within the public secondary schools of Texas. Data were obtained from 226 varsity head high school football coaches during the 1990-1991 school year in Texas. Instruments used were the Maslach Burnout Inventory and a personal demographic data sheet. A one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Pearson's product-moment correlation coefficient were used. Significance was set at .05. A relationship was found between burnout and career winning percentage, age, years as a coach, salary, coaching preparation, and school enrollment.
Date: December 1991
Creator: Field, John Glenn
Partner: UNT Libraries