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Primary view of The Anatomy of Academic Dishonesty: Cognitive Development, Self-Concept, Neutralization Techniques, and Attitudes Toward Cheating
Arvidson, Cody Jean
August 2004
Primary view of An Assessment of the Use of Student Price Response Models to Predict Changes in Undergraduate Enrollment at a Metropolitan University
Saxon, Randall J.
December 2004
Primary view of Contributions of W. A. Criswell to the Establishment and Development of The Criswell College
Cowan, Gloria
May 2004
Primary view of Gender differences in college choice, aspirations, and self-concept among community college students in science, mathematics, and engineering.
Starobin, Soko Suzuki
August 2004
Primary view of A National Overview of Intercollegiate Athletics at Public Community Colleges
CastaƱeda, Cindy
August 2004
Primary view of Student Outcomes in Selected Distance Learning and Traditional Courses for the Dallas County Community College District: A Pilot Study
Borcoman, Gabriela
December 2004
Primary view of Survey of Texas Public Universities and University Systems Involvement in State Public Policy Making
Wolf, David Fletcher
August 2004
Primary view of A Typology of Ethics Education in Healthcare
Porter, Russell Dean
August 2004