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Primary view of Ability Grouping in College Beginning Media Writing Classes
Haber, Marian Wynne
December 1987
Primary view of An Analysis of Enrollment Patterns in Required General Education Courses and the Related Success, as Measured by Grade Point Average, of Technical-Occupational Students in a Multi-Campus Urban Community College
Hines, Linda Kay, 1942-
December 1988
Primary view of An Analysis of the Industrial Arts Program of the Fort Worth Public Schools, Fort Worth, Texas
Pickett, A.D.
June 1955
Primary view of An Analysis of the Needs of the Northwest Independent School District and the Construction of a Possible Program to Meet those Needs
Williams, Shirley Kimbrough
Primary view of An Analysis of the Possible Need of an Aircraft Training Program in Fort Worth Vocational Education Program
Brooks, William A.
Primary view of An Analytical Study of Basketball Goal Shooting in Fifteen Girls' Commercial Basketball Games of the Major City and Industrial Leagues of Fort Worth, Texas, during the Season of 1951-1952
Moore, Miriam Iles
Primary view of An Analytical Study of the Physical Education Program for Junior and Senior High School Girls in Fort Worth, Texas with Recommendations for Future Cooperative Program Development in Physical Education in the Two School Levels
White, Mary Nell
Primary view of The Angoff Method and Rater Analysis: Enhancing Cutoff Score Reliability and Accuracy
Baker, Charles E., 1957-
December 1993
Primary view of Appropriate Business Appearance for Women in Retailing
Stengel, Roxanne
August 1979
Primary view of The Art Museums of Texas and Their Contribution to Public School Education
Lacy, Suella
August 1950
Primary view of An Art Program Utilizing Discarded Materials in the Improvement of Interiors of Homes of Children in a Low Income Group
Abram, W. B.
January 1960
Primary view of An Assessment of Storm Water Toxicity from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and Denton, Texas
Keating, Paul Redmond
August 1995
Primary view of The Association between Class Size, Achievement, and Opinions of University Students in First-Semester Calculus
Warren, Eddie N. (Eddie Nelson)
May 1988
Primary view of The Association between Sense of Humor, Coping Ability and Burnout among Nursing Education Faculty
Talbot, Laura A. (Laura Ann)
May 1996
Primary view of Attitudes of Junior High School Female Athletes and Non-Athletes toward Physical Education
Stricklin, Judith K.
August 1972
Primary view of Attitudes, Perceptions, and Personal Problems of Three Groups of High School Students
Arnold, Anna Beth
August 1972
Primary view of Biological and Toxicological Responses Resulting from Dechlorination of a Major Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Discharge to the Trinity River
Guinn, Richard J. (Richard Joe)
August 1995
Primary view of Biological Indices of Stream Pollution
Russell, James C.
August 1952
Primary view of Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Two Southwestern Reservoirs
Lawley, Gary G.
August 1973
Primary view of Bottom Fauna of Lake Worth
Jenkins, Jesse Denney
August 1940
Primary view of Characteristics and Predictors of Success at Two Coed Halfway Houses
Sperry, Robert M., 1953-
May 1985
Primary view of The Child of Foreign Parentage
Gill, Mary Sodd
Primary view of Community-based Participatory Research: HIV in African American Men Who Have Sex with Men
Miller, James MS
August 2015
Primary view of Community Gardening: a Novel Intervention for Bhutanese Refugees Living in the USA
Gerber, Monica M.
August 2015