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Primary view of EEG, Alpha Waves and Coherence
Ascolani, Gianluca
May 2010
Primary view of The Effect of Average Grain Size on Polycrystalline Diamond Films
Abbott, Patrick Roland
May 2002
Primary view of Effect of Sample Geometry on Magnetomorphic Oscillations in the Hall Effect in Cadium at Liquid-Helium Temperatures
Fielder, James Thomas
June 1967
Primary view of The Effects of Cesium Deposition and Gas Exposure on the Field Emission Properties of Single Wall and Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes
Wadhawan, Atul
May 2002
Primary view of Effects of Discharge Tube Geometry on Plasma Ion Oscillations
Simmons, David Warren
May 1975
Primary view of Effects of Dissipation on Propagation of Surface Electromagnetic and Acoustic Waves
Nagaraj, Nagaraj
May 2012
Primary view of The Effects of Lead Placement and Sample Shape in the Measurement of Electrical Resistivity
Stephens, Anthony E.
August 1970
Primary view of Effects of Quantum Coherence and Interference
Davuluri, Subrahmanya Bhima Sankar
August 2013
Primary view of The Effects of Residual Gases on the Field Emission Properties of ZnO, GaN, ZnS Nanostructures, and the Effects of Light on the Resistivity of Graphene
Mo, Yudong
May 2014
Primary view of Electrical Conduction Mechanisms in the Disordered Material System P-type Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon
Shrestha, Kiran (Engineer)
December 2014
Primary view of Electrical Conductivity in Thin Films
Meyer, Frederick Otto
May 1973
Primary view of An Electro- Magneto-static Field for Confinement of Charged Particle Beams and Plasmas
Pacheco, Josè L.
May 2014
Primary view of Electromagnetically Modulated Sonic Structures
Walker, Ezekiel Lee
May 2014
Primary view of Electron Density and Collision Frequency Studies Using a Resonant Microwave Cavity as a Probe
Freeman, Ronald Harold
May 1973
Primary view of Electron-Ion Time-of-Flight Coincidence Measurements of K-K Electron Capture, Cross Sections for Nitrogen, Methane, Ethylene, Ethane, Carbon Dioxide and Argon (L-K) Targets
Toten, Arvel D.
May 1986
Primary view of Electron Spin Resonance Absorption in Benzophenone Phenylhydrazone Negative Ion
Oral, Burhanettin
August 1969
Primary view of Electron Transport in Bismuth at Liquid Helium Tempratures
Newell, James M.
May 1964
Primary view of Electrostatic Effects in III-V Semiconductor Based Metal-optical Nanostructures
Gryczynski, Karol Grzegorz
May 2012
Primary view of Electrostatic Mechanism of Emission Enhancement in Hybrid Metal-semiconductor Light-emitting Heterostructures
Llopis, Antonio
May 2012
Primary view of Emergence of Complexity from Synchronization and Cooperation
Geneston, Elvis L.
May 2008
Primary view of Energy Distribution of Sputtered Neutral Atoms from a Multilayer Target
Bigelow, Alan W.
August 2000
Primary view of Energy Losses of Protons Projected through a Plasma Due to Collisions with Electrons of the Plasma for a Variety of Non-Maxwellian Electron Velocity Distributions
Kregel, Mark Douglas
August 1961
Primary view of Enhancements of Mechanical, Thermal Stability, and Tribological Properties by Addition of Functionalized Reduced Graphene Oxide in Epoxy
Shah, Rakesh K.
August 2014
Primary view of An entropic approach to the analysis of time series.
Scafetta, Nicola
December 2001