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Primary view of D-D and D-T Neutron Excitation of Energy Levels in Cs133
Dawson, Horace Ray
January 1961
Primary view of A Decay Scheme for 164 Ho
Guertin, James
December 1972
Primary view of Decoherence, Master Equation for Open Quantum Systems, and the Subordination Theory
Giraldi, Filippo
August 2005
Primary view of Design and Construction of a Positive Radio-Frequency Ion Source for the Production of Negative Ions
Thompson, B. Cecil
August 1958
Primary view of Design and Testing of a Coincidence System
Barnes, W. L., Jr.
January 1961
Primary view of Design and Testing of a Corona Column and a Closed Gas Distribution System for a Tandem Van de Graaff Voltage Generator
Gray, Thomas Jack
June 1962
Primary view of Design and Testing of a Positive Ion Accelerator and Necessary Vacuum System
McKay, Vern A.
August 1953
Primary view of Detection of the Resonant Vibration of the Cellular Membrane Using Femtosecond Laser Pulses
Jamasbi, Nooshin
December 1989
Primary view of A Determination of the Bothe Depression Factor for Discs in Water
Patton, Bob
August 1950
Primary view of A Determination of the Fine Structure Constant Using Precision Measurements of Helium Fine Structure
Smiciklas, Marc
August 2010
Primary view of Deterministic Brownian Motion
Trefán, György
August 1993
Primary view of A Deuterium-Deuterium Type Neutron Source
Windham, Pat M.
Primary view of The Dielectric Constant of Galvinoxyl
Mizell, Michael E.
May 1968
Primary view of Dielectric Relaxation of Aqueous Solutions at Microwave Frequencies for 335 GHz. Using a Loaded Microwave Cavity Operating in the TM010 Mode
Wang, Henry F. S. (Henry Fu-Sen)
August 1994
Primary view of Dipole Moments of Diphenyl Compounds with Conjugated Double Bonds
Spalding, Dan W.
Primary view of Dipole Moments of Olefenic Diesters
Shipley, Floyd D.
Primary view of Dipole Moments of Olefinic Esters
Poteet, Horace M.
Primary view of Dispersion of the Nonlinear Refractive Index of CS₂ in the Spectral Range of 9-11 μm
Mohebi, Mehrdad
May 1987
Primary view of Distribution of Nighttime F-region Molecular Ion Concentrations and 6300 Å Nightglow Morphology
Brasher, William Ernest, 1939-
December 1970
Primary view of The Diurnal Variation of Cosmic Radiation
Fowler, Brooks C.
August 1965
Primary view of A Dynamic and Thermodynamic Approach to Complexity.
Yang, Jin
August 2003
Primary view of The Dynamic Foundation of Fractal Operators.
Bologna, Mauro
May 2003
Primary view of Dynamic Screening via Intense Laser Radiation and Its Effects on Bulk and Surface Plasma Dispersion Relations
Lanier, Steven t
August 2017
Primary view of Dynamical Friction Coefficients for Plasmas Exhibiting Non-Spherical Electron Velocity Distributions
Williams, G. Bruce
August 1961