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Primary view of The Effect of Average Grain Size on Polycrystalline Diamond Films
Abbott, Patrick Roland
May 2002
Primary view of Proton-Induced L-shell X-Rays of Pr, Sm, Eu, Gd, and Dy
Abrath, Frederick G.
August 1974
Primary view of Solutions of the Equations of Radiative Transfer by an Invariant Imbedding Approach
Adams, Charles N.
January 1969
Primary view of Perturbation of renewal processes
Akin, Osman Caglar
May 2008
Primary view of Structural and Photoelectron Emission Properties of Chemical Vapor Deposition Grown Diamond Films
Akwani, Ikerionwu Asiegbu
August 1998
Primary view of Anomalous Behavior in the Rotational Spectra of the v₈=2 and the v₈=3 Vibrations for the ¹³C and ¹⁵N Tagged Isotopes of the CH₃CN Molecule in the Frequency Range 17-95 GHz
Al-Share, Mohammad A. (Mohammad Abdel)
December 1990
Primary view of Synchronous Chaos, Chaotic Walks, and Characterization of Chaotic States by Lyapunov Spectra
Albert, Gerald (Gerald Lachian)
August 1993
Primary view of Model for Long-range Correlations in DNA Sequences
Allegrini, Paolo
December 1996
Primary view of Investigation of the Uniaxial Stress Dependence of the Effective Mass in N-Type InSb Using the Magnetophonon Effect
Alsup, Dale Lynn
December 1971
Primary view of Thermal Properties of a Single Crystal of Bismuth at Liquid-helium Temperatures
Alsup, Dale Lynn
January 1964
Primary view of Studying Interactions of Gas Molecules with Nanomaterials Loaded in a Microwave Resonant Cavity
Anand, Aman
August 2007
Primary view of Absolute Beta Counting Using Thick Sources
Anderson, Miles E., 1926-
Primary view of L- and M-Shell X-Ray Production Cross Sections of Neodymium Gadolinium, Holmium, Ytterbium, Gold and Lead by 25-MeV Carbon and 32-MeV Oxygen Ions
Andrews, Mike C., 1949-
August 1987
Primary view of Non-Poissonian statistics, aging and "blinking'" quantum dots.
Aquino, Gerardo
August 2004
Primary view of Z1 Dependence of Ion-Induced Electron Emission
Arrale, Abdikarim M. (Abdikarim Mohamed)
December 1993
Primary view of EEG, Alpha Waves and Coherence
Ascolani, Gianluca
May 2010
Primary view of Charge State Dependence of L-Shell X-Ray Production Cross Sections of ₂₈Ni, ₂₉Cu, ₃₀Zn, ₃₁Ga, and ₃₂Ge by Energetic Oxygen Ions
Azordegan, Amir R. (Amir Reza)
August 1996
Primary view of The Nonadditive Generalization of Klimontovich's S-Theorem for Open Systems and Boltzmann's Orthodes
Bagci, Gokhan Baris
August 2008
Primary view of Anderson Localization in Two-Channel Wires with Correlated Disorder: DNA as an Application
Bagci, V. M. Kemal
December 2007
Primary view of Design and Testing of a Coincidence System
Barnes, W. L., Jr.
January 1961
Primary view of The Interactions of Plasma with Low-k Dielectrics: Fundamental Damage and Protection Mechanisms
Behera, Swayambhu Prasad
August 2011
Primary view of Fractional Calculus and Dynamic Approach to Complexity
Beig, Mirza Tanweer Ahmad
December 2015
Primary view of Work Function Study of Iridium Oxide and Molybdenum Using UPS and Simultaneous Fowler-Nordheim I-V Plots with Field Emission Energy Distributions
Bernhard, John Michael
August 1999
Primary view of Carbon K-Shell X-Ray and Auger-Electron Cross Sections and Fluorescence Yields for Selected Molecular Gases by 0.6 To 2 .0 MeV Proton Impact
Bhalla, Raj P. (Raj Pal), 1948
August 1986